Lull vs Casper vs Amerisleep vs Helix vs Purple

It is not to forget that a human being spends almost one-third of his/her lifespan in bed. Our sleeping pattern has thus an undeniable effect on our body pattern. The muscles of our body need to relax and the spines are needed to decompress in order to resolve daytime stress. If you sleep with your lower back unsupported, the muscle will suffer a tense. Decompression will be hindered if the natural spinal alignment is not preserved. Arising from these two factors causes sternum like back pain, which can have the serious effect of our normal fitness. The mattress plays a vital role in this segment by contouring to the body. Contouring of foam helps in relieving pressure points and help the user get rid of such pain. Longer use of mattress will eradicate any possibility to raise these issues in future also.

Review comparison of 5 popular mattresses: Lull vs Casper vs Amerisleep vs Helix vs Purple:

Lull vs Casper vs Amerisleep vs Helix vs Purple

Lull 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress | Queen Mattress

The users of this mattress has always mentioned about the customer service that could be had of. The company is committed to providing its customer to assure a good night’s sleep. In doing this, they have not allowed any compromise over the quality of the material. The mattress is unique in the sense that it provides the user with a medium firmness and thus any sleeper is expected to have a comfy sleep. The gel-infused memory foam at the upper layer contours to body shape with ease and the pressure points are relieved. On the other hand, there is cool flow memory foam at the middle level that lets the air pass through the mattress making it cool. The blended foam structure gives the spine desired alignment. Thus, there is no possibility of pain; rather, any existing strain will find its healing acumen.


  • The product enjoys superior ratings
  • Provided with a free trial offer of 100 nights
  • Best return of the money spent
  • Shipping to customer is free


  • A mild off-gassing may be experienced while un-boxing of the product

Casper Sleep Mattress

The product is one among the original retailed one. It has seen to influence the mattress industry up to a high degree for its unique production technology. A beautiful combination of various memory foams is used. Such combination acts as a pack of contouring and supporting the body, provides perfect spinal alignment to cervices, supporting back, hip and shoulder positions. Such contouring of the rebuked poly-foam and traditional memory foam releases pressure points and provides passage of air, making the mattress cool to use. These supports cause to hinder any joint or back and shoulder pain as well as providing healing solutions for all these sorts of issues. An excelled level of comfort is also had with. The mattress provides medium firmness and is thus equitably comfortable for all sorts of sleepers. Read on: Top 10 Best Memory Foam Mattress Under $1000


  • The product is available at far less price than the contemporary produces
  • Best value of money spent
  • Provided with a free trial offer of 100 nights
  • An excellent choice for those who look for average firmness
  • The poly-foam works in preventing any heat retention and the mattress keeps cool


  • No alternative
  • Flipping is not possible, making problems for sharer with various weight composition
  • Edge support is not adequate

Leesa Mattress, Queen, 10inch, Supportive Multi-Layer Design

Use of non-compromising quality materials had made these mattresses to sustain for a considerable period. The product has experienced to have an average life span of 8 years.  The design and construction of the product causes these products to look very attractive. The mattress uses mix of three types of foam at its various levels. The Avena foam at the top allows flow of air that causes a cool night sleep. This foam also provides bounce that instigates free movement. There is a memory foam structure at the middle level. The memory foam uses its property of contouring to body thus providing spinal and back alignment, which causes relief of pressure points. At the base, there is a 6” core support that adds strength and durability to the mattress by providing an appropriate structure to the mattress.


  • The Product is available known for its ability to provide strong pressure relief
  • Memory foam provides enough hug
  • Provided with a free trial offer of 100 nights
  • The cover is made with lucrative material to make the product attractive
  • Best value of money spent is realized


  • Strong sustaining off-gassing
  • Poor support for heavy individuals
  • Excess firm for side sleepers

Helix Sleep Custom Mattress – 10 Inch, Queen Size

Use of cutting-edge technology has made this product a unique one and exclusively customized for uses by customers. A best quality material has made this product to stay in service for a long time. A beautiful cover has increased the attractiveness of the product. The product uses a combination of Helix Dynamic Foam, Micro-coils and Polyurethane Foam that allows coolness, comfort, and support to be in the mattress. The Polyurethane Foam is certified under CertiPUR-US. The default firmness in this sort of mattresses is medium-firm.


  • The product provides the ideal solution for back problems, cervical pains, and other body aches
  • Users enjoy the superior level of customer services
  • Dual option helps sleeping partners get an appropriate sleeping experience
  • The cover is made with lucrative material to make the product attractive


  • Issues arise about getting the right firmness

The Purple Bed – Queen Size Mattress

Customers enjoy and love the equitable distribution of pressure in this mattress. A perfect spinal alignment is also experienced, as it obtained from customer reviews. A blend of these two qualities has made this mattress able to provide adequate comfy sleeping ties. The mattress is designed with an application of progressive technology enabling motion isolation an ideal shape. There are scopes to provide proper spinal alignment. Equalizing of pressure from body weight prevents any feel of partner’s movement. There is provision for Free Air Flow technology that allows air-flow thus controlling heat retention. It allows the user to enjoy a comfy sleeping experience. These mattresses are anti-allergens too making it extremely to use.


  • The product provides the balanced bounce to make the motion isolation an appropriate one
  • Unique sleeping experience is had off than other contemporary memory foam mattresses
  • Pressure points are ideally relieved and pains are mutually neutralized
  • Best value of money spent and available at much lesser prices


  • Edge support is often complained about
  • Small size making problems for longer people


While purchasing a mattress, we take a concoction of some features. The mattress must be capable to provide good night’s sleep [Read on: How to Sleep 8 Hours of 4 Hours in 2018 ]. We must get equitable and tangible support to our back; must get a proper spinal alignment and cervical positions should be guarded with. We also look for durability and price. Our body types are varying. So, when it is time to go for purchasing a new mattress, the customer will have to know the best suitable mattress from the retailer or from an expert. The customers have issues or preferences over the attributed firmness too. Customized likes are also being served. There may be purchases for relaxation only. Thus, ideal buy will have a mixed bag effect of all these factors that makes perfect purchase of the mattress.

With Thao Julie, Casper is won!!

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