How To Ship A Mattress: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Most people try to ship their mattress when they move around the country or state. But it’s not easy to transport mattresses, and many people try to avoid it.

This may, however, be your only choice. So, why not listen to our advice about how to transport a mattress instead of plunging in clueless?

Step 1

Take the mattress readings and assess the weight as well. A twin mattress is usually about 60 pounds, a twin bed averages about 90 pounds, the king mattress weighs about 125 pounds, and a queen mattress is almost 105 pounds. If you add a foundation mattress or box spring, it tends to weigh between 50~75 lbs.

Step 2

The second step is to access the website for comparing the online shipping rates. You must enter the zip code from which you ship the bed and the zip code of where you need the mattress to be shipped.

Also, you are needed to calculate the size and weight of the bed. If you have done the first step, it is simple to provide this data.

Step 3

As the carrier recommends you ensure your mattress, you need to decide if you will continue to protect it or not. Since, despite the costs, you are prepared to ship a mattress, your bed is probably worth insuring too.

This is needed because while the bed is being shipped, anything can go wrong. Some part of the bed might get damaged, and if you’ve already ensured the bed, it’ll help you soften the blow a little.

Step 4

The fourth phase is here. Make sure your mattress is properly packaged in a mattress box. You need a unique mattress box for the packaging if you have a memory foam mattress or an extra-thick mattress.

This carton is available online or in a moving company for sale. Make sure you have all the required materials before you start packing.

The polyurethane mattress moves in a bag with about 2-4 mm thickness, bubble wrap or high-density packing foam, packing peanuts to fill up extra spaces and a mattress box and a pressure-sensitive mattress tape. Seal the package and tag it after packaging.

Step 5

A memory foam mattress should not be maintained for too long in an upright position. If it is kept up for too long, the foam layers are separated from each other. This is why the “lie flat — memory foam” pillow has to be marked. Your mattress will, therefore, be placed plain when carried.

Step 6

If you are unable to carry the mattress alone into the shipping desk, arrange for the carrier pick it up from your location or anywhere else you would wish.

Cost Of Mattress Shipping?

The shipping cost of a mattress depends on bed size and weight. The shipping company shall also bear in mind the transport distance.

The price of transporting a mattress usually stands at approximately $0.70 per mile if the carriage is lengthy. However, they will probably charge around $2.50 per mile for a shorter distance.

The minimum amount for shipping the mattress is $350. If you are engaged with other facilities such as full-service packaging and transporting the bed and the mattress you will be charged up to $600.

If your mattress is high-priced or invaluable you can pay this price. But otherwise, it might not really be worth it. You may find various shipping companies online or you can decide to visit your local areas and shipping stores. You can find them.

Mattress Shipping Do’s & Don’ts

Let’s glance at do’s and don’ts of mattress delivery to close our conversation.


  • Bribe your buddies to assist you with food commitments.
  • Clear the way from the bedroom to car
  • Hire a moving truck (or bribe a friend who owns a van)
  • Invest in moving belts
  • Ditch your mattress and instead buy a bed in a box
  • When carrying anything heavy or big, use the right posture


  • Fold a mattress of memory foam in two
  • Forget about using a moving bag for mattress
  • Strap a mattress in king size on a tiny car roof
  • Slide the mattress down the stairway.
  • Leave a mattress on the floor
  • Dump an ancient mattress illegally

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