Purple Vs. TempurPedic Mattress Comparison – Which One Wins?

TempurPedic is a bedding manufacturer that has been in the market for over a long time now and actually created the idea of a memory foam mattress. Purple, on the other hand is new in the market and is gaining attention with its unique gel grid layer. As this new company is becoming popular, people are wondering how these two companies compare to one and other and which is perfect for majority of the users.

In this article, the comparison is strictly based on the most popular mattress of TempurPedic, which is TempurPedic ProAdapt with Purple flagship model, The Purple Mattress.

To give you a quick idea, let’s go through the key similarities and differences among the brands.

Key Similarities Purple Versus TempurPedic

  • Both are great at providing pressure relief
  • Both companies do not compromise on quality and use durable materials
  • Both have good motion isolation and are popular among couples.

Key Differences TempurPedic vs Purple

  • TempurPedic has a huge variety of mattresses while purple just has a few
  • Purple is less expensive than all models of TempurPedic.
  • Purple mattress is bouncier, while all the models of TempurPedic have a memory foam feel which is slow moving
Purple Construction

Purple Construction

  • Purple mattress is 9.5” long
  • Cover is of thin layer which consists of viscose, polyester and lycra. All are soft.
  • Comfort layer is of 2” hyper-elastic polymer smart grid. Below is a 3.5 inch plush comfort foam.
  • Transition layer directly under the comfort layer is 4 inches of polyfoam
Tempurpedic Construction

TempurPedic Construction

  • It has a smart and cosy climate dual cover system
  • ProAdapt’s comfort layer is different in all types of ProAdapteither containing Tempur-ES , Tempur-APR or TempurOriginal
  • Lastly, the support layer is also unique in various firmness types of mattress.

Construction Differences Between Purple And TempurPedic

The key to TempurPedic is the comfort layer. TempurPedic ProAdapt has a comfort layer which consists of a memory foam. Even though all the models have different firmness level, all have this slow moving memory foam feel in them.

This comfort layer of the TempurPedic is very different from that of the purple mattress. The purple mattress has hyper-elastic polymer gel layer. This layer has a combination feel of both firmness and pressure relief. The mattress remains firm until a certain degree of pressure is applied and then eventually it collapses. This makes the mattress very responsive, which is not a property of the slow moving TempurPedic memory foam.

Firmness/Feel Differences of Purple vs TempurPedic

Firmness varies from person to person. Some mattress might be fine for you but will be too firm for others. Instead of depending only on uncertain terms like ‘plush’ we interpret mattresses on a scale of 1 to 10. On this scale 1 refers to the softest mattress and 10 is the hardest. The majority of the mattresses lie between 4-7 and are medium firm, but there are variety of options available that do not fall within that range.

The original purple is applicable only in medium firm, falling between 6-7 on firmness scale. This mattress is found to be comfortable for a huge number of sleepers and it also satisfies people who want something firmer or softer. On the other hand, TempurPedic ProAdapt is firmer and liesnon the end scale which means the even the softest mattress is of medium firmness. provides a wide range of mattresses with different firmness.

Girl Checking the Firmness of Mattress

Sleep Experience

Even though the customer ratings are high for both Tempur bed and Purple mattress, there are some ways in which the sleep experience is distinct in both the mattress. Below we describe various important factors to consider, that impacts your sleep experience.

Temperature Control

The Purple mattress is way better than TempurPedic mattress in terms of temperature control. Its grid layer help in getting rid of hotness provided by the body. This is further aided by the resilience of the mattress which keeps the air moving in the mattress and helps get rid of it.

The memory foam of the TempurPedic has issues with heat regulation. The memory foam has the ability to capture heat over-night which causes the user to sleep hot. Further, the sink it cause makes it hard for the heat to dissipate out which further exacerbate overheating issues.

But still, to attract users, the Tempur mattress have modified their recent mattresses to help the user sleep cool. Even then purple mattress is a far better choice.

Motion Transfer

It is no doubt the goal of every mattress company to provide least amount of motion transfer from one part of the bed to the other. So far, TempurPedic ProAdapt exceeds most of the bedding company in providing this comfort. The hug of this mattress restricts motion of one partner to travel to the side of the other partner.

The Purple mattresses are also very good at controlling motion transfer but since the mattress provide a high degree of bounce, it means that more motion is felt in these beds when compared to TempurPedic.


To get rid of the discomfort, it is really important that your spine is in its proper alignment. For this, a mattress must be fully responsive. This means that it should provide cushioning effect to important parts of the body like hips, shoulders and abdomen.

The Tempur bed are most responsive, mainly due to the presence of memory foam. The memory foam is designed to contour important body parts, relieve pressure and provide them remarkable support. Shoppers will find it very difficult to buy a more responsive bed than TempurPedic.

On the other hand, the hyper-elastic layer of Purple mattress perfectly provides the cushioning effect to the body and gives it a tight hug.

Both the mattress have one issue that their comfort layer is a bit thin to provide support to heavy sleepers. So heavy sleepers may complain of pushing down to the base layer (transition layer), giving it to much pressure.

Resilience and Bounce

Bounce is required in all the mattresses as it prevents the feeling of being stuck in the bed. This helps the users roll on bed and is perfect for people who tend to change positions at night. On the other hand, resilience is a quality which means the capability of the mattress to return to its original size and shape after the removal of weight.

As mentioned before, the Purple mattress has more bounce and resilience than the Tempur beds. This is directly related to its grid layer. The memory foam layer of the TempurPedic is slow reacting and takes time to return to its shape.

Edge Support

TempurPedic ProAdapt doesn’t provide good edge support as compared to other models of Tempur. If you want to look for TempurPedic mattress with good edge support, check out our article on TempurPedic Mattress

Off-Gassing And Smell

Off gassing occur when small molecules are released from the mattress during unpacking of the mattress. It is not at all dangerous but can cause smell which is not bearable most of the times. This issue is with both the mattresses but it’s not a problem as the smell fades away very quickly when there is good ventilation.

Shipping, Trial, Warranty And Returns

Below we mention few important details regarding each company. Take a look at the table below.

[table id=25 /]

Pick The Purple If …

  • You want a more resilient and bouncier feel. You like to remain on the top of the mattress throughout the night.
  • You are searching for a temperature neutral mattress. The gel layer of the mattress helps the user sleep cool and do not trap hot air.
  • You are looking for a combination of pressure relief and firmness all together. Its unique layer of gel is firm at first but tends to collapse eventually with weight. This helps in pressure relief.
  • You are looking for a value mattress. Being an online only business, the company has more value than any of the TempurPedic models.

Pick The TempurPedic If …

  • You want to buy from a more reliable company. We all know that TempurPedic has been in the market for quite a long time now so its reliability cannot be challenged. On the other hand, purple is new to the market, still reliable but not as much established as TempurPedic.
  • You want a perfect firmness. Purple is good for majority of the sleepers when it comes to firmness but if you are specific about the level of firmness you desire, then TempurPedic has a huge variety to choose from.
  • If you consider memory foam feel over bounce. The slow moving memory foam is preferred by many users than the bounce of purple. So if you like to slowly sink into the mattress through the night then go for Tempur beds.

Prices, Sizes And Values

Finally, we will look at the prices of each size of the mattress of both the brands to help you make the final decision.

[table id=26 /]

The differences between these two mattresses are a lot. Majorly the difference lies in the feel of the mattress and the price. So by this comparison, you will be able to make the perfect choice of your bed.

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