Lull Vs. Casper Mattress Comparison – Which One Wins?

Casper was founded in 2014 in the New York City by Philip Krim, an e-commerce company that sells sleep products online while Lull first launched in 2015 from Santa Barbara. Both of these stores are famous as online-only stores. According to Klein, Lull’s founder, the idea for Lull was born out of frustration with the traditional in-store mattress-shopping experience. On the other hand Casper’s online store business became famous when celebrities like Kylie Jenner started showing off pictures of their new mattresses on Instagram and YouTube.

All foams used in the Lull mattress  and Casper mattress are CertiPUR-US® certified and  CertiPUR-US approved. The materials were chosen with the environment and users in mind. Both of these foams have excellent motion isolation, good temperature neutrality, and offer a good deal of edge support. The difference lies mainly in the cost and firmness options which we will figure out here under. 

Let’s take a brief look at the similarities and differences of lull vs casper brands!

Key Similarities Lull vs Casper

  • Both are all-foam mattresses.
  • Both have good motion isolation decent edge support.
  • Both have a neutral temperature.
  • Both have a 10-inch mattress thickness.
  • Both have a layer of memory foam in it.
  • Both offer free shipping.

Key Differences Lull versus Casper

  • Casper has more layers and zoned construction.
  • Lull has memory foam on top whereas Casper has memory foam on the second layer.
  • Casper has more of a balanced foam feel whereas Lull is more of a memory foam slow-reacting feel.
  • Casper is more expensive than Lull.
  • Lull feels more firm than Casper.
Lull Mattress Construction

Lull Construction

  • Lull mattress is 10’’ long.
  • The cover is thin and soft.
  • Top layer is a gel memory foam
  • Has a 1 ½ inch transition layer made from a proprietary blend of premium foam.
  • The last layer is composed of 7” base support foam.
Casper Mattress Construction

Casper Construction

  • The Casper mattress is 10” long
  • The cover is extremely comfy and thin.
  • It has a soft, thin feature, thus making the mattress very comfortable for one.
  • The first layer of the Casper mattress is composed of 1.5” of latex-like foam.
  • The memory foam helps to relieve pressure which is below 1.5 of latex foam.
  • The next layer which is 1.5” of a zoned transition foam, provides great support to the layers beneath.
  • The last layer is made of 5” of durable support foam.

Construction Differences between Lull and Casper

They both have a layer of memory foam and layer proprietary foam as their top two layers but Lull has the memory foam on top while Casper has the proprietary foam on top so their top layers inverted, all this really means is that Lull has just a hint more of that memory-foam feel. Another notable difference is that Casper’s somewhat newly added an early 2018 zone support layer. It is under the top two layers and right on top of the base layer so Casper has four layers to its construction whereas Lull has three.

Firmness/Feel Differences Casper vs Lull

Both mattresses have different firmness values. Lull mattress is feels like 7/10. It has a pretty soft top layer, but then it gets pretty firm underneath that. While the Casper mattress has a very soft top layer and even a relatively soft second layer. So, it feels like 6/10.

As far as feel is concerned, just given that the memory foam of the Lull is on top versus in the second layer on the Casper. The feel is more of just that classic memory foam feels. It’s that really slow-reacting type of feel whereas Casper is more of a balanced foam feel. It’s easier to move around and suitable for the people who sleep in multiple positions due to its zone construction. Casper does not have the sinking-in, memory foam feels but it is a little bouncy. It could be a good choice if you want a slight bouncy feel.  However, Lull offers something that’s a little bit firmer.

Sleeping Experience

Sleep Experience

These mattresses appear to be similar at first but the differences in price, construction and feel are big enough where it should be pretty clear which mattress you should get. There are a lot of things you must consider when choosing between two mattresses. Sleeping experience is a significant measure of any mattress. Too often, companies will use fancy words and hyped up features to hide the fact that the sleeping experience is bad.

Temperature Control

The main reason why people may overheat during the night is that some materials including foam retain heat, thus the temperature increases through the night. Secondly if the mattress hugs the body very closely then the air can’t flow around the body to cool it down. This overheating makes it very hard for a person to sleep at night.

For those who are concerned with sleeping hot must go for Lull. Some users may sleep warm on the lull mattress, but its breathable cover and gel-infused top foam layer help the user sleep cool majority of the time. If hot sleeping is a big problem for you, you might want to seek out other options.

Motion Transfer

While both mattresses isolated motion well, the Lull handled it a bit better. It is because the memory foam layer is on top of this mattress.


This term is applied when observing how a mattress responds to the positioning of a person’s body. The notable feature of a responsive mattress that it keeps the spine in proper shape and prevents the commonly faced problem of enduring back pains because of unauthentic mattresses.

These mattresses are designed to adjust accordingly to the pressure points of the users. Memory foam provides a unique type of comfort, and the way it contours your body. With the inclusion of the proprietary transition layer and high-density foam base, Lull offers comfort.

The Casper has an improvised contouring and is thereby suitable for people with notable pressure points but all in all these mattresses greatly support the sleepers.

Resilience and Bounce

The foam of Casper, in general, reacts more quickly than it does with the Lull. When it comes to bounce of the mattresses, given that with a Lull it is more of a memory-foam-type feel and there’s not too much bounce which you can feel, but with Casper there is some bounce. Both mattresses have the same balanced foam feel.

Edge Support

Edge support is a little bit lacking in the Lull mattress, but it’s not enough to where you risk finding yourself falling out of the bed. Comparatively, Casper has a better edge support than Lull.

Off-Gassing And Smell

When materials are newly-manufactured, it’s normal for organic compounds to release for a few days after you take the product out of the package so this will result in a chemical smell that you often experience with things like shoes and paint, but it will fade away with time.

Shipping, Trial, Warranty And Returns

The policies about shipping, return and warranties about these mattresses are listed below to give you a general idea and help you decide.

[table id=23 /]

Pick The Casper If …

• You want a more supportive mattress.
• You are combination sleeper.
• Casper mattress is a bit pricey but offers all the features that a good mattress has.
• You suffer from painful pressure points.

Pick The Lull If …

• Medium-firmness is your preference.
• You like the feel of memory foam with a great cost.
• You are a light sleeper and your sleep is disturbed due to noise or movement.

Prices, Sizes And Value

The prices are extremely important for comparison. The table below shows the prices and different sizes of Casper and Lull mattress​

[table id=24 /]

Now it all comes down what you are willing and able to pay. Casper mattress is a bit pricey and is suitable for people who can pay more but if you want to save couple hundred bucks then Lull is your option.

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