Tuft And Needle Mattress Review – An Unbiased View

In case you are searching for a mattress that is comfortable and yet cost effective, the tuft and needle mattress is your good to go option. This brand of mattress is constructed in a way that is perfect for the health of your body since with its medium ranged firmness it promises to prevent all sorts of discomforts for the sleepers.

The brand aims to create a consistent impression among its users by preferring quality over quantity. This product review will sufficiently include all the necessary details about the brand and the type it provides so the viewers can make the suitable choice for their kind of bedding of mattress.

To begin with, let us get you familiar about the respectable reputation of the brand.

Tuft And Needle Logo

Tuft and Needle Mattress

The Tuft & Needle mattress offers sleepers a medium-firm feel, and that floating-on-foam experience!

Brand Snapshot

Tuft and needle mattress have a history going back till 2012. It was established by the duo of software engineers who felt the lack of rightness by the provision of mattress industries. Ever since, the company embarks to provide affordable ranges of mattress without compromising the quality unlike other famous mattress brand.

While establishing the company, the brand creator’s brainchild was to have a company name that was pure, contemporary and true to its roots.  One realized the tufting needling he deliberately used while constructing the mattress and thus the name was successfully founded.

Initially the company started off by creating a single type of mattress that aimed to serve a variety of sleepers. The creators used their technical expertise and experimented about the prototypes. After multiple tests, the company’s first mattress entered the global market.

With time and innovation, the company constructed another type named as the mint mattress which includes a separate layer that relieves pressure.  Later on, the two types offered by the brand will have a side by side comparison so the viewers can choose the best for themselves.

Let us first provide you with necessary details about the original Tuft and needle mattress.

What Is The Tuft And Needle Mattress Made of?

The primary source for making this mattress is propriety foam. This kind grants sufficient comfort and is worthy of pressure relieving. It is designed with two proper layers and beyond the comfort layer is a deep base as a supportive layer.

The upper most layer is made of polyester. Since it is quite thin, it enables a stable flow of air through the mattress that maintains the required temperature. The salient feature of polyester is that it is delicate but powerful so it is durable enough to maintain its sound shape.

The comfort layer consists of proprietary poly foam that is three inches long. The comfort layer provides an active response to the pressure generated which makes it desirably bouncy.  Another exciting feature this layer includes is of a cooling gel which limits the unnecessary heating of the mattress stuck inside the foam.

The base is of a 7 inch long poly foam which is of high density. This layer provides support to the mattress without disrupting its shape so the sleeper can comfortable position themselves on the mattress.

How Firm is the Tuft And Needle Mattress?

The firmness is a crucial part taken into account when purchasing the mattress. An experiment was conducted with three people because each had their own specific body shape so multiple opinions could give a great overview. The scale provided values ranging from 1-10, with 10 being the most firm. After counting the results, the average value that came was 7.5 which displays a fairly good score.


As it is proven that Tuft and needle mattress is a firm option it is also desirable for stomach sleepers who need a substantial support from the back specially the spine to prevent hip from sinking below. It is also beneficial for combo sleepers since the upper most layer of proprietary foam provides the comfortable bounce.

Pressure Relief

Moving on, another vital component that needs attention before buying a mattress is how relieves pressure when it comes in contact with body parts like shoulders, hips, spine etc.

Original Source: Sleepopolis.com

Though it provides an even distribution of weight when lying on the mattress but the users slightly complained that their back sank a bit in the foam. Nevertheless, the situation is still better because the firmness of the mattress provide the sufficient support for the spine and the hips. It is best for back sleepers because they will hardly experience any tension while lying on the mattress.

Talking about the side, it did create some pressure but not as much to provide discomfort. Since this foam has a good amount of bounce,  it provides an active response to pressure that users could easily slide around the mattress. Thus, the verdict is it is suitable for side combo sleepers.

When the users laid upside down, they felt very minute amount of pressure on their bodies. With providing sufficient support to the hips, it is crucial to have a low pressure around the chest area for easy breathing. The Tuft and needle provide the best results in this particular department.

Other Models of T&N Mattresses

Below we give you the table of specification which will help you ease out your decision regarding which model to buy for your bedroom.

Tuft And Needle Logo

Tuft and Needle Mattress

The Tuft & Needle mattress offers sleepers a medium-firm feel, and that floating-on-foam experience!

After reviewing the basic specifications, we will further ponder about the details of the other types of mattress.

[table id=31 /]

The Mint Mattress

T&N Mint
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  • Added 30% more graphite to our top layer of foam.
  • Cozy knit cover that remains breathable.
  • Two layers of our T&N Adaptive® foam designed to help you get your best possible sleep.
  • When pressure is applied to the ceramic cooling gel beads in our second layer, they stack on top of each other and create a unique cushioning support.

It is the latest model. It consists of three layers. The first is the usual comfort layer of 3.5 PCF memory foam which is further infused with graphite and gel. Next is the 3.0 PCF transitional layer of polyfoam. Lastly it has supportive base of high density polyfoam. Which is 1.8 PCF. The cover as mentioned before is made up of polyester with the mix of polyamide as well. This 12 inch thick mattress has medium firmness, comfortable for most users.

This mattress in considered to be the most durable out of both mattresses. It has a good lifespan varying from 6 to 6 and half years, satisfactory for most users.

A lot of users have reviewed this mattress to alleviate their back pains which is a plus point

Other than that, the manufacturer have used special cooling materials I the comfort and cover to help sleep the user cool so that temperature neutrality is maintained. One of the salient, yet most wanted feature of this mattress is its absolute no noise potential, which helps siblings and couples sleep silent when the mattress is bearing weight.

To sum it up, here are the pros and cons of this mattress.


  • No noise potential
  • Motion isolation is very good
  • Have longevity and durability
  • Person sleeps fairly cool
  • Good conforming, alleviates back pains


  • Sink age may develop overtime

T&N Original Mattress

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This mattress is the tuft and needle’s crown jewel! It is made up of 3 inch 2.8 PCF comfort layer of polyfoam which is infused with graphite and gel just like the Mint mattress along with 1.8 PCF high density poly foam supportive base. The cover is constructed with polyester and a rayon as well. The firmness of the mattress is Medium or you can say 6.5 on the firmness scale.

If we talk about its pros, This mattress provides good motion isolation so that couples do not face any disruptions due to movement. Just like the previous model, this model as the ability to absorb heat so that the user sleeps cool. This is due to the fact that it has graphite, which is charcoal, in its components along with gel. It has been reported that the cover also helps maintain the temperature of the mattress.

As mentioned before, this mattress has pressure relief abilities which help relieve various sort of back pains and aids in spinal alignment. The is the most important factor when considering buying a mattress and this model never fails to compromise on it.

Even with such degree of advantages, some customer feedbacks mentioned sink age, probably due to weight so its edge support is average and not up to the point.

Below we summarize the pros and cons of this mattress.


  • Fairly durable
  • Motion isolation is good
  • No noise potential
  • Sleeps cools due to graphite and gel
  • No off-gasing


  • Edge support is not up to the mark

What Type Of Sleeper Is Best Suited For Tuft And Needle?

As we all know that sleeper comfort and spinal support are the two most important factors to keep in mind when selecting the mattress for yourself. Both the T&N and mint mattresses are medium firm, so are suitable for both heavier and lighter people. But sometimes people who weigh less than 130 pounds may start to feel uncomfortable on T&N mattress, since this mattress is more firm than the mint mattress. Hence lighter weigh people prefer mint mattress. Moreover, both these mattresses are affordable so people will not have to worry about the price.

Should I Buy Tuft And Needle Mattress?

Here are some pros and cons of this company which will help you to decide whether its mattresses are best for you or not.

Tuft And Needle Logo

Tuft and Needle Mattress

The Tuft & Needle mattress offers sleepers a medium-firm feel, and that floating-on-foam experience!

Tuft And Needle Recommendations

  • This mattress is best suitable for stomach and back sleepers as it is firm and provides great support to the spine.
  • Has a really great cooling feature.
  • The best thing is that, the mattress is of good quality with low price!

Tuft And Needle Complaints

  • Not really suitable for side sleepers so they prefer soft mattresses as it provides betters shoulder support.
  • Not suited for heavier people.

How Much Does Tuft & Needle Mattress Cost?

Below we give you various sizes of the tuft and needle available in the market with their current price so you can look for the best mattress for your bed.

[table id=32 /]

As you can fairly judge by now that these mattresses are ideal for people who want good support, temperature neutrality, pressure relief and excellent motion isolation which other poly-foam mattresses fail to provide. These mattresses are easily available online and also on third parties like Amazon, Walmart and many others. Go on to their website right now and avail various discounts!

Tuft And Needle Logo

Tuft and Needle Mattress

The Tuft & Needle mattress offers sleepers a medium-firm feel, and that floating-on-foam experience!

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