Saatva vs PosturePedic vs Purple vs TempurPedic

When the sleeper lies on his/her side, the natural curve of body will be fairly straight. But, for back or stomach sleepers, the‘s’ curve of spine should be seen from outside, This ensures that there is no point that sinks lower than the others. This is the perfect alignment. If such positioning is not possible, then there may be issues in spinal position causing neck pain. Such a gaping is filled by using a small pillow. The comfort level needs different mode of search. Mattress with perfect setup features helps to eradicate these points and minimize any possibility to arise cervical pains.

Saatva vs PosturePedic vs Purple vs TempurPedic Mattresses Comparison in 2018:

PosturePedic vs TempurPedic vs Saatva vs Purple Comparison

Saatva Mattresses

When you are in favor to look for a mattress made from eco-friendly material, Saatva Mattress is an ideal choice. The entire harmful chemical like formaldehyde is skipped while treating the layers of foam. Best hypo-allergenic cotton blend materials are used for fabrication. All the products are subjected to rigoros test. All the materials used carry certifications from the eminent authorities to ensure that highest hygienic means are adopted in making of these mattresses. Three distinct levels of comfort are maintained. At the top, there is Plush soft level that uses additional conforming foams and individually wrapped coils that does a closer hug. User sinks into foam. The middle level produces luxury with foam cushioning that strikes a balance between soft and support. The base constitutes acute firmness with the indebted resistance and bounce that provides the required comfort. Use of advanced coil system allows for an increased responsive feels. This allows all body shape accommodating for these sort of mattresses.
Saatva Mattresses
  • Best quality coil construction is adopted
  • Durability is also ensured
  • You can opt for your own customized comfort levels from the various options
  • Company is also able to provide matching foundation or frame
  • Testing before use is not allowed
  • No free shipping

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Sealy Posturepedic Drakesboro Firm Tight Top Mattress, Twin

Use of Sealy embrace coil has induced an ideal level of support to all users. Motion transfer is also reduced by use of such coils. There is induction of cushion foam that incorporates with top level cushion and comfort. A reinforced border is created with the 2.5 inches Solid Edge system. The border is used to create a comfy sleeping arena as well as a substantial seating edge. The basic support level is provided with ingrained gel-infused foam from center third. It is able to render an additional comfort level. The product is exclusively made in the states and is offered with a 10-year limited warranty. The mattress is an ideal choice for sleepers as the innerspring design ensures adequate back-up body support. Pain will never be caused due to this type of construction. An impressive features and constitution has made this mattress an envied selection. See more: Top 10 Best Mattress For The Money
Sealy Posturepedic Drakesboro Firm Tight Top Mattress, Twin
  • The product is adored for its high sustenance
  • The performance level is also considerably high
  • Ideal for use by persons of any composition, weight and ages
  • Pressure points are relieved with the individual embrace of coils
  • The fabric cover alludes breathability and softness
  • Strong off-gassing is experienced while the shipment is opened
  • Movement is tough due to excess weight


Saatva vs PosturePedic vs Purple vs TempurPedic Mattresses Comparison

The Purple Bed – Full Size Mattress

One of the best shots of equalized pressure and proper alignment of spine is available from this kind of mattress. Thus, the commitment of the company to provide a comfy sleep throughout the night is fulfilled. Best technology is adopted to reduce motion transfer and the partners enjoy undisturbed naps. A neutralized temperature level is also obtained by use of free-flow air technology. Thus, no heat is retained within the mattress and it feels cooler as the user sleeps on it. The material used in making of this mattress has no germicide effect and anti-allergen effect is thus sustained. Thus, the mattress is free from and germicide making it perfectly hygienic.  This mattress is designed by placing it on top of polyurethane foam, a CertiPUR-US certified foam that creates a grid of support or fold, depending on the pressure sustained at a given point of time. The maker boasts of two layers of TEMPUR materials. The extra layer of Pure Cool technology allows for an added cooling comfort. Thus, a three thin layer of foam is ultimately experienced. Seven inch poly foam base acts to support top layers.
The Purple Bed - Full Size Mattress
  • The product is offered with a free 100 night trial
  • The polymer technology is excellent for hot sleepers
  • Ideal for partners for minimal motion transfer
  • Offered with a economized price
  • The bounce is ideal for couples
  • No twin size is available
  • Edge support is not adequate

TEMPUR-Topper Supreme, Queen

The company claims that the products will revolutionize the sleeping pattern. This will comprise a sleep at night that is exclusively free from aches and pains. The maker has decided to put stress on comfort level. The design also ensures slow and striking, sinking contouring of memory foam for an exclusive sleep rest. Motion transfer is also reduced by the use of cushioning foam. The soft enveloping feel has endowed with a weightless effect to body while sleeping. This particular softness is best enjoyed by side sleepers. These persons will enjoy great relief of pressure points in the hips, shoulder and back portion. Thus, this mattress acts as a best pain healer too. Heat retention is also prevented as the heat is allowed to dissipate through the layers of foam. Read TempurPedic vs DynastyMattress <<< click
TEMPUR-Topper Supreme, Queen
  • The product is offered with a limited 10-year warranty
  • The product is ideal for side as well as combination sleepers
  • The motion transfer is adored
  • Liked for the best softness and supportive level
  • Mild off-gassing
  • Cost is higher than the contemporaries



One of the biggest concerns about the mattress foam lies in finding the right density. The perfect density level and quality of foam is the perfect determinant in this regard. The companies will always consider their products superior in comparison to their competitors. Thus, they will always incline to fix the cost at a higher level and disclose the prices at comfortable level if then services offered by the product is taken into account. Thus, the purchaser will need to be additionally informative and make a prior research of the products and services offered in the mattress industry.

NOTE: Saatva vs PosturePedic vs Purple vs TempurPedic Mattresses is Top US Mattress by Thao Julie

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