Loom And Leaf VS TempurPedic – Find Out The Right One

For the last 10 years, the luxury mattress market has not been quite up to. TempurPedic would simply come to mind if one wanted a luxury mattress. However, the previous year has been revolutionary in the world of mattresses, with new companies challenging the status quo, standing headstrong against TempurPedic and refusing to let it be the only name in luxury. Loom & leaf has most certainly produced substantial mattresses but how does it really measure against TempurPedic’s mattress?

Following is a comprehensive overview of the battle between the two, undertaking the important components for a solid comparison. Since TempurPedic ProAdapt is currently the most popular mattress in their store, we will be using ProAdapt mattress in our comparison.

Key Similarities

  • Both contains foam
  • Both are durable
  • Support is adequate in both

Key Differences

  • Smelling in tempurpedic has been an issue whereas in loom & leaf smell is almost nonexistent.
  • Loom & Leaf is more firm than TempurPedic
  • TempurPedic is expensive than loom & Leaf
  • Loom & Leaf has single cover while TempurPedic ProAdapt has Dual climate cover
Loom and Leaf Construction

Loom & Leaf Construction

  • The Cover of loom & leaf contains organic cotton
  • Top most layer is 2” gel memory foam
  • Below is 2.5 inch density poly foam
  • Next is the high density support layer-loo
  • This all foam mattress helps the user sleep cool.
TempurPedic ProAdapt Mattress Construction

TempurPedic Construction

  • Has a smart climate dual cover system
  • The comfort layer is different in all types of ProAdapt either containing Tempur-ES , Tempur-APR or TempurOriginal
  • Lastly, the support layer is also different in various firmness types of mattress.

Construction Differences

Now let us consider the differences between the constructions of these two mattresses. We will start from the cover of the two mattresses. Differentiating the cover of Loom & Leaf mattress from other average covers is that  It is made from 100% organic cotton with a circular knit top, quilted with a 5/8” foam layer that acts as flame retardant and also provides a luxurious feel. On the other hand ProAdapt smart climate dual cover is famous for its outer cover which helps you sleep cool and the inner cover which provides extra bounce.

The comfort layer of Loom & Leaf is 2″ 4 pound gel memory foam that uses a gel on gel swirl design which is patent for the purpose of medical grade and convoluted foam laminated providing a cool, supportive sleep environment with increased airflow for further cooling. Then comes Mattress Core Layer which consists of 2.5 “of five pound visco elastic memory specific for deep contouring support. The third layer is 2″ transition loft pad; it is a transition between base support layer and the layers present above, giving an overall soothing and ease effect. Finally the bottom Foundation Layer this is the founding layer that serves as main holding component thus this layer is a 5.5″ high-density foam core

On the other hand, each of the four mattress of TempurPedic ProAdapt (soft, medium, medium hybrid and firm) has some construction differences so let us consider them separately. The soft mattress has Tempur-ES which is the softest of all and beneath it, is the Tempur APR support layer for relieving pressure. The Medium mattress contains the original Tempur layer for the balanced feel with APR support layer. Medium Hybrid mattress has Tempur-ES comfort layer, Tempur APR support layer and 1,000 plus spring coils to provide responsiveness and bounce. Lastly, the firm mattress has APR as the comfort layer and Original Tempur as the support layer.

Firmness/Feel Differences

Girl Checking Firmness of the Mattress

Loom & Leaf offers two firmness options with a scale on which 10 is the firmest. The Relaxed Firm, with a scoring of 6 out of 10 while The Firm, is an 8 out of 10. Variety of scoring options are good for people with different firmness preferences and different body weights. The first reaction to laying on this mattress will be immediate feeling of plush and softness due to the quilt cover with foam layer. The support layers balance the body via sensing the pressure. There is a good degree of body contouring as hugs the body and does not make one feel trapped which is typical of memory foam mattresses.

On the other hand, ProAdapt lands on a higher end of the firmness scale which means that firm mattress is very firm and the soft one is medium firm. But one amazing thing to notice is the relation of firmness with temperature. This means that the warmer the memory foam gets, the softer the mattress becomes! So this means that over the night the mattress becomes softer as it absorbs heat from your body.

Sinkage And Motion Transfer

Loom & leaf mattress sinkage and motion depends on the Relaxed Firm or Firm and weight of the individual.  The Relaxed Firm caused more sinkage compared to firm model. But both models did not cause sinkage down to the foundation of bed and both models support heavy sleepers very well. Furthermore, negligible motion transfer was noticed due to high-quality dense foam construction.

Moreover it provides a good insulating movement when turning or adjusting the positions during sleep. Same goes for ProAdapt as they have a lot of experience making memory foam mattress. Hence, it is an excellent choice for minimal motion transfer and perfect for couples who toss and turn and get up in the middle of the night.

Temperature Differences

In loom & leaf mattress, swirled into the memory foam on the top layer is a non-toxic cooling gel. For adjuvant cooling and spinal support, layered onto the foam in the center third of the mattress is a panel of the same non-toxic cooling gel, where body heat is concentrated. And for maximum breathability next to skin the whole of mattress is wrapped in organic cotton.

TempurPedic’s mattress biggest complaint is its tendency to sleep hot. The memory foam in this mattress has the capacity to absorb heat throughout night which get quite uncomfortable for people. Even though TempurPedic has introduced some technology, like its cover, to overcome this problem. Yet it remains an issue for most of the buyers.

Smelling And Off-Gassing

As mentioned before smell is almost nonexistent in loom & leaf mattress as they are shipped uncompressed. But, the ProAdapt might have an issue of that new mattress smell. Even though the smell dissipates later but we still recommend to keep the sheets off till it is completely gone.

Edge Support

In Loom & Leaf mattress, A spinal gel is added to the center thirst of the mattress where the body is concentrated so that the lumbar region of the back can be supported. Where as in ProAdapt, support for lumber region is not mentioned or felt. The edge support in ProAdapt is also not that outstanding either.

Shipping, Trial, Warranty And Returns

The policies regarding each mattresses is given below in the table to help you make a quick final decision.

[table id=34 /]

Pick The Loom & Leaf If …

  • A medium or hard firmness–two firmness scales, which are as follows with 10 being the firmest. 6out of 10 scaled mattress and the other one is 8 out of 10. These options allows for people to choose in accordance with their own preference and body weight.
  • A balanced feel –The use of high quality materials along with padded cover and thick comfort layer and a strong foundation layer all redirect towards adequate balance for the body and an enjoyable resting experience
  • A mattress that uses natural materials– It uses plant-based foams, organic cotton cover, and natural fire-retardant thistle, so if you want to support the environment you live in, this is your go to!
  • A thick and supportive mattress–The construction with high density foam renders the mattress supportive for people with different body weights , even for heavy sleepers  providing luxurious comfort
  • Full service in-home delivery–If you don’t like un-boxing and setting the mattress up yourself loom & leaf is there for you to provide a efficient delivery via truck and professional installment

Pick The TempurPedic If …

  • Sharing your bed– ProAdapt efficiently provides minimal motion transfer and does a prompt job at isolating excessive motion transfer via its layers. If you plan on sharing the bed, this mattress is ideal for you. One can change positions, get in and out of bed without disturbing your loved one.
  • Sleeping hot– the comfort layers has the ability to absorb heat throughout the course of the night and helps to sleep warm.
  • Firm mattress– as ProAdapt falls in either medium firm or firm in the firmness range.

Prices, Sizes And Value

Finally, we will take a look at the prices of both, so that you can buy the the mattress you have decided!

[table id=35 /]

Both TempurPedic and Loom & Leaf have gained great attention in the market. Hence, in this battle of loom and leaf vs TempurPedic, both have good characteristics in majority than the bad ones. Despite being expensive, they are truly deluxe and best for people who a want a luxury sleep.

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