How To Move A Memory Foam Mattress – DIY Guide

Foam mattresses are more flexible as compared to many traditional alternatives. But most people would think it’s easy to move them. Obviously, memory foam mattresses involve unique processing and packaging to prevent any kind of transportation harm. Memory foam mattresses are sandwiched together in two or more pieces. This means that when handled or wrongly packed, the layers could be separated and the foam could be damaged or even split apart.

The manufacturer compresses memory foam mattresses into smaller cases for intelligent transport and for everyone carrying the mattress at tight corners or stairs. It takes much effort and to roll or compress the mattress back into its original container and sometimes it’s impossible for any layman to pack it back.

The following measures will be of assistance to clients who want to move or ship their mattress:

But first, you have to search for shipping cardboard for your mattress and packing tape.

1. Find The Correct Mattress Shipping Box

It’s essential you get the finest twin mattress delivery carton or whatever size (according to your mattress) you have if you get too tiny carton you could damage the mattress. Furthermore, if you use a carton too large, the product might be damaged because of the sufficient area inside the carton. After getting the correct shipping cabinet close one of the sides of the carton and position the open portion of the box and hold it to the bottom of the mattress.

2. Carefully Slide The Mattress Inside The Box

After placing the mattress on one side, close to the bottom of your box.

Push the carton carefully until you have the complete mattress inside the box. You may have to lift the bed at a certain angle to fit it completely into the shipping box. If you do this precisely, your mattress should lie straight on the ground without any wrinkles or bumps and ready to be sealed for transporting/shipping.

3. Seal The Mattress Shipping Carton

You can secure all open ends of the shipment box with the aid of packaging tape.  Most importantly, don’t place the shipping box upright, which may disfigure the shape of your memory foam mattress or even render it useless.

Useful Tips For Memory Foam Mattress Packaging

Mattress foam tends to stick to the surface. If it sticks to the cardboard, consider wrapping it in large sheets to make it easier to slide. Never cover a foam memory mattress in plastic if it’s to be moved for more than a day. The moisture of plastic traps and the packaging of your mattress in this way could promote mold and mildew growth. If you need to move the mattress down a flight of stairs or perhaps around another obstacle that could affect the box’s flatness, consider first carrying the mattress past that obstacle before making the actual packing.

Considerations For Moving Your Mattress Safely

It should be noted placing the cardboard on its edge in which you packed your memory foam mattress can get damaged and may harm the foam layers significantly.

 If you have a moving company carrying your mattress, label the case so that movers understand that you must keep the mattress upright during the whole journey. Moving the box or even flipping it even once, could cause the foam to slip and potentially even crushed inside the box.

Also, Worth Noting

It is comparatively easy to move traditional mattresses. But extra attention is paid to memory foam mattresses. This implies that professionals must be familiar with the correct working methods. Nevertheless, you must consider the safest manner to transfer your memory foam mattress. There is much in contradiction as to whether or not we can fold a memory foam mattress while shipping or not.


All in all, your mattress of foam needs additional care. In the views of several professionals, only when you are moving the bed for a short distance like downstairs or Next Street, then you can fold.

In addition, the mattress should be unpacked as soon as possible and there should be no attempt to unfold it completely. What you have to do, let it open and let it unfold on its own, which could take several hours depending on the temperature and time of delivery.

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