Signature Sleep vs Zinus vs Tuft and Needle vs Lucid

We need at least 8 hours of quality sleep for a perfect rejuvenation of our body. And to achieve this, the ultimate need is a comfortable and supportive mattress on the bed. However, there are various mattresses that help the heavyweight people a sleep pertaining quality. However, pointless to say that heavy-weight people need a mattress with high-density support layer in form of foam as the base. So Signature Sleep, Zinus, Lucid and Tuft & Needle is the best choice for your budget between $100 – $600

The optimum thickness should be a minimum of 5 inches. The overall thickness of the mattresses designed for heavyweight people will be 10 inches. Since they exert more pressure on the mattress, the support layer is to be ideally capable to handle the pressure right through the bottom. Again, the top-most comfort layer should also be thicker. Though any material will serve the purpose, the ideal material for this purpose is memory foam or latex. With a strong support at the level beneath, the comfort layer is due to support the cradling and comfort that go before a good, sound and quality sleep.

Signature Sleep vs Zinus vs Tuft and Needle vs Lucid

How to Choose a mattress?

It is imperative for all of us to get a quality sleep at night. Experts at Elo Pillow said, “A good sleep serves as a key to stay happy and healthy”. Mattresses are means to have ache and bounce-free night sleep. Thus, it is essential to know the parameters for buying a quality best mattress under $500. It is also urgent to know what kind of mattress will fit your body. There are several factors that require consideration before purchasing a quality mattress. Let us peep through the synopsis.

  • Budget: In the industry of mattress, more money does not mean that you are availing the best one. The pricing is dramatically inflated. It is also noteworthy that the price of a mattress is no indicator of its quality. At the same time, going for ultra cheap ones will also be bullshit. It is thus recommended that pay for the quality of material, i.e. for a product that gives you higher warranty and is made of a material of best kind as per your knowledge and information
  • Firmness: It means how hard the feeling of the mattress is. It again depends on the user’s definition of soft, medium and firm. Another aspect is your body type, weight, size and other factors. Sometimes support is confused with firmness. A supportive mattress keeps the spine in proper alignment when no pressure point is created. On the other hand, firmness is related to the level of comfort that the mattress provided. It is to be decided by you, the customer, that what would be the optimal firmness level is suitable for your body.
  • Sleeping Position: Everybody has his/hers own unique sleeping position. The normal positions for sleep can be categorized as Side, Back, and Stomach. Each style of sleeping has its own firmness requirement and the mattress is to be chosen in accordance

The side sleepers change their position frequently. Thus, this type of sleeper needs mattresses with soft to the medium level firmness that ranges at 3-6 out of 10.

For back sleepers, firmness and support are most critical. Too soft mattress creates pressure points on such sleepers, thus lacking the right amount of pushback. This may cause severe backache problem. Thus, they need a bit firmer mattress that ranges from 4-7 out of 10.

For a stomach sleeper, torso applies the ultimate pressure. This will lead these persons to find a mattress that provides an equal support across the body. Typically this type of sleepers needs a mattress in the range of 5-7 out of 10.

  • Mattress Age:  The age of a mattress play a vital role in selecting for purchases. We normally think of a replacement of mattress when it is >8 years old. This is not a Pearson’s rule. The actual factor determining the life of a mattress is the sleeping position of the user. Thus, in order to have a quality sleep, it is imperative that you choose a mattress that is able to sustain your sleeping positional stress for a considerable time
  • Type of Mattress: The mattress type is another consequential factor to determine your sleeping range. For Hybrid mattress, it is a combination of latex and memory foam and offers great bounce, cooling, and responsiveness of Latex and pressure relief and support features of the memory foam. It is for them who want the best lot and are highly dear.  Latex is best for them who want coolness and comfort of sleep. And the Memory Foam is the best provider of support, pressure and body contouring. The user is to ascertain the type of mattress they desire.

What is Signature Sleep vs Zinus vs Lucid vs Tuft and Needle?

This is Top 4 Best Foam Mattress. Signature is quality 8″ mattress, Zinus and Lucid is best 12″ mattress, Tuft And Needle is #1 Foam Mattress

Comparison Table

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Top 4 Foam Mattress Review. Who’d Win?

Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch Independently-Encased Coil Mattress 

This independently encased coil mattress belongs to Signature Sleep Contour 8 variety. This is an entirely Low VOC, CertiPUR-US certified mattress. The foam within it adapts to the curves of the body thus creating throughout equal weight distribution pressure-relief features along the body. Therefore, the mattress is capable to provide a quality night’s sleep irrespective of the position. This mattress is made with independently encased coils that eliminate motion disturbance. Lack of motion disturbance causes uninterrupted sound sleep. The presence of a 1.6-inch layer of foam at the top and bottom of this mattress cause an enhancement in its comfort and quality. This 8 coil mattress is available in multiple size options including twin size mattress, full-size mattress, queen size mattress, and king size mattress.

  • A layer of 1.6 inches high-density foam at the top and bottom of coil mattress allowing an embracing feel and added comfort
  • This mattress is having independently encased coils that provide equal weight distribution to the body curving thus relieving pressure points and ensure a better sleep at night
  • This product contains a soft breathable knit fabric mattress cover
  • The mattress works on the variety of surfaces that include spring beds, bunk beds, daybeds, platform beds, and trundle beds.
  • The mattress is required to allow for a composite 48 hours to make it enable to expand in full
Signature Sleep 8 inch

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen

This product comprises Green Tea Memory Foam for an ultimate of comfort and support level. This 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress provides attired comfort with a memory foam layer and Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam layer and it conforms to natural shapes of the body. The Airflow High-density Foam layer is equipped with a long-lasting durability and stability. It is suggested to open within 72 hours of receipt and is required to allow 48 hours for the packed product to regain its original, plush shape. This mattress is provided with a worry-free 10-year limited warranty.

  • A 3” Memory Foam, 2” comfort foam, 3.5” Airflow High-density Foam and 3.5” High-density Base support foam comprise the structure
  • An adaptable Green Tea Memory Foam comfort and pressure relieving support conform the entire structure
  • The foams are certified with CertiPUR-US for durability, performance, and content
  • There is an infusion of Green Tea extract and Castor Natural Seed Oil for naturally retarded odor and bacteria
  • The imbibed patented technology allows the mattresses for an efficient compression. It is rolled and shipped in a box for convenient shipment

LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This 12-inch mattress is available at best price if compared to the luxury it offers. It features a 3-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam, a 1-inch layer of bamboo charcoal memory, and an 8-inch high-density foam base. The ingrained coherent gel memory foam formula in association with gel beads is effective in capturing and distribution of heat. The ventilated design increases airflow throughout the sleep layer. It helps in regulating temperature while sleeping. The memory foam adapts to weight and pressure fast. And it isolates motion transfer between sleeping partners. There is the correct alignment of the spine while the mattress helps in relieving pain by supporting the natural curves of head, neck, and shoulders. The open cell construction helps to yield longer lasting, more resilient foam which does not leave with long-lasting body impressions. The memory foam material is naturally resistant to allergens and dust mites. It is suggested to lay the mattress flat in a warm room and allow extra time for expansion. There is no synthetic or natural latex in the product and a 25-year warranty is provided with the product.

  • The responsive open cell memory foam provides equal pressure under body weight and adapts to all the curves in alleviating common pressure points
  • It comprises with a ventilated design that increases airflow through the layer of memory foam
  • The better breathability makes provision for the more comfortable sleep environment
  • The product is provided with a TENCEL blend fabric cover that improves breathability and natural moisture content in the sleeping environment
  • There is no compromise in quality of components
  • The product is offered with an unbeatable 25-year warranty that reveals the confidence of the owner about the construction

Tuft & Needle Mattress, Queen Mattress with T&N Adaptive Foam

The manufacturer, Tuft & Needle is among the new mattress company that are imminent in designing superior quality and universally comfortable foam mattress. Amazingly, these mattresses could qualify in the top rate on Amazon. All these products are made in the USA and solely available in online. The company engages in free shipping of the mattresses right at the doorstep of the consumer. The products are offered free from gimmicks. No special tactics are involved in the sales of the product. There is no compromise on quality of the material. The product is offered with a trial for 100 nights and easy returns.

  • The product belongs to top-rate in the perspective of quality
  • More than 90% five-* reviews on Amazon and selection as “#1 mattress brand.”
  • The mattress provides bouncy yet supportive feels that is perfect for all sleeping positions
  • The sleeping partner is not disturbed as it offers great pressure relief and localized bounce
  • It is constituted of a high-grade adaptive foam that makes the user to enjoy cooler sleep that is a combination of soft and hardness and resilient to offer a quality sleep
  • There is sleeping trial for 100 nights
  • The product is offered with 10-year warranty
Tuft And Needle

How to get a Comfortable Night’s Sleep

In order to get a comfortable and soothing night’s sleep, what we basically need is an adaptable mattress. That mattress will adjust the alignment of body, leave all the pressure points shielded and will provide maximum support. To have a continuous realm of quality sleeping, we must echo the following considerations:

  • The absolute fit for body: It is advocated that in order to have a quality sleep on the mattress, the mattress must suit your body configuration. The mattress should be designed to conform to the natural curve of the spine and distribute pressure evenly across the body. It can be assured if you bring a friend of yours while purchasing. Lie on the chosen mattress and ask the friend to check the neutrality of the spine while you are lying in your normal sleeping position. It will also evaluate the sagginess in a mattress
  • Avoid vintage mattress: Any mattress manufactured before or on July 2007 may adapt to aging rule. It includes catching fire also. Thus, it is obligatory to purchase mattress made next to July 2007. They are said to meet fire resistance regulations
  • Search for better quality mattress and not big brand names
  • Allergen-free mattress: If you have the allergy to dust mite, mold, bacteria etc., you must buy a mattress that is free from such miniscule hermits. You must buy a covering for mattress with good quality.

Thus, it is oblivion to think that mattress has nothing to do with factors of sleeping. Rather, it is the most important factor in bringing good quality sleep.

How To Clean Mattress

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We people sometimes get disarrayed about bringing in the best quality of sleep. It is also evident that we make the improper decision in making the decision about the right type of mattress. The result is bouncy, ached and sleepless nights. The mattress suggested above has tried to put a light in the regard of procuring the right medium of sleeping. All of these mattresses are made of the better quality material, enough specialized support and comfort features. It can be doubtlessly said that sleep quality can be improved with good quality mattress and suffer disintegration with inferior mattresses. Finally, I love Top 4 Best Foam Mattress. Good Luck !!!

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