Vacuum Cleaner With Blower Explained – A Must Read!

These days the pollution is vastly increasing everywhere because of the use of automobiles, plastic, etc. Even if we clean our homes in old and traditional methods, the dust particles will always be left in some places such as beneath the furniture’s, curtains, cupboards kitchen shelf, corners, etc.

Due to this people are facing a lot of health problems such as dust allergies, breathing problems, etc. the people who have asthma, and small children can be most affected due to the tiny unseen dust or dirt. So, it is crucial to efficiently clean the homes or office to live a perfect and healthy dust free life.

To overcome all these problems, it is good to select a vacuum cleaner with a blower. It offers a vast number of benefits when compared to the standard vacuum cleaner. Some of the benefits are discussed below.

Benefits of Vacuum Cleaners with Blowers

Many commercial brands are selling different types of vacuum cleaner designed with a blower to increase the efficiency of cleaning with the vacuum cleaner.

Unsettle the Dust

The blowers help in cleaning the dust present in any area of your home or office. It easy to unsettle the dust in the not reachable places, corners, doors, windows, and below the sofa, even the sticky dust can be faster and efficiently cleaned by the blower of the vacuum cleaner. It is powerful to clean the computer CPU cabinet, dust in the keyboards, gas-stove, etc. It is immensely helpful in cleansing the long-time unused places or things which became so dirty with dust, spider webs, etc.

High Powered Motor

The vacuum cleaner with a blower is efficiently designed with high powered motors so that it can exert more pressure and more airflow to clean competently. The motor is known as the heart of a vacuum cleaner, and it plays a vital role in vacuum cleaner functioning. The vacuum cleaner with blower uses lightweight universal motors which function in both DC and AC supply, with high torque, and high speed.

Used As Leaf Blower

Some models in vacuum cleaner blowers are beautifully designed to clean the fallen leaves which is a fabulous advantage if you have a garden around your home or office. It is helpful in sucking up the leaves around bushes, fallen leaves in your small yard, flower pads, etc.

Saves Time And Effort

The vacuum cleaner with a blower is very excellent choice to buy because it is a one tool solution to many jobs and it saves your time and effort very well. You can clean everything faster with it as you have both cleaning and blowing function in one machine. There is no need to bend and clean tough places there are many accessories offered with this device to clean without any strain on your hands or back.

Cost Effective

As the vacuum cleaner with a blower is a multi-function product, it is the best investment for you. There is no need to buy a vacuum cleaner separately for cleaning your home and a blower. The vacuum cleaners with blowers are available in different sizes, designs, accessories and functions in an affordable cost.

Hence investing money in a multi-function vacuum cleaner with a blower is better in many ways. Buy a vacuum cleaner with blower and stay away from allergies, health problems and live a sterile life.

Vacuum Cleaner Parts and their Functions

Other Vacuum Cleaner Parts And Their Functions

Vacuum cleaners were designed 150 years ago, and the vacuum consists of different parts to offer the user the best service in cleaning. There are so many models available in the marketplace, but when it comes to the main parts of a vacuum cleaner, it is common in all models. Let us discuss the critical parts of a vacuum cleaner.


The inlet is performing a significant role in the dust collection, and different vacuum cleaner’s models offer various types of tools to suck all the dust efficiently such as dusting brush, floor tools, stair, and crevice tool, etc.

These tools are made in different diameters to fit all types of commercial vacuum cleaners. You can either attach these tools to the house of the vacuum cleaner directly or with the help of extension tubes.


In older models for filtering the dust the vacuum had paper bag with microscopic holes in the walls which were quite simple to remove, dispose and main proper air flow.

But now if we see the modern vacuum cleaners are having two types of filers. One is posted motor filer, and the other is heap filter. The first filter is designed to avoid the debris or dust to enter into the inner machine and motor area. And the second one is to allow only the clean air to be entered and released capturing 99.95% of 0.3 microns of dust particles.

Internal Fan

In almost every vacuum cleaner internal fan is available to guide the collected dust. It is placed on the backside of a rotating brush to monitor the debris and dirt to the filter continuously and also the dustbin or bag.


The hose is very helpful in cleaning the all the large or tough area they also come with some additional attachments to clean more efficiently. The hose is mostly made up of plastic or combination of rubber and plastic. The hose is provided with every type of vacuum cleaner.


The motor is an integral part of any vacuum cleaner without which the vacuum cleaners are capable of nothing. High-speed motors are used in a vacuum cleaner which determines the suction power or performance the motor spins would be in between 30,000rmps to 100,000rmps depending the company and efficiency of the motor used.

Power Cord

While buying a vacuum cleaner, it is better to check the length of the power cord given to the machine. The longer the power cord is the user will feel more convenient to use. Different brand of vacuum cleaners provides different lengths of a power cord to channel power to the suction.


Almost all vacuum cleaners provide want with different kinds of extensions and attachments to offer superior cleaning experience. It is used to clean the ceilings, and other hard areas were the other types of standard accessories are not capable of cleaning.

Dust Bags

A variety of dust bags are used in the vacuum cleaners to collect all the cleaned dirt and debris into the bag. Some bags are reusable while some bags or not it depends on the model, the reusable bags need to be removed and cleaned correctly and then replaced in its place for efficient cleaning. Some vacuum cleaners are replaced with cylinders, plastic canisters, etc. to collect all the dust sucked.

These are the some of the leading parts in a vacuum cleaner most of the companies provide the spare parts so if any of the vacuum cleaner’s part is repair you can displace them with a new one or the same one after repairing as you wish.

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