Serta vs Sealy vs Tempurpedic Vs DynastyMattress

It is hard to find things better than a good night sleep. The utility of sleep is best understood when one has to undergo sleepless nights or to succumb to the reduced hour night sleep. The reason may be tension, back pain, stress and so on. One of the best solutions to this problem is to find the right mattress for you. The mattress should comprise of foam that molds to the body in response to heat and pressure with an even distribution of body weight. On removal of the pressure, it regains its original shape. Nowadays, the soft or medium-firm mattress is suggested to gain a relief from back pain. It is revealed through several studies that people who use medium-firm mattress were able to get rid of their back pain by about >80% while people using firm mattress have suffered a bit more of such pain.

Serta vs Sealy Vs DynastyMattress vs Tempurpedic

How to choose a mattress?

Since it is imperative to enjoy a comfortable and quality night sleep, such is the importance of finding the right mattress. The chosen mattress must compliment the physical needs of your body, sleeping consideration, partner’s preference and budget. Based on the above the guideline to buy a mattress can be summarized as follows

  • Knowledge of Mattress Options: It should be in accordance with your body requirement. According to the situation of your body, you will have to choose from the options like Basic Firm or plush mattresses, Memory Foam Mattress, sleep number mattress in which your partner can enjoy different feeling than that of you
  • Understanding of Physical Needs: Before considering the purchase of a new mattress, it is required to have a thought upon some perspective like
  • What is your sleeping position?
  • Whether you have any mobility issue. There are mattresses to cope up with such problems
  • A queen mattress is normally suitable for a couple. But, if your height is above six feet or so, a King size mattress will be required.
  • Set your Budget:  Before going out to purchase a new mattress, it is of utmost consideration that you make an approximate budget as to how much you will be ready to spend. An average of a standard mattress and box-frame cost about $800 and the mattress with top quality material cost around to over $1500. Determine the quality of mattress you are interested. Also, it needs to ponder whether you want the extra accessories like mattress cover, pillow top and bed frame. All these will bear separate costs. What you need to decide is whether you will get them as a mattress will behave as usual without these frilling items.

Serta vs Sealy vs Tempurpedic vs DynastyMattress Reviews:

Comparison table of TempurPedic vs DynastyMattress vs Seata vs Sealy

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DynastyMattress Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Queen


The NEW Cool-Breeze 12-inch Queen Gel Memory Foam Mattress is one of the unique quality products among this range. This product is made with a 4-layer construction that comprises of a 3” Gel Foam, 4” Cool Airflow Foam Support and 5” High density foam. All these work to create an ultimate support base. The Infused gel drops into premium memory foam. The system ensures a cool night sleep by providing a combining comfort, support pressure relief and improved airflow. This mattress offer medium-firmness only.

Dynasty Mattress 12 Inch
  • The multi-layered and gel-infused structure provides balanced comfort
  • The instilled Air Flow Foam with a depth of 4 inches can keep the temperature down
  • The construction is highly enduring
  • A complimentary pillow set is provided with the mattress
  • The product has allowance for 120 day trial
  • There is an inbuilt warranty of 30 years
  • This is best mattress under 500 Dollars with 12 inch

  • It is feared that the medium firmness may not last long
  • A slight odor may be experienced during unpack due to memory foam presence
  • There are complaints against the layers of foam when the product is delivered. Many a times product with subsidized level of foam is delivered.

Sealy Response Performance 12-Inch Cushion Firm Tight Top Mattress, Twin


The Sealy Response Performance 12-inch mattress uses Posture-Pedic technology for a reinforced support to the most needed part of your body. This is required to ensure a truly comfortable quality sleep at night. The level of support is an all-over support that stays for long. The innerspring is equipped to provide with an exceptional full-body support with ease of movement. It induces a buoyant feeling and the most desired comfort. The Posture-Pedic Technology is there to deliver an entire support, coupled with reinforced support under the heaviest part of your body. Being orchestrated with zones of support, this advanced Technology has seen to pair with state-of-the-art engineering with the highest quality material. It implies targeting the right level of support for each area of your body. The result is an exceptional comfort throughout.

Sealy 12 inch Mattress
  • This soft mattress is an ideal product for side sleepers who prefer contoured support or cradled feel
  • The innerspring base includes layers of gel memory foam, air foam or extra soft cushioning foam. These add comfort beside promoting cooling airflow
  • An individually wrapped coil help to get additional support
  • Motion transfer is also reduced when the same is compared with other forms of innersprings
  • There is scope for a 100-day trial

  • The use of Posture-pedic Technology has very limited owner satisfaction
  • The product suffers complains about lesser longevity and durability than other mattresses
  • Heavier couples are not enjoying enough support, as the prejudices mention

Serta 14-inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress, Queen


This memory foam mattress has been designed to provide you with an assured quality night’s sleep. A medium feel is experienced with this 14-inch mattress. The top layer is comprised of gel-memory foam that offers excellent superior support in coordination with the exclusive gel beads. And the 2-inch layer of premium open cell memory foam goes with providing added cushioning and comfort. This Serta 14-inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress comprises of four unique layers that are designed to respond together for providing beautiful escorted support and comfort. The designer and manufacturer of this top-facility mattress is one of the most trusted names in the USA. The mattresses they provide are of unbeatable quality as there was never any compromise regarding quality and commitment.

Serta 14 Inch Mattress
  • The product has excellent pressure point relief facility.
  • This is equipped with a Deep Compression Support.
  • This mattress is equitable for all sleeping positions.
  • Heat retention is minimum in this foam mattress.
  • Motion transfer is either limited or nil.
  • There is a limited 20 year warranty provided with this product.

  • There is a possibility of gassing and odor when the package is unwrapped
  • There is no or short trial period, as was complained
  • May seem too firm for some group of sleepers

TEMPUR‐Cloud Prima Mattress, Queen


This product is a 10-inch medium-soft mattress. It is manufactured by Tempur-Pedic. This collection from the TEMPUR-Cloud renders plush softness paired with acute adaptive support and buoyant pressure relief of TEMPUR material. The cushiony sleep with an extra-plush layer of TEMPUR material will bring you an optimum supportive core that adapts to your shape. This TEMPUR-Cloud Prima mattress is designed to offer soft comfort besides TEMPUR bed support for an even distribution your body weight. The product is sold in a high-loft super-stretch cover with grey upholstered sides. The two-layer construction with which this Smart Climate System is built provides you with a comfort during sleeping. The top-cover fiber is used in clearing the moisture. And the Smart Climate System treatment in the inner cover makes provision for the cool-to-the-touch comfort. It is constructed from an extra-soft TEMPUR-ES material and the top layer determines the feel of the mattress. The Smart Climate System works with the Support Layer to allow for personalized comfort and support. The Support Layer provides support for your body and helps distribute body weight evenly across the mattress. The Base is designed to disperse heat from the mattress. All of these mattresses are designed to work with a firm stable foundation or an adjustable base. This product is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

Tempur-Pedic Mattress
  • The product comes with a high-loft super-stretch cover with grey upholstered sides.
  • These types of products are preferred by variety of sleepers.
  • Any type of body movement is stable in respect of the position being single sided or not
  • There is a sleep trial for 90 days

  • This product is a bit costlier
  • There may be a slight chemical smell when unpacking the shipment
  • It may appear too soft for back and stomach sleepers
  • This is Mattress with above 1000 dollars

The Best time to buy the mattress

There are gallant factors that need to be considered while buying a suitable mattress. But, ideally, it involves about watching out the best time of the year when the best mattress is available at most affordable prices. It is suggested that the best time for purchasing a mattress is between May and September. It is the time of the year when manufacturers cut older models in order to create space for newer ones. Besides, there is Labor Day and President Day – these two National Holidays come under the consideration for hefty discounts in the mattress. The other factors that invite selling with “sale” offer are overstock clearing that mainly occurs during spring and autumn. An introductory offer is provided by the companies when they open a new store and almost same principle is applied by retailer businessmen. Besides, there are discount offers during Xmas and New Year time. Thus, these are, in brief, suggested instants when buyers can consider to go for new shopping in mattresses.

DHP Twin Sized Bunk Bed Over Full Sized Bed with Metal Frame, White

Bunk Beds With Mattress
Whenever you are looking for some elegant and functional bed, the DHP twin over full metal bunk bed can be an ideal solution. This product serves as a perfect addition to any room. Being incorporated into the contemporary design and durable steel frame construction, it is ideal for any modern setting. It had been designed with safety in mind. This white bunk bed has full-length guardrails and a sturdy ladder. The space-saving design was planned for the kids. It allows in maximizing the room space. It increases the fun at bedtime. Overall, this bed an ideal option for kids room.


Our sleep has a number of hindering factors. One of the prime factors that disturb the process of sleeping most mundanely is a backache. This is one of the most straining factors that take a toll on our life-strength. Thus, physicians suggest mattress suitable for remedy. In the above discussion, we have gone through the details of facilities available from the scores of mattresses. The entire soap relates us to the peril and its antidotes. Thus, we can easily grab ideas regarding the type of mattress that best suit for our decor and physique.

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