How to Sleep on Your Stomach

You may be wondering whether it is good or bad to sleep on your stomach. Let us clear this confusion first! Albeit sleeping on the stomach can diminish sleep apnea and reduce snoring, it is disturbing for your neck and back as well. And sleeping on your stomach can lead to discomfort and poor sleep throughout the day. Especially, the pregnant ladies should be more cautious about their sleeping position and they basically need to avoid sleeping on their stomach.

Guidelines for Sleeping on Stomach

Well, what if the stomach sleepers would not like to change their sleeping position as they have slept on their stomach all their lives, and in spite of warnings, they simply cannot get sleep any other way? Here are a few guidelines which might be helpful to know how to sleep on your stomach and for avoiding the possible complications:

Reducing the Pressure in your Lower Back

Your body’s middle part is where you are carrying the maximum portion of your weight. Thereby, bends to sink into the mattress more than your lower and upper limits. This can lead to the lumber section of the back for falling out of the neutral position. Maybe your hips will sit very low, causing unwanted pressure on the muscles, discs, and nerves in the back.

There are two ways to eliminate the bed in your lower back. They are as follows:

Sleeping on a Firmer Mattress

A mattress which is very soft will sometimes increase your lower back pain because your pelvis won’t get appropriate support. Well, buying a new mattress is definitely a costly deal, so we would like to suggest that you should first experiment with a pillow solution discussed below. If it enhances your sleep, then you can make some convenient assumptions regarding the advantages of a brand new mattress.

Sleeping with a Pillow under the Hips

This is going to keep your pelvis little elevated off the surface of the mattress, helping to reduce the extra downward pressure in your lower back. You are recommended to experiment with the pillow height. Use an adjustable pillow which enables fill for being added or removed to your choice will make deciding appropriate pillow height. Furthermore, sleeping with a pillow under the waist can be quite odd, so you can consider some other ways.

Opt for an Adjustable Pillow OR Nothing at all

Many traditional pillows are just very thick in order to sleep on your stomach. They will simply force your neck for bending upwards very far. First, we would like to suggest you toss your pillow aside so that you can sleep without it. This is going to be really helpful as this pillow will keep your neck positioned more relaxed and comfortable and eliminate the unwanted pressure as well.

Relaxing for Some Time in the Child’s Pose while you Wake Up

To maintain this guideline, follow the steps written below:

  • Sit on the floor with your shins and keep your toes pointed backward.
  • Now push your pelvis downward.
  • Next reach forward with your both hands and touch the floor
  • And finally, you can alternate your reach a bit from left to the right for extending both sides your back.

How to Recover from Stomach Sleeping

Many people want to know whether they must sleep on their stomach. As discussed before, it is imperative for the stomach sleepers to understand that this position implements mechanical stress to their cervical spine. Ligaments and muscles are asymmetrically stretched to a side, which pulls physically the upper cervical vertebrae out of the appropriate alignment. Among all other things, it can be the reason of headaches and chronic pain over time. Here we would like to describe how you can recover yourself from stomach sleeping.

  1. The easiest way to recover from stomach sleeping is using a therapeutic pillow. It is the pillows’ training wheels. It is designed amazingly for helping you maintain your side or back sleeping. Its smart shape will help you get rid of the stomach sleeping. Undoubtedly, it will help you wake up if your body shifts into the improper position at night.
  2. Solo sleepers have some innovative ways of policing their sleeping position. A tactic includes tying a ribbon around the wrist and holding it to a bedpost or nightstand. This rolling over theory will make a jerking sensation on your arm, indicating you for changing sleeping positions.
  3. Your will to stay on your side or back all night will help you recover from stomach sleeping. This is an appealing strategy as it costs nothing. This tactic is effective if you share the bed with somebody who is not a deep sleeper. Ask him to poke you if they observe you have moved onto your stomach unconsciously during the night. Usage of a knee wedge pillow is also helpful.
  4. You can ponder a full body pillow as a side sleep stabilizer. It helps to change your stomach sleeping habit. This really helps if you require the support for falling asleep and feeling of warmth.

Products to Use for Recovering from Stomach Sleeping

Therapeutic Pillow

One of the prime objects of this pillow is spinal alignment in order to help you have a comfortable sleep. This pillow helps in sleeping in both back and side positions. Its ergonomic design is stable for every sleeping posture and gives a comfortable support. This results in a painless wakeup. So, investing in this pillow will be a healthy investment. Core Products’ Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow Petite is one such example.

Knee Wedge Pillow

A knee wedge pillow gives ultimate support for your lower back and knees so that you can get rid of the lower back pain. Using this pillow will help you recover from the surgery, particularly the lower body processes. And these processes increase the circulation to the healing parts and reduce swelling as well. Opt for a high-quality knee wedge pillow like Core Deluxe Knee Wedge Pillow which is design to comfort you and is really easy to use.

Full Body Pillow

A full body pillow offers the most support and comfort you are looking for. This can be used for multi positions. We will recommend you to buy BioPedic Premium SofLOFT 20/54” Body Pillow which is hypo-allergenic and provides ultimate support for having a healthy sleep.

Memory Foam Mattress

We would recommend you to use a memory foam mattress that will help you in sleeping cool. Opt for a mattress that is a combination of not very hard and not very soft but still supportive and bouncy and is perfect for your stomach sleeping position. Tuft & Needle Mattress is one such example that provides amazing pressure relief and its bounciness won’t disturb the sleeping partner at all.

Firm Spring Mattress

This type of mattress is an amazing option for the stomach sleepers as it is firm enough so you do not get the hammock effect that simply strains your lower back and it’s quite soft on its top layer as well. The major qualities of a traditional spring mattress include breathability and cooling. If you are a stomach sleeping and your partner is side sleeper then, go for WinkBed Mattress as it accommodates the side sleepers as well.

Customizable Mattress

A standard mattress can’t accommodate the specific needs of the stomach sleepers. However, a standard mattress works best for the back and side sleepers. A customized mattress can accommodate the sleeping quirks better, particularly if made as per the weight, body contour, and height of the sleeper. You are recommended to buy Helix Custom Sleep Mattress as it excels at customization, needing all customers for completing a questionnaire before buying a mattress particularly designed to accommodate their requirements through 4 basic functionality features: temperature regulation, point elasticity, feel, and support. This mattress is made with high-grade foam, latex, and micro coils to make sure both comfort and support all night long.


If you are a stomach sleeper and still are looking for a better way to know how to sleep on stomach with optimal comfort and support, go for using the products mentioned above and have a comfortable and peaceful sleep session all night long.

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