How to Sleep with Lower Back Pain Using these Tips

It is hard to find sound sleep when you are suffering from lower back pain. Tremendous and sometimes dormant successions of pain will relent you from your normal life to a huge extent. At night also, it will be straining to find a comfortable sleep.

The consultant physicians suggest a number of methods that will help in putting the strain off and lead to a more comfortable snooze. After all, a sound sleep after medication is essential for quick recovery too.

Best Sleeping Positions To Ease Pain

Best Sleeping Positions to Ease Pain
  • Sleeping on Side:  It is impromptu that some simple changes in the sleeping position, strains can be receded to some extent. While sleeping on side, it is suggested that legs are drawn slightly towards the chest. A pillow is to be set between legs.  A full-length body pillow may also be taken, if preferred.
  • Sleeping on Back: Sleeping on back is another method that reduces injuriousness. It is presumed to be the best position to keep pain at bay. Individual shape of body can make this process unfruitful. While sleeping on back, it is suggested that a pillow is placed under the knees. It helps to maintain the normal curve of lower back. An additional support may also be attempted by using a small, rolled towel under back. The neck must be supported with a pillow.
  • Sleeping on Stomach: This method is applied under crucial conditions. When sleeping in any other way becomes impossible, this method is applied. Sleeping on stomach is a harsh method that instead of reducing, can increase the pain. Such sleeping allows back to collapse and spine is rendered unsupported. A pillow is placed under the pelvis and lower abdomen in order to reduce the strain. It offers more support to back. A pillow under the head is allowed when that does not cause too much strain on back. Else, there will be no support of pillow under the head.

However, it is hard to detect the suitable best mattress for lower back pain. Studies revealed that mattresses that are medium-firm are better to get a relief from back pain. There are few mattresses that measure the body and provide the right kind of support for user’s weight and build. These are rather costly but have proved  worth. There are other forms of mattresses which have been proved helpful in releasing pain. These products are made either with memory foam or gel foam. These are special as they can distribute the weight of the user evenly and conform to the body.

  • Picking the Right Mattress: Severe back pain, it is said, can be reduced significantly just by switching the mattresses for sleep. Use of the right mattress is helpful in solving sleep problems as well as back problems. The right mattress is, however, that supports and aligns the vertebrae and pain. Lessening of pain means enhancement of energy level and better work performance.
  • Back Traction Device: Use of this device may appear painful but they can reduce pain on the back and helps the muscles to stretch up. This device positions the back in the correct position and put a stretch in the opposite direction. By decompressing the spine, this device takes off all the pressure and tension from back. It helps complete diminution of back pain.
  • Use of Wedge Pillow:  A wedge pillow is a simple form of foam pillow that is cut at an angle. It provides a proper support to the neck and back during sleeping. These pillows also help in relief of problems like heart-burn, acid reflux, sinus pressure, congestion and varicose veins and likewise. These pillows are specially designed elevation pillows that are helpful in treating painful conditions. Besides, these remove all the stresses and help the user to lead a most deserving and pain-free healthy life.
  • Back Cushions: Back Cushions play crucial role in reducing effect of back pain. It reduces pressure on the coccyx, tailbone and hip bones while sitting. Patients enjoy superior comfort while in chairs, in a wheelchair, or while in travel. The patented design promotes healthy weight distribution, posture and spine alignment. Amazon has a unique product of this type that has drawn the interest of the customers.


Sturdy Back Pain is one of the most obnoxious diseases that take a huge toll from life. It makes the life miserable when sustained for a long time. It makes disturbances in the day’s work and contributes negative attachment to the night’s sleep too.

Physicians and various other specialists who work on this area have suggested various methods so that some sort of relief be realized at a bare minimum. Various medications are suggested as well as a number of other methods are included too.

Different machines have been evolved that work well in mitigating the resultant stresses one gets from such troubles. Only mere awareness is enough to counter such troubles.

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