Amerisleep vs Sapira vs Lessa vs Yogabed vs Cocoon Mattress

This article says about various types of mattresses, its utilities and disturbance factors, if any. Of all types, memory foam mattresses are known for rendering extreme comfort and high user levels. These mattresses are made with conforming visco-elastic foam over firmer polyurethane base foam. Even some Innerspring mattresses are also seen to be comprised of memory foam at the upholstery layers. Various levels of feeling and comfort can be experienced as the thickness is differing too. If considered on the basis of firmness, it can be inferred that leathers of foam work together in relieving pressure points and balancing body temperature. The layers conform to body shape, thus diminishing motion. Hence, an undisturbed sleep is assured.

Amerisleep vs Sapira vs Lessa vs Yogabed vs Cocoon: Who’s Win?

Amerisleep vs Sapira vs Lessa vs Yogabed vs Cocoon Mattress


This product will let the user a comfortable resting sleep after the day’s hard toil. This is a mattress that is available in five firmness levels. Thus, this is likely to fit the sleeping requirement of all sorts of sleepers. The materials used in the manufacturing are carefully sourced and crafted with absolute care.


The materials chosen for the construction are of unbeatable quality. Eco-friendliness is carefully observed. The knit is done by using an advanced and progressive layer technology that ensured coolness, comfort and required support. This product is exclusively made in USA. Besides, this is sold and shipped directly to customers. Thus, any payment to local tout can be averted and the product could be offered to customers at the lowest rate possible. Read Top 20 Best Mattress for The Money

  • A plethora of varieties is available
  • One of the best quality and eco-friendly memory foam mattress
  • Best and surprisingly good support is realized from the uses
  • A dry and cool sleep may be experienced
  • Product enjoys 20-year limited warranty
  • Free trial offer of 101 days is also associated
  • Selecting the right one may be difficult
  • Bit expensive
  • No special shipping and delivery options.

Sapira Mattress, Queen

The luxurious amalgamated form of mattress gives the user a feel of springs, while the benefits of foam can also be enjoyed such as pressure relief and coolness. This mattress is one of the premier types that have been shipped to customers compressed in a box. The product is directly shipped to customers from workshop. Thus, the price is far less than the comparative other products. A free trial of 100 days is offered to ensure optimum satisfaction to customers. The product has been made on reconciliation of two main features to reduce heat retention. The first is foam cooling which is confirmed through making it porous to enhance air flow. Pocketed coil support is another that leaves enough room for exhausting heat from the mattress. 


  • The in-built pocketed layer has been able to provide the user with an excellent support
  • The edge support is also beautiful and has become a feature of the product
  • The mattress causes very little motion transfer and is thus been an excellent make for couples
  • The bouncy feel is well for mutual coordination
  • Offered with a warranty of 10 years.


  • Firmness is hard to choose
  • Excellent features has made the product bit expensive

Leesa Mattress, Queen

Best luxurious feel and get up is observed through beautifully made expert crafting that ensures superior comfort. The product is comprised of three unique layers of high quality foam that deliver cooling bounce, basic support and pressure relief achieved through a perfect contouring. Direct to consumers policy is observed by the company while shipment making the products highly economical. Best quality material is used in manufacturing to ensure extreme satisfaction. To test the viability, the company offers a free trial of 100 nights. If not satisfied, the customer is comfortable in returning the product when full value will be refunded. This product has been proved ideal for users with back and lightweight stomach sleepers.  The foam used serves with excellence in hugging the body to ensure comfortable sleep. Read more: Lull vs Loom & Leaf vs Leesa vs Helix vs TempurPedic


  • The product offers the user a great value for their buck
  • Strong relief of pressure is experienced
  • The cover provided with the product is exclusively attractive
  • The product offers extreme contour to body


  • Does not fit heavy individuals
  • Off-gassing is experienced for a considerable period
  • Side sleepers may find the product bit firm

Yogabed Luxury Memory Foam Mattress Plus 2 Memory Foam Pillows – Queen

The product contains foam known as Yoga instant response foam. This is a thin layer of reactionary foam that can create extreme pressure relief and comfort when combined with Yoga Gel. Yoga Gel is involved with a specialized technology that enables cushioning with dispersing impact grown from deep compression. Such foam endures seven times thermal conductivity. A superior cooling and comfort can thus be achieved.  The Yoga comfort system comprises four-layer gel memory foam arrangement which is designed to support the body by dispersion of an even weight distribution. This helps in reducing pressure points thereby eliminating toss and turn. An appropriate mix of comfort, breathability and support is obtained and isolation of motion eliminates partner’s disturbance too.  The construction is designed to ensure an extreme range of air flow and multiple times heat and moisture wiping capacity than traditional memory foam. All the above features guarantee optimum support.


  • The product responses very fast
  • It allows an extreme cool sleep
  • Best product for stomach, back and side sleepers.
  • An unique trial period extending up to one year is offered


  • Provide poor support for heavy-weight persons
  • Edge support is also not up to mark.

Cocoon by Sealy Firm Foam Mattress, Twin

The product is available in both soft and firm option. The firmer option is seen to play better role in functioning.  The product is ideal for stomach sleepers as it allows the sleepers to stay atop instead of sinking. A basic memory foam design is offered in such mattresses. The firm option offers two layers of foam and the softer version offers three. The product uses a phase change that is highly utilizable in absorbing heat. Thus, a cooling sleep experience is observed. Cost of the product depends on the cover option chosen. Still, the cost is times less than the other contemporary products. One of the worse experience with the mattress is that it does not expand properly, even after a week of un-boxing. This has been a common complaint. Ample warranty is thus provided so that the users have option to choose their preferred mattress by exchanging the earlier one.


  • Being twin, the product has two firmness options
  • The cover options is also bi-fold
  • The motion isolation offered is also great
  • The material is of uncompromising quality


  • Provide off-gassing that is strong and lasts for days
  • Inappropriate for side sleepers
  • Classic cover provides warmth


Mattresses are chosen on the basis of their capacity to provide comfort and support. Currently, medical experts suggest various types of mattresses depending on the physical situation of their patients. Thus, huge mattresses are purchased on the basis of their healing capacity too. People suffering from back and joint pain are advised to go for memory foam as these materials provide perfect support to pressure points by relieving pressure. Due to extraordinary contouring capacity, it easily molds up to the body shape. Besides, these foams are hypoallergenic too. People also consider partner’s disturbance factor while choosing a mattress. Plus, cooling capacity is also considered. Foams with more provision of Air passage is highly recommendable.

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