Best Pillows For Different Sleeping Positions – What’s Best For Me?

Do you like to sleep on your side? Or do you feel more comfortable resting belly up? Are you one of the few who actually feel sleeping on your stomach is the best in the world?

Whatever the case is, the right pillow will always help you rest comfortably. Choose the wrong one, and you’ll wake up in the morning with a stiff neck or cervical pain. We’ve all been there at some point. Good news is, by finding the pillow that is perfect for you, you will get rid of that discomfort forever.

Few people know that not all pillows fit everyone. Actually, each sleeping position benefits from a different kind of pillow: the ideal thickness, firmness and breathability vary from case to case.

So here are some risks of sleeping with the wrong pillow:

  • Stiff neck.
  • Neck pain.
  • Too much pressure on your nerves.
  • Disc displacement.
  • Overstressed vertebral discs.
  • Poor breathing.
  • Contractures.
  • Muscular pain.

Inversely, if you find the right pillow, you will enjoy long nights of replenishing sleep. So, do you feel you could use a better pillow than what you have right now? Here’s a quick guide on which one is best for you according to your preferred sleeping position.

How To Choose The Right Pillow For Your Sleeping Position

The right sleeping position will not put stress on your body. Your organs should not be under pressure or too much compression, and your spine should rest on what is called a “neutral position”, which is the natural alignment of the axis of your body.

Pain and strain happen when you twist or bed your spine because you rest on a surface that doesn’t properly support it. A pillow that is too thick or too thin will not hold your head in place properly and therefore cause discomfort and even health problems.

The perfect pillow should let you breathe comfortably and hold your head at the exact height, filling the space between it and the mattress. With this in mind, let’s recap all sleeping positions and see which pillow is the best for each case.

Side Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your side is the most common choice, because a lot of people find it comfortable and almost instinctive. Although most doctors do not recommend sleeping on your side, they also admit that there are health benefits if you suffer from certain conditions. Heartburn and reflux in particular can be relieved by sleeping on your left side, though resting on your right side will relieve pressure on your heart.

If you sleep on your side, you will need a particularly firm pillow that is also thick and supportive. This is because, since you rest on your shoulder, the space between your head and the mattress is bigger than when you sleep on your back or stomach. Therefore, a thicker pillow is needed to fill up the space.

You must make sure your pillow is also very firm and doesn’t get thinner during the night due to your own head’s weight. That’s why we don’t recommend memory foam pillows for side sleepers. They tend to sink as time passes and you might fall asleep feeling comfortable, but in the morning, you will regret the decisions made.

Also, since half your face will be resting against the pillow, you need a very breathable one so the heat from your head doesn’t make you hot at night. A cotton pillow is great for this, but watch out for the allergies if you are sensitive to them.

Best Pillow For Side Sleepers

Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Pillow

Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Pillow (2-Pack) Premium Quality Bed Pillows - Side Back Sleepers - Blue Gusset - Queen - 18 x 26 Inches
  • Pack of 2 white microfiber gusset pillows with a blue piping and double stitching that gives a posh...
  • Available in queen size with each pillow measuring 18 x 26 inches
  • Filled with a medium-firm blend and superior quality material that makes sure that you have a...
  • An ideal choice for side, stomach and back sleepers as these pillows are highly versatile at work...
  • Recommended to dry-clean only to give a prolonged life to the pillows

This set of pillows is among the top sellers on Amazon, and for good reason. The super plush, super comfy microfiber gusset model provides great support for your head and a comfortable experience for your sleep. This is among the plushiest pillows you will find out there, so your head will be happy resting on this thick, medium-firm luxury pillow.

As a nice detail, this pillow features a decorative piping and you can choose between blue and grey to suit your taste as well as the design of your bedroom. The double stitching makes this pillow very resistant and durable and provides a high-trim look that will bring up any bed to a whole new level.

The microfiber fill is great for side sleeper because it provides proper support for their heads and is very breathable, so side sleepers won’t feel suffocated or extremely hot at night.


  • Extra plush microfiber filling.
  • Nice piping around the sides. Can choose color.
  • Double stitching.
  • Top seller on Amazon.
  • Very soft texture.
  • Medium-firm, ideal for side sleepers.


  • Only comes in Queen and King size.
  • Not suitable for you if you want an extremely hard pillow.

Orthopedic Knee Pillow For Side Sleepers, Back Pain, Sciatica Relief, Pregnancy, Leg Pain, Hip And Joint Pain

Orthopedic Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers,Back Pain, Sciatica Relief, Pregnancy, Leg Pain, Hip and Joint Pain - Memory Foam with Ergonomically Designed and Washable Cover(Bonus Sleep Mask) (White)
  • IMPROVED SLEEP QUALITY & BETTER NEXT DAY: Ergonomically designed knee pillow fits comfortably...
  • PREMIUM HIGH-DENSITY MEMORY FOAM: Made with 100% premium quality durable cut memory foam to provide...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Ergonomic contoured design keeps your legs, hip and spine in ideal alignment while...
  • REMOVABLE & WASHABLE COVER: Breathable zippered cover ensures the pillow does not get warm and is...
  • FULLY GUARANTEED: Customer satisfaction is our top priority, money back guarantee if you are not...

You never know how much a knee pillow can change your life for the better… until you’ve tried one.

One of the main problems of sleeping on your side is that your lower back might twist and get strained because of your leg position. When you sleep on your side, the leg that rests on top often slides forwards when you relax, and as a result your lower back twists forward and your vertebral discs have to endure literally hours of physical stress.

In order to avoid that, you can get yourself a knee pillow. This little hack is great for relieving lower back pain, sciatica and other conditions linked to the lower end of your spine and the nerves of your legs. Also, pregnant women benefit from a knee rest that prevents them from compressing their belly with their own weight.

If you like to sleep on your side, you are likely to develop lower back or leg pain over time. You can relieve it, or prevent it, by getting a handy knee pillow. This knee pillow is anatomically designed to fit your body perfectly and relieve the pressure that side sleeping puts on your spine and your hips.

Made out of 100% hypoallergenic memory foam, this super comfy accessory adapts to your body perfectly and allows you to enjoy long nights of sleep. It comes with a breathable cover that you can machine wash to keep it clean and free of bacteria, and you even get a free sleeping mask with your purchase!

This knee pillow is strongly recommended for people who suffer from sciatica or back pain, or are pregnant, but anyone can enjoy the comfort it provides and use it to prevent further health problems.


  • Orthopedic and ergonomic.
  • Relieves back and leg pain and prevents it.
  • Memory foam is comfortable and adapts to your body.
  • Washable cover.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Free sleeping mask.
  • Makes side sleeping more comfortable.
  • Fully guaranteed.


  • Memory foam can feel too hot under the blankets.
  • If you are very light or very heavy the memory foam might not adapt properly.