Signature Sleep Memoir 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress

That is right, if you want a peaceful sleep, then you must invest in a good mattress. For anyone that burns and churns throughout the day, a good night’s sleep is a must. There is nothing more precious than that and the right mattress will provide you all the support to do so. In this line of thoughts, we will be discussing about quality mattresses like the Signature Sleep 12 inch memory foam Mattress in details in this post. These mattresses have changed the way people look at mattresses without a doubt. We would request you to read it till the end to get a hang of things for your own good.  

Top 4 Mattress For Signature Sleep Brand

Signature Sleep Memoir 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress

Here is a list of the products you can choose from, when it comes to Signature:

QueriesEssential 6 Inch Coil MattressSignature Sleep Contour 8 Inch (coil)Signature Sleep Contour 10 Inch (coil)Signature Sleep 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress
What is the thickness of the mattress? (in inches) 681012
Is it certified by CertiPUR-USYesYesYesYes
This means it has low VOC emissionsYesYesYesYes
Does it ship in a compressed stated?YesYesYesYes
Can it be used for multiple beds?Yes, like bunk beds, platforms, day beds and trundlesYes, like platforms, trundles, bunk beds and day beds Yes, like trundles, bunk beds, day beds and platforms,Yes, like bunk beds, platforms, trundles and day beds
Does it have memory foam?NoNoNoYes

Essential 6 Inch Coil Mattress

Signature mattresses are a result of years of hard work and innovation. They have a line of comfortable mattresses to choose from, that makes them who they are today. This 6 inches mattress is made from high density foam and most durable coils that relive your back, hips, legs and neck of pressure. Good for day beds, bunk beds, trundles and platform beds in particular.

  • Comfort – This is available in different sizes for the whole family to sleep in. As mentioned above it can fit into any kind of a bed and you can sleep on it the way you want, on your tummy, sideways or back. It supports it all and you will wake up fresh every morning as a result.
  • Eco friendly – This Signature Sleep Mattress certified by CertiPUR-US, which means it has low VOC emissions, and is free of ozone depleters, flame retardants, mercury, PBDEs or formaldehyde.
  • Build – It is tiered with 1 inch of comfortable foam that is layered on top of 5 inches of what is called 13.5 gauges of coil springs. This provides you good support and makes it really cozy to sleep in it.
Signature Sleep 6 inch mattress
  • This 6 inch mattress is very easy to assemble
  • Is shipped compressed and all it needs is 48 hours to inflate
  • This is a reversible mattress
  • Covered with a soft quilted jacquard mattress

  • Gets little uncomfortable for back sleepers as it may seem to be firm to them
  • Needs more padding

Why should you buy it?

Ideally speaking, you should invest in it because it is environment friendly and keeps your family safe because of low to no emissions. It is a reversible mattress that we all know the significance of, especially if you have kids and pets at home.

Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch Independently Encased Coil Mattress

This is the much talked about Signature Sleep Mattress that has really changed the way people perceive a mattress. This mattress lives up to its name and takes the shape of your body when you lounge in it. It relives you of your pressure points that ease your sleeping posture for a peaceful sleep.

  • Comfort – Hands down, this is the first thing that you will look into a mattress when you have decided to buy one. The 8 inch wonder has the ability to take the contour according to your body. This coil is layered is so resourcefully that it distributes your weight equally all over the bed. This certainly lulls you to sleep and you wake up fresh in morning.
  • No emissions – This means like any other Signature, this mattress also does not emit VOCs, TCEP, TDCPP, heavy metals, lead, PBDEs or other ozone depleters. Certified by CertiPUR-US for this and that makes it eco friendly which is a boon these days.
  • Build – Layered with 15 gauge of 7 inches that are separately enclosed with coils for even weight distribution. Then it is layered with 1.6 inches of high density foam for comfort. This helps you to sleep contentedly in your bed for hours.
Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch Mattress
  • Does not change shape after years of use
  • Is good for a bunk bed, trundle, platform bed, day bed and more
  • Covering material is made from polyester blend and that makes maintenance easy for spills
  • Reasonably priced mattress

  • Is very firm and that could be a problem for some
  • Not good for people on the heavier side

Why should you buy it?

This is a comfortable 8 inch mattress that can relieve you of pressure and assist you to sleep well. What more do you want?

Signature Sleep Contour 10 Inch Independently Encased Coil Mattress

This 10 inch reversible mattress is not just another mattress but a special one that contorts according to the contours of your body. It takes the shape of your body and this distributes your weight equally all over the mattress. This helps you to enjoy a heavenly sleep for hours.

  • Comfort – We have already mentioned about the contouring facility that makes it cozy. In addition to this, the soft and breathable fabric makes it super snug for you to lull to sleep.
  • CertiPUR-US – It has been certified by t his prestigious body because it emits low VOC and is made without the addition of heavy metals, formaldehyde, flame retardants or lead. This means it is eco friendly and that should go into its favor.
  • Build – This Signature mattress is made from 15 gauges of 7.5 inches coils that are covered with 2.5 inches of high density foam. This helps in the weight distribution and you can sleep peacefully.
  • Best Mattress Under 200 Dollars with 10 Inch Mattress.
Signature Sleep 10 Inch Mattress
  • Relieves you of pressure points like in the hips, lower back, legs and neck primarily
  • Available in all sizes
  • You can order these online from major retail centers
  • Good for the whole family, as you can use it for the bunk bed, day bed, trundles or even the platform bed
  • Shipped compressed, so you need to allow it 48 to expand to its full

  • Very firm to sleep on that makes it difficult for some
  • Extremely high priced mattress

Why should you buy it?

We have given all the reasons why you should, but if you still want to be told one thing; then it would be the guaranteed safety of your family. No emissions, no risks of breathing anything hazardous.

Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

This 12 inch Signature Sleep Mattress is no different than the rest of its counterparts. It is environment friendly owing to its low emissions that we will discuss in a while. Moreover, you can use this for the whole family like bunk bed, day bed, platform or trundles.

  • Comfort – Just like Signature mattress, this looks inviting and is relaxed. It provides your body with full support when you sleep. You may not know of this because of the superior technology. However, you will wake up fresh in the morning and that should tell you it all.
  • Emissions – Low VOC emissions and has been made without lead, mercury and ozone depleters. This makes it eco friendly and hence the mark of CertiPUR-US certification.
  • Build – It is built with 8.5 inches of density foam covered with 3.5 inches of memory foam. This makes it super snug and you can enjoy lazing in this mattress for hours because of this.
Signature Sleep 12 Inch Mattress
  • It is shipped in a compressed state and that makes it easy to assemble (so you need to give it at least 48 hours to inflate).
  • Has quality foam and that helps it hold up for years.
  • Is not too firm, neither is too soft.
  • This is best mattress under 300 with 12 Inch Mattress

  • Pricing is alarmingly high
  • Not good for side sleepers at all

Why should you buy it?

There are plenty of reasons why should you buy this mattress, but if one major has to be added here, then it has to be the brand Signature itself. They are rather popular company that has been serving the bedding industry for a long time.

Related products

Here is a curation of related products that can help you get the best of your investment in Signature.

Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation / Platform Bed Frame / Box Spring Replacement / Quiet Noise-Free / Maximum Under-bed Storage, Queen


A bed frame that does not make noise and is extremely sturdy is what we pray. If you have missed anything about it, then let us help you understand it better:

  • This 14 inches frame is easy to assemble
  • Has 13 inches of clearance for under bed storage
  • Is considered ideal for people of average weight
  • Comes with 5 years limited warranty
Zinus 14 inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Queen Size SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector – Vinyl Free


Have kids and pets at home? Then you would know the importance of a bed protector and the current one under discussion is:

  • Made from Hypoallergenic Cotton Terry Surface that is breathable and noiseless
  • It wards off mites, allergens, dust, perspiration, and bacteria
  • It is approved by FDA
  • Is considered apt for those that have allergies and asthma
Waterproof Mattress Protector


Now, that you know so much about the Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen, we would plead you to trust your instincts. For your instincts will guide to find the best mattress without a second thought. Of course, take notes from what we have shared in this post and you will be able to achieve perfection.

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