Lull Mattress Review – Time for an Upgrade

If you are in search for a mattress that you want to fit in the needs of most individuals, Lull mattress is the one you cannot ignore! This 10” 3 layered foam mattress has attained worth in the market through its stability, support, durability and comfort.

 The aim of this brand is to ensure that their users get a universal comfort feel throughout their sleep time. The brand preferred quality over quantity and their manufacturers worked tirelessly with utmost dedication to make this outstanding mattress.

Brand Snapshot

Lull Mattress

Lull is a great fit for those looking to get a slight memory foam feel and for those who sleep on their back or stomach.

Lull Mattress Company is based in Santa Barbara and was launched in 2015. The company takes pride in making high quality mattresses to fulfil the desires of every individual. Its CEO, Sven Klein, got into the mattress business just because he realized the faults of basic mattresses and wanted to ensure that people get a dreamy sleep which they deserve. Hence the name was decided, that the mattress will “Lull a person to sleep”.  So this is how lull Mattress Company came into existence with extremely comfortable yet cost effective mattresses.

Currently, this bed in a box mattress is gaining fame a lot. Their stores are online on their original website and also on other third part webs.

Now let’s give you some details about the mattress itself.

What Is The Lull Made From?

The lull mattress comprises of a cover which holds significance and 3 foam layers each serving their own function.


It’s quite surprising to know that even the cover of this mattress is an important part of it and has a unique function. It aids the users in cooling and breathability. It constitutes of 90% polyester and 10% rayon. The cover is elastic which also makes it soft and durable. The cover also has a two tone design, which means that it’s grey from one side and white from the other. These are made from 64% polypropylene and 36% polyester, which makes them more resilient.

Layered Foams

Top layer: This layer is made to relieve the pressure and provide cooling to the user. It is 1.5” gel infused memory foam. Apart from cooling it also provides softness and comfort to the user.

Middle layer: This layer basically provides support to the body. It maintains the spinal alignment and also helps is body weight distribution. The combination of top and middle layer is suitable for every type o body weight. It consists of 1.5” of conventional foam.

Bottom layer: This layer serve as the foundation for the upper two layers. It is stable, strong, and dense and is made up of 7” dense support foam.

How Firm Is The Lull Mattress?

As this mattress is designed to compensate any sleeper, its firmness ranges from slightly medium to a bit firm feel. If we talk on a quantitative basis, its firmness is 6.5 out of 10 on a firmness scale. This makes is ideal for all sorts of sleepers which is why it is often called a universal mattress, as many of the side back and stomach sleepers prefer this firmness.

Lull Firmness Scale



If we talk about lull’s support, it is actually an above average mattress. Especially for the side and stomach sleepers, it is quite supportive. The same feedback was gained from the side and back sleepers.

This firm mattress provides a proper push back feel which completely abolishes pressure points. This is quite easy to understand. For example, if you sleep on a firm mattress, you will toss and turn throughout the night and may end up getting back pains. Similarly if you sleep on a soft mattress there is going to be lack of support for your body which will also create problems for you. But lull mattress is made to give you a balanced feel and does not go too far on either side of the firmness spectrum.

Motion Transfer

Another very amazing feature of this mattress is its ability to dissipate most of the motion. The top two layers serves this function very well. It is a plus point but it has been observed that the foam takes time to come back to its position when the pressure is applied.

Edge Support

We always sit on the edge of the mattress, so edge support is an important property of the mattress. The three layers of the foam gives sufficient edge support to the mattress. So people who consider sleeping on the edge of the bed are lucky to buy this bed.


Since the mattress lies in the middle of the firmness scale, it provides ample bounce to the users. This plays an important role for the loving bedroom activities. If we don’t compare it to the coiled mattress, the bounce is better than all other foam mattresses.

Temperature Neutrality

As mentioned before, the cover plays an important role in cooling effect. Although some sleepers might sleep warm in the mattress, its gel infused foam and cover gives extra cooling to help the user have a good night’s sleep.

Below we summarize the pros and cons of Lull mattress.


  • Great motion isolation
  • Fair noise potential
  • Above average pressure relief
  • Less costly
  • Good bounce


  • Limited firmness
  • Some sleep warm
  • Edge support is not up to the mark

What Type Of Sleeper Is Best Suited For A Lull Mattress?

If you have a light weight and tend to change positions overnight. This means that if you sleep in various position throughout the night, then this mattress is perfect for you as it slight firmer than average. Plus its three foams gives you a perfect balanced feel with good support to your body.

If you are a back sleeper. Because of its firmness, it allows spine to stay in a neutral position when you sleep on your back. Further its good amount of support allows your hips to sink in a bit but not too much to cause trouble.

To enjoy a foam feel. If you do not like sinking in the mattress and experiencing that stuck feel throughout the night then lull is the mattress for. Its thick mattress layers does not let the person sink in too much but at the same time provide sufficient soft feel.

Should I Buy Lull Mattress?

Below we give you some pros and cons of the brand to help you decide whether lull is the mattress you should buy or not.

Lull Mattress

Lull is a great fit for those looking to get a slight memory foam feel and for those who sleep on their back or stomach.

Lull Recommendations

  • Buy lull if you are a combination sleeper and have light weight
  • If you mostly sleep on your back
  • If you like sleeping on a foam and not on any other type.

Lull Complaints

  • If you are a side sleeper you may find this mattress too firm for you
  • If you are heavy an a stomach sleeper, this mattress will not provide full support to your body
  • If you have an experience of a coiled mattress you might be expecting too much bounce and softness which you will not get enough by this mattress.

Size And Pricing Of The Lull Mattress

Now finally we summarize the price of each mattress along with its size. This will help you decide the best fit mattress according to your bed and budget.

[table id=38 /]

To conclude, lull mattress is the best bed in a box mattress which comes in such a low cost. It is one of the few mattresses in the market today that provide good amount of support. So people who are on a tight budget and tend to sleep in numerous positions are good to go with this mattress. It is an overall good option.

Lull Mattress

Lull is a great fit for those looking to get a slight memory foam feel and for those who sleep on their back or stomach.

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