How To Get More Deep Sleep Cycles

Everybody needs sleep and not everyone gets it. Some people find it really hard to take even a little nap. There are sometimes we find ourselves tossing about on our beds and trying to get some sleep before the day breaks. Sleep makes you feel good and is a key factor to healthy living.  

It may not bother us when we don’t get to sleep for a day or two but what causes alarm is when this goes on for a much longer period. How long can we sustain ourselves with lack of sleep for weeks or months without end?  

It can drive people crazy and make them very ill. Studies have shown that one in ten people suffer from insomnia and drug manufacturers have made over ten million prescriptions to remedy insomnia. Taking these tablets on a regular basis has its consequences and most health professionals do not advice people to depend on sleeping pills for the rest of their lives.  

It is recommended to try natural methods to deal with sleeping issues because of the side effects medications can cause. When you try sleeping the natural way to sleep you avoid the risks of having drug addictions too. If you’ve been battling with insomnia for a while here are some remedies, you should try to fall into a deep sleep.

Turn OFF Your Gadgets

Studies have shown that many people lose sleep trying to get to do work. Smartphones have not made it easy for us as a lot of people spend quality time which they ought to use in bed surfing the internet or chatting on their mobile phones.

If you want to get a good sleep and a very deep one without interruption, you should turn off every monitor device you have, from your mobile phones to your notebook PC. Set a time for yourself to switch off your gadgets before bedtime, don’t be tempted to think about your work emails or your friend’s chats.

Listen To Soothing Music

Music is food for the soul. If you want to get a good sleep, turn on a good music that is soothing. Music has its benefits; it helps reduces anxiety and blood pressure by releasing endorphins in the body which is responsible for making the body feel good.

Turn On Your Fan

Heat is one of the major reasons people can’t sleep. During those hot nights, when the sweat is trickling down the body, all you think of is how to relieve yourself from harsh heat on your skin. It is impossible to find peaceful sleep in a hot and stuffy atmosphere.  

According to “Top Cooling Fan” fans relieves your body and your brain to help you get a good night’s sleep. The fan produces white noise which helps you sleep deeply. It circulates the air around the room and cools the room temperature giving you a perfect environment for healthy and good sleep.

Take Deep Breaths

When you think, you become stressed and it can affect your sleeping pattern. Taking time to do meditation exercises will reduce your stress levels and improve the quality of your sleep. To meditate, close your eyes and block out every thought in your head. Breathe in slowing through your nostrils at least three times while you expand your stomach. Hold your breath for up to three seconds before releasing through your mouth, count to six while your stomach flattens. Repeat this exercise at least five times.

Recite Affirmations

This actually works. Have affirmations around you talking about how good sleep is. Try reciting word like “I sleep well at night” in your head during the day and at night. You can even pick a good pillow that has a sleep phrase inscribed on it.

Use A Good Sleeping Pillow

It’s not just about having a pillow to sleep on at night but getting a pillow that is soft and good for your neck. Some pillows can be very uncomfortable and this will affect the quality of your sleep. When you pick a pillow, choose one that will keep yours provide support for your head, neck, and spinal cord.  

If you prefer sleeping on your stomach, the Sleep Council recommends that you use soft pillows that are almost flat to sleep. For those that sleep on their sides, you should sleep with a medium soft pillow and if you prefer sleeping on your back then you should use a firm pillow.

Here’s A Quick Guide On Which Pillow Is Best For You According To Your Preferred Sleeping Position.

Limit Your Exposure To Light

Before going to bed try as much as possible to reduce the amount of light you expose your eyes to so your body can easily accommodate sleep. You can dim the lights around the house in the evenings to relief your body so you can get into sleep mode. You can get dimmer lights for your home to help you sleep better at night.

Get Exhausted Before Bedtime

Sometimes, it can be hard to force yourself to go to sleep especially if you don’t feel tired. You will find yourself keeping your eyes wide open or even waking up in the middle of the night if try forcing yourself to sleep when you are not tired.

If you don’t feel tired enough to sleep, try doing some activity until you feel tired enough to go back to sleep

Eat At The Right Time

To get a good sleep, you shouldn’t keep yourself hungry or starving but you should also eat at a reasonable time. Hunger can keep you up all night and a full stomach can equally do the same thing. Eat in moderation and avoid food that will cause you discomfort at night

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine affects the quality of a person’s sleep and is a very strong stimulant. Having just a cup of coffee can go a long way to deprive you of deep sleep. Instead of taking coffee, you should take relaxing teas but if you are a coffee lover and can’t stay away from it, then you should avoid coffee any time after 2 pm.

Try the above tips and let us know the tricks really works or not.  Your assistance will help us to improve the article.

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