What Kind of Mattress Is Best For Lower Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem among the people of middle age. Not only people of middle age, but others also face this pain for different reasons. This is the main reason behind people losing mobility in the middle age. It causes some other problems too.

Lower back pain is very much common among different back pains. There are different reasons behind the lower back pain. Your mattress is one of those. Yes, your mattress might be responsible for your back pain. If you are suffering from back pain for a long time, it is time to change your mattress.

You have to spend at least 6 hours in a day lying on the mattress. So, if you use the wrong mattress, you’ll definitely suffer from lower back pain. The situation will go worse if you continue to use the wrong mattress. There is a science behind it. Let’s see.

How The Wrong Mattress Causes Back Pain?

Our spinal cord is curved. It contains three curves where the upper and lower curves are similar to C and the middle portion is similar to reverse C. When we sleep, the curves should be balanced properly. If our sleeping position can’t keep the curves balanced, we face back pain.

The mattress you use may be soft or hard; if that doesn’t provide enough support to your back to keep the spinal cord balanced, you’ll feel back pain. Sometimes, your mattress may put extra pressure on the sensitive places. This also causes back pain.

No matter how much you like your mattress, the mattress should be comfortable for your back. Otherwise, back pain, especially lower back pain, will be your ultimate companion for a long time.

Which Type of Mattress Is The Best?

If you are facing lower back pain for a long time, maybe you should change the mattress. In this case, you have to buy a mattress that is the best for providing comfort in your lower back. Let’s see which type of mattresses are the best for people with lower back pain.

Before going to the discussion of the features of comfortable mattress, I have something to tell you. Your personal feeling and preference should be the most important factor when choosing the best mattress. The mattress in which you feel comfortable is the best mattress.

If you are suffering from back pain, try some different types of mattresses at the time of choosing the best. Try to feel which is the more comfortable than others. If you one which feels comfortable enough, you should buy that mattress.

But it is not all-time possible to check mattresses by lying on it. So, some features should be known at the time of choosing a mattress, especially when you are suffering from lower back pain. Let’s see some features that a mattress should have to be the best for people with lower back pain.

The Mattress Should Be Not Too Soft And Not Too Hard:

There is a wrong perception that soft mattresses can provide the best comfort. This is not true at all. If the mattress is too much soft, it can’t provide enough support to your lower back. As a result, your lower back has to tolerate extra pressure. Thus, lower back pain increases.

So, what to do? Should you buy a hard mattress? The answer here is also a big ‘NO. ‘If the mattress is too hard, it’ll put some extra pressure in the sensitive places. Thus, hard mattresses also contribute negatively to back pain.

The only way is to buy a mattress which is not too soft and not too hard. A medium firm mattress should be your best choice, especially when you are choosing mattress as a person with lower back pain. Medium firm mattresses molds according to your body pressure. As a result, you’ll get enough support in all parts of your body without any extra pressure.

The Material Should Be Considered Too

Mattresses come with different types of materials. Memory foam mattresses absorb the pressure of your body and molds according to your shape. When you leave it, it turns to the original shape. Latex mattresses also provide some advantages over memory foam. Innerspring mattresses are also well known and favorite to many people.

Among these three, memory foam mattresses are best as those provide natural relief from back pain. It molds according to your body shape and provides support to all over your body. You can choose the other two too. In this case, you need to study the differences between memory foam and latex, check the difference of innerspring with these two too.

The Mattress Should Have Back Support Feature

You’ll find a lot of mattresses available in the market. Some of those come with back support feature. You need to focus on those types.

Properly investigate why those are called to have back support feature. Besides, go through the user reviews for getting the most dependable information.

When you go through the specifications and reviews of those mattresses, you’ll find the best one.

What If Changing The Mattress Doesn’t Work?

There is no surety that changing the mattress will remove the back pain. Mattress is one of many reasons behind back pain. So, if you don’t get a satisfactory result after changing the mattress, you should visit the doctor and consult the problem. He will help you to find out the exact reason behind the pain and help you to remove that.

If you go to the doctor first and he advises you to change the mattress, you can follow the above instruction to buy the best mattress for you.

Final Verdict

No matter why you are buying a mattress, you need to keep in mind that you’ll need comfort first. If you are suffering from back pain, a comfortable mattress will be able to provide the advantages you want. So, don’t do hurry at the time of choosing the best mattress. Take some time and pick up the best one for you after proper research.

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