Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy And Their Impacts

You might find yourself struggling in bed during pregnancy attempting to be comfortable before you fall asleep. Unfortunately, during your pregnancy, your regular positions may not work for you anymore.

This fresh pain has several explanations, but you can attempt certain sleeping positions which can assist you to in lowering this pain and you may be able to rest.

Why Am I So Uneasy In My Usual Sleeping Position?

Your body undergoes a range of modifications when you are pregnant. These modifications appear to disturb your normal sleeping ways.

Your Discomfort May Be Explained By:

  • Increased abdominal size
  • Pain in the back
  • Burning of the heart
  • Breath shortage
  • Sleeplessness

What Are The Different Positions Of Sleep & Their Impacts On My Baby?

Sleeping On Your Stomach

If your preference is tummy-down, that’s okay – until your tummy is in the form of watermelon. You’re going to have to change positions at that point (for very obvious reasons).

Sleeping On Your Back During Pregnancy

Experts recommend that pregnant women in their second and third trimesters must avoid sleeping on their backs. Why? The sleeping position of the rear holds all the weight of the increasing uterus and child on your back, your intestines and your vena cava, the main vein that takes blood home to the core from your reduced abdomen. This stress can intensify backaches and hemorrhoids, lower digestion rate, interact with the flow of blood, and trigger potentially hypotension (causing lowering of blood flow), that could render you dizzy.  Less than optimal circulation can also decrease fetal blood flow and decrease the oxygen and nutrients that your unborn child gets.

In conclusion: it’s not insecure to be on your back sometimes, but to be on your back for weeks and months is problematic.

Sleeping On Your Left Or Right Side

Sleeping from either side, preferably from the left if possible, is ideal for you and your unborn during the second and third quarters. This position enables maximum blood flow and nutrients to be transferred to the placenta (less pressure to vena cava) and increases the function of the kidneys, which means improved waste disposal and lower swelling in the feet, ankles, and hands.

The Best Positions For Sleeping During Pregnancy

If you prefer sleeping on your left-hand side then it’s the optimal position for you and your unborn child. There is a saying that “SOS” (sleeping on the side) is the best angle during the pregnancy period. If you sleep on your left, the blood and nutrients reaching the placenta boost by a huge factor.

  • Keep your ankles and knees folded and place a pillow between your thighs.
  • When you have any sort of back pain or any back problem, try applying for the above mentioned “SOS” position and try to put a pillow under your abdomen as an extra measure.
  • You might want a cushion to attempt to sustain your upper body area if you experience any kind of stomachache (heartburn) in the late hours.
  • You may be short of breath during late pregnancy. Attempt to lie down on your side or pillow up.

These recommendations might not look entirely convenient, particularly if you sleep on your back or belly, but try them.

You might find them working. You may not remain in one place throughout the evening and shifting positions is acceptable.


Sleeping On Your Spine (Back)

Sleeping on the back is usually a general trend for almost everyone but during pregnancy, it can trigger back pain, vomiting, the digestive tract, hemorrhoids, and a reduction in your blood flow from your heart to your whole body and your child. The result is that your intestines and blood vessels (aorta and vein cava) reside on your abdomen.

Sleeping On Your Belly (Stomach)

Physical changes are taking place in your abdomen when you are longer in your pregnancy and that makes it difficult for you to rest on your stomach. So, try to position yourself on the side with the help of pillows.


It’s more difficult to get a nice night’s rest when you need it more than ever. Finding the right place to sleep is not easy since there is no choice for two favorites (stomach and backside). But now you know what you need to do to stay comfortable and safe by reading this blog.

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