Products that Help You Sleep Like Dead

Sleep is an essential part of your life and it is extremely important for well-being. You usually tend to have abnormal diets but you surely cannot survive without proper sleep.

Despite being an extremely important aspect of life, you still find it very hard falling asleep and look up for various methods and products that will help you sleep faster! But did you know that you can do it all naturally, or either by using gadgets easily available at your home?

Say “NO” to pharmaceutical methods because here in this blog we have gathered 20 life hacks which will help all the busy workers and teens to sleep faster and wake-up fresh for the upcoming day!

Products You Should Try For A Good Night's Sleep

01. Invest in a Wedge Pillow

A lot of the times, people have a tough time resting at night because of other physical problems they have. It’s not necessarily the fact that they can’t lie down and sleep. Maybe they’re suffering from acid reflux, chronic upper and lower back pain, or they may snore so loudly that they wake themselves up. These physical problems get in the way of deep restful sleep.

Medslant Wedge Pillow

Source: Amazon

One way you can take care of these physical issues is by investing in a wedge pillow that folds. If you sleep on a bed that is fixed or rigid, you can use a wedge pillow easily. It is foldable, so it’s very portable. This is great if you travel a lot.

[amazon fields=”B0002DJVGE” value=”link” title=”Medslant Wedge Pillows”] are made only from the highest quality materials. Not only does it use effective memory foam which remembers the shape and slant of your neck, it is also made out of hypoallergenic materials. This means that you don’t have to worry about sneezing because you’re allergic to the materials your pillow is made of. It is also odor-free and doesn’t sag.

Thanks to these features, you can count on getting many hours of restful sleep from your wedge pillow.

02. Pick the Right Mattress

If you’d like to experience deep sleep without stretching it out into hours, you need the right mattress. You want the kind of mattress that will remember the shape of your body. This way, when you lie down, the mattress’s shape will match your body’s contour to provide complete support and comfort. This will not only enable you to fall asleep faster, but the quality of your sleep will improve tremendously.

Choose the Right Mattress

Source: Amazon

One of the most highly acclaimed memory foam mattresses currently available in the market is the [amazon fields=”B00Q7EPSHI” value=”link” title=”Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress”]. This gives you a nice high-density foam layer, which provides extra support and comfort. You achieve a great balance between proper support for your body contour and maximum comfort. All these features add up to deeper and more refreshing sleep, even if you only slept four hours.

03. Put on a Sleeping Mask

Sleep Master Sleep Mask

Source: Sleep Master

What if I told you that the right sleeping mask will ensure that your mind doesn’t get distracted as you try to sleep? A lot of low quality sleeping masks out there do a bad job cutting off light and blocking off sound. You need to use the type of sleep mask that takes care of both your eyes and your ears.

Whether you are sleeping at home or you’re trying to get some shut-eye during your travels, invest in the right sleep mask. I recommend the [amazon fields=”B0015NZ6FK” value=”link” title=”Sleep Master Sleep Mask”] because it offers a great design that not only covers your eyes, but prepares you for deep, refreshing, all-natural, healthy sleep. It has a built-in sound reduction feature that goes a long way in reducing distractions.

04. Make Sure You Use The Right Air Purifier

Use the Right Air Purifier

Source: Amazon

It’s not enough that you have an air purifier. Clean air is great and everything, but you want to infuse a scent to the air you are breathing. Believe it or not, aromatherapy can help you feel so relaxed that you can fall asleep much faster.

Also, the great relaxation and heightened sense of wellbeing that you get with well-scented air enables you to thoroughly relax and let go of stress. This is why I recommend [amazon fields=”B06WWD43G9″ value=”link” title=”Brilliant Beauty Smart Mist Diffuser”].

Use this product to purify your interior spaces’ air. It not only takes care of cleaning any indoor space’s air, but it also leaves a nice, relaxing scent that puts you in the mood for a good night’s rest.

05. Use a Massage Pillow

Pillows with built-in massagers not only cradle your waist, shoulders, back and neck properly, but they can be programmed to give you a very relaxing shiatsu massage. The kneading action massage feature of these types of products can soothe your back and your neck as well as any sore muscle to give you quick, soothing relief.

Shiatsu Massage Pillow

Source: Amazon

You can use a [amazon fields=”B01G2MJUU0″ value=”link” title=”massage pillow”] before you go to sleep or you can just turn it on and go to sleep. Regardless, by relieving the tension in your muscles, you can look forward to a deeper and more relaxing sleep.

06. Do Yoga with specially-designed Sleep Pants

Oftentimes, our night time rituals play a big role in how well rested we are. Therefore I suggest that you do some yoga before you go to sleep. It doesn’t have to be intense, it doesn’t have to take forever, but make sure that you are completely comfortable while doing your yoga positions.

Men's Long Knit Pyjama Lounge Sleep Yoga Pants

Source: Amazon

You don’t have to be a hero. You don’t have to use very difficult poses. Just do enough to get the common benefits people have reported getting from yoga. Believe it or not, people with heart issues, diabetes, depression, anxiety, insomnia and other challenges have either minimized their symptoms or eliminated them entirely, thanks to yoga.

When practicing yoga, either right before bedtime or a couple of hours before, make sure you use the right yoga pants. I suggest the Zshow Men’s Long Knit Pajama Lounge Yoga Sleep Pants. These are not your typical yoga pants. They are made of highly breathable materials and very comfortable stretch fabric.

Whether you’re using these pants for yoga or with your regular gym routine, you can rest assured that by getting some much-needed yoga or exercise at night, you can free your body from normal tension and stress. This can go a long way in improving the quality of your sleep.

07. If You Sleep on Your Side, Invest in a Pillow for your Knees

If you tend to sleep on your side and put a lot of stress on your back or your neck, all these aches and pains can seriously erode the quality of your sleep. One way you can minimize the pain is to use a pillow specially designed for your knees.

Memory Foam Knee Pillow

Source: Amazon

Made of completely memory foam intended for medical uses, the [amazon fields=”B01ARJ7SBM” value=”link” title=”ComfiLife Orthopedic Memory Foam Knee Pillow”] features a soft outer cover. If you’re struggling with hip issues or your back is giving you trouble, this is the pillow for you.

The best part to this device is that it is very easy to clean and wash. Since it has a removable outer covering, you just unzip it, toss the cover in your laundry and clean it like you would any other piece of clothing.

Not only is it comfortable and soft, it also gives you the proper support you need to feel relaxed as you get some shut-eye.

08. Use the Right Lighting

Lighting Bulb

Source: Amazon

A lot of people think that once they’ve discovered how to sleep with lights turned on that they are getting quality sleep. This is not true. You must use the right lighting.

Some lighting is so harsh that it interferes with the natural light requirements of your body. A normal bulb gives off light in a wavelength that isn’t tolerated well by your body. It can easily become disruptive or distracting.

The [amazon fields=”B00PLR3M0M” value=”link” title=”GE Align PM Lighting Bulb”] eliminates blue light and other wavelengths that can easily distract your eyes. It’s a good idea to turn on this light bulb around half an hour before you sleep. Not only is it completely mercury-free and engineered to cut down on blue light emission, it is very easy on the eyes by design.

09. Listen to Natural Sounds

Listen Natural Sounds

Source: Amazon

Did you know that by simply listening to “white noise” you can get a soothing sound pattern that calms your brain down? By listening to the right sounds, your mind stops worrying. You learn to let go. This goes a long way in preparing you for interruption-free sleep.

The [amazon fields=”B00HD0ELFK” value=”link” title=”Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural Sound Machine”] emits noise canceling sound throughout the night. This way, your brain isn’t picking up random white noise which can disrupt your normal sleep patterns. Best of all, by listening to this noise canceling signal in the background, you wake up fully rested and relaxed.

10. Use Headphones while You Sleep

Believe it or not, by investing in thin and comfortable headphones, you can get yourself ready for sleep at any time.

Have you ever put on your headphones and, before you know it, fell asleep? Well, you can do this intentionally at night.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are suffering from acute insomnia, depression, anxiety, if you invest in the right bed phone, you can get the stress relief that you need, right when you need it. It all boils down to the soothing quality of the sound that you get.

Sleep HeadPhones

Source: DubsLabs

I recommend that you get the Dubs Labs Bed Phones Gen3 On-Ear Sleep Headphones. They don’t get in the way of your head. In fact, after a while, it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing headphones. Regardless, they will do their thing and give you the soothing sounds you need to improve your nighttime rest.

11. Use a Brain Sensing Headband

Brain Sensing Headband

Source: Amazon

Believe it or not, staying asleep is actually easier than trying to fall asleep. This is why you need to invest in head gear that will condition your brain to deal with stress and pressure more effectively.

By doing this, you make it easier for yourself. It becomes easier for you to relax.

A brain sensing headband uses internal sensors to evaluate your brain wave activities. It would then send out data to a headband application which teaches you how to meditate.

I recommend [amazon fields=”B00LOQR37C” value=”link” title=”Muse, The Brain Sensing Headband”]. This is a biofeedback device that works off your brain signals. It then processes this information in terms of biofeedback, so you can rest more fully.

12. Monitor Your Sleep

It’s really important to track your sleeping patterns so you can identify your specific difficulties and work around them.

Sleep Monitor

Source: ResMed

There are many different sleep sensors and sleep tracking devices currently on the market. Some of these are built into the mattress that you’re sleeping on. Some involve sensors that you have to wear.

The good news is that there is a line of sleep sensors that don’t make direct contact with your body. Instead, these devices use motion detection to track how often you turn and toss as you try to sleep at night.

Among the different devices in this class, I recommend the [amazon fields=”B00NP52QE0″ value=”link” title=”Resmed S+ Personal Sleep Solution”]. Not only does it use motion detection, but it’s also light sensitive. It also tracks temperature and lighting conditions.

13. Use a WAKE-UP Light Instead of Relying on Natural Sunlight

WakeUp Light

Source: Philips

Believe it or not, if you sleep with your windows open, you might be in for a rude awakening. That’s right, strong sunlight can be quite harsh on your eyes, especially if you wake up very early.

The problem is, if you close the drapes, the total absence of light might make it almost impossible for you to wake up.

Thankfully, there is a handy compromise. By using a wake-up lamp that mimics natural sunlight, you can slowly wake up. Even if you don’t use an alarm clock, the slow buildup of light is enough to wake you up.

This device increases in fake sunlight intensity for half an hour. Also, you can pair the light with either a preset radio station or five different sounds. This great combination of the right wake-up sound and light goes a long way in making sure that you wake up at the right time without feeling groggy.

I recommend the [amazon fields=”B0093162RM” value=”link” title=”Philips White HF3520 Wake Up Light”]. It does an amazing job of mimicking natural sunlight.

14. Invest in a Controller for Your Bed's Temperature

Did you know that your bed’s temperature has a big impact on how well you rest at night? Unfortunately, a lot of people completely overlook this. Either their bed is too cold or too hot. Still, the end result is the same. They end up tossing and turning more often than they need to.

Bed Temprature Controller

Source: Amazon

By using a device to control your bed’s internal temperature, not only will you be able to fall asleep more quickly, but you will be able to remain asleep far longer than normal. This enables you to wake up the next day feeling fully refreshed.

Even if you did not get full eight hours of sleep, the quality of your sleep can improve so dramatically because of proper bed temperature that it feels like you had a full eight hours of rest.

One of the preeminent products in effective bed temperature control is the [amazon fields=”B00TRFLWJW” value=”link” title=”BedJet V2 Climate Control”]. This device utilizes advanced technology by ensuring a nice flow of air through your bed. This air can be cooled or warmed. Also, even though this is an air pump, it is extremely quiet.

15. Cool Down with the Right Mattress Topper

Cooling Mattress Topper

Source: Amazon

One of the most common reasons why people have a tough time sleeping well at night is that they actually sweat during sleep. These individuals continue to sweat until they wake up.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to deal with this problem is to simply buy an air conditioning unit for your room. The problem is, getting air conditioning is not exactly the most healthy option.

Getting a cooling mattress topper is actually a much better solution. You don’t freeze at night, while at the same time getting the proper cooling you need so you don’t break out in a sweat.

I suggest the [amazon fields=”B00CZED1K0″ value=”link” title=”ExceptionalSheets Bamboo Extra Plush”]. This mattress topper maintains a very comfortable body temperature, which leads to sweating reduction.

16. One Arm Pillow

If you like to sleep with one of your arms under your pillow, listen up. One of the main reasons you’re having a tough time getting a full eight hours of sleep is because your arm is under the pillow. Either it starts to hurt, or circulation is cut off and you feel numb. You end up sending signals to your brain, which wakes you up and cuts off sleep. Sure, you get right back to sleep after you’ve tossed and turned, but the damage is already done.

If you want a deeper and more relaxing sleep, you need to get a pillow that accommodates your habit of putting one arm under your pillow. Use the [amazon fields=”B077PJZXVZ” value=”link” title=”Better Sleep One Arm Pillow”] if you have this habit. Made of memory foam, optimized for comfort, this device is great not only for one arm sleepers, but also for people who sleep on their sides.

17. Get a Soothing Natural Salt-Based Lamp with Built-in Air Purifier

Would you like a device that not only cleans the air but sets your soul at ease? I know it sounds too good to be true, but that’s exactly the kind of complete package you get with the [amazon fields=”B002LLMWX4″ value=”link” title=”WBM Himalayan Glow natural salt lamp”].

Natural Salt-Based Lamp with Built-in Air Purifier

Source: Amazon

As you can tell by the name of this device, it uses Himalayan salt. You probably have seen this type of salt in the supermarket or at specialty food stores. Himalayan salt has a reddish or pinkish color. When lit and used as a night-light, it actually sets your mind at ease. If you are with your significant other, it might even create a very romantic mood.

Make no mistake if you use the [amazon fields=”B002LLMWX4″ value=”link” title=”WBM Himalayan Glow natural salt lamp”] in your kids’ room, your own bedroom, or in any kind of workspace, you get a very soothing and relaxing ambiance. The best part is that it doesn’t feel harsh or forced. You get this natural soothing.

Best of all, it also paves the way for a soothing physical experience. How? Well, it is a very powerful air purifier as well. If you have less airborne toxins and floating pollutants in your environment, you don’t have to worry about smoke or allergens. This can go a long way in calming your body to such an extent that you are ready to get some solid sleep.

18. Find the Right Bed Light

Too many people think that if they put a light next to their bed that it is necessarily a bad thing. Well, you must understand that a bed light doesn’t have to disrupt your sleep. You can use a well-designed bed light that enhances your sense of well-being thanks to the soothing light it gives out.

Bed Light Lamp

Source: Amazon

You must understand that sleep is partially perception. So, if you are subjected to soft, warm lights at night, when you get out of bed, you don’t get a sense of a distinct break. This is a big deal because when you switch on your regular light if you have to get out of bit for whatever reason, maybe you’re going on a bathroom break, the harsh light signals to your body that it’s time to wake up. You may not be conscious of this but that’s the effect.

When you use a warm, softly lit bed light, you don’t get this disruptive effect. You still get the illumination you need so you don’t stumble over stuff on your way to the bathroom or wherever else, but it also is so mellow that it doesn’t wake you up.

One particularly effective and mellow bed light is the [amazon fields=”B00FROZNTW” value=”link” title=” Bed light”]. This is a great product that helps ensure a restful night’s sleep.

19. Get an Adjustable Headband

Believe it or not if you put on a headband you can not only track how long you sleep, but you can also get a clear understanding of the quality of your sleep. This doesn’t have to involve wearing something that makes you feel like some sort of lab rat.

You can just put on an adjustable head lamp that works with an app that tracks your sleep patterns. Whether we’re talking about monthly, weekly or daily sleep patterns, you will have the information you need so you can make necessary changes in your sleeping habits. After all, great decisions must be based on great data.

One good, versatile and comfortable headband is the [amazon fields=”B01H3Z0VV2″ value=”link” title=”Sleep Shepherd Blue headband”]. This device has an app that works with your brain’s natural patterns. A lot of its users claim that it can really improve otherwise erratic sleep patterns.

How? Well, it works with your brain to slow down your brain processes. I know this sounds scary or negative, but this actually happens at the end of the day. When you’re winding down, your brain also slows down.

When you use the right headband, you get a device that guides your brain to slow down properly so you can get yourself that much needed sleep that you’ve always wanted.

20. Use the Right Memory Foam Pillow and Head Gear

There are many pillow designs with memory foam elements currently on the market. These devices use all sorts of materials. What is great with the [amazon fields=”B00IZTKII2″ value=”link” title=”ViscoSoft SeasonSense cooling memory foam pillow”] is that it uses wave-flow gel. This is a special type of memory foam that is designed for optimizing sleep.

Make no mistake the way your body is positioned during your sleep plays a big role in determining the quality of your sleep. If you are in any way uncomfortable or feeling some sort of pain, these signals will work their way from your body to your brain. It really is that simple. Naturally, it follows that the easier you make things for your body, the more relaxed you will feel.

What I like to about this memory foam pillow is that it provides optimal support regardless of how you sleep. Whether you are pregnant, you sleep on your side or you sleep on your back or you have a very weird posture when you sleep, this memory foam pillow has you covered.

I can’t say the same for many other products out there. It is very responsive and yet very general. You can tell that one you make a move, it will support your posture, but it doesn’t do it in a harsh or sharp way. It just smoothly conforms to how your body is positioned to maximize comfort.

Another great feature with this product is its body temperature comforting effect. If you like to sleep cool, this pillow works with your body temperature. It doesn’t get too hot. This makes for a very comfortable night’s rest.


Now you can imagine how easy it has become to sleep like dead! If you use these gadgets and products they will surely help you sleep faster and in no time! You will be able to have quality sleep, be healthier, be active in your wake time and have more time to work since you will be sleeping less!

When we are asleep, our body serves to perform various functions, and these functions can be easily disrupted by sleeping pills which we take. So why not use other products that will help you sleep faster than going for pharmaceutical methods?

 Other than that, these methods have the ability to save you from dozens of diseases, like stress, insomnia, depression and anxiety!  So what is the wait for? Go on, choose your product now and good luck with your sleep!

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