How To Fall Asleep Fast In 10, 60, or 120 Seconds

You must have spent pointless hours in bed trying to fall sleep, which means you have been part of approximately 30% of the population who has issues falling asleep and suffers from secondary insomnia. People suffer from such a condition due to various stress and anxiety factors which worry them throughout the day. So before going to bed, they try to make pointless effort to solve those problems by just thinking about them, keeping themselves awake and compromising their health. 

But the good news is that, we have come up with several methods that will make you fall asleep as quickly as possible. As long as you can try to make yourself feel relaxed in bed, away from stress, you will be able to sleep in no time by just following these methods. Furthermore, don’t forget to take a look at our bonus points to help you sleep faster.

How To Fall Asleep In 10 Seconds (The Military Method)

It is quite fascinating and unbelievable to even think about sleeping that fast. Unless you are hypnotized by a magician, it sounds completely untrue. But we ensure that this proven technique will surely help you sleep in 10 seconds!  All you need to do is to make sure, that you try it consistently in order to get convincing results.

Steps To Follow

  1. Start off with closing your eyes and let them relax inside your sockets. Relax your face, which includes the muscles inside your mouth and take slow deep breaths.
  2. Next, relax your shoulders by dropping them on the side of your body. Key is to start with the dominant side, which means if you are a lefty, start with your left shoulder.
  3. Coming down to the chest, relax your chest, take deep breaths while taking more time to exhale.
  4. Now relax your legs and thighs. Again is it better to start with the dominant side.
  5. Next, try clearing your mind. An easy way to do it is to imagine a relaxing scene.
  6. If this doesn’t work, try saying the word “don’t think” for 10 seconds.
  7. With no doubt, within 10 seconds, you will fall asleep.

The whole exercise takes less than 120 seconds but the last 10 seconds are actually the seconds which makes you fall asleep. If still this doesn’t work, you need to learn about the foundations of the military method which includes proper relaxation of muscles and proper breathing method.

How To Fall Asleep In 60 Seconds

For those who find it hard sleeping in 10 seconds, no worries! We have got your back and provided you with methods to fall asleep as fast as 60 seconds.

4-7-8 Breathing Method

This breathing exercise was designed by Dr Andrew Weil. It is based on yogic pranayama, which helps in controlling breathing and reactions. Below are mentioned its steps:

  1. Firstly, you need to separate you lips and exhale from your mouth. Make a whooshing sound while you exhale.
  2. Now close your lips and inhale through your nose, silently. Count till 4 while you are inhaling.
  3. Now hold your breath for 7 seconds, don’t keep your mind alert.
  4. Lastly, exhale again with a whooshing sound for 8 seconds.
  5. Repeat this cycle for four full breaths. Try to do it mindlessly.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Methods

This method consists of tensing and relaxing your muscles repeatedly. The method was developed by Edward Jacobson who believed that physical relaxation lead to a calm mind and hence can make you fall asleep faster. Below are steps to follow:

  1. Start off with tensing your arms for 5 seconds, and then relax them for 10 seconds
  2. Now tense your forehead, and then relax it
  3. Next, tense your cheeks and eyes, and then relax.
  4. Now comes your mouth and jaw. Tense and relax
  5. Lastly, tense your neck, and relax it.

Do this tensing and relaxing with your entire body until your toes are done, but only in case if you are not already asleep yet.

How To Fall Asleep In 120 Seconds

Even if all the methods mention before don’t seem to work for you. There must be some sort of underlying blockade. Don’t worry about it. Try the below mentioned methods.

Paradoxical Intention

Telling yourself to stay awake can actually help you fall asleep. This is proven especially for insomniacs who find it hard sleeping. So people who are stressed out about falling asleep can sleep faster using this method.

Visualizing A Calm Place

Distracting yourself by visualizing a calm scene can actually help you sleep faster than counting your sleep. There are several scenes which are calming for your mind, for example sound of echoing, rushing water, a waterfall and a lot more. It really depends on one’s mind and calming scene varies from one person to another. But people with imagery distraction sleep faster than those with no instructions.

Acupressure For Sleep

In this method you target points and apply pressure on areas which you think are tensed for example the upper part of your nose bridge. This method has reported to help people with insomnia a lot and available research is quite promising. Other pressure areas include hollow depressed areas under your palms, the base of your skull and wrist crease.

Bonus Points

Now that we are done with developed methods, you need to know some basics which you must follow before going to bed. This will further help you sleep fast and hence reduce sleep deprivation.

  1. Shower at night. Showering lowers your body temperature and relaxes body
  2. Avoid watching screen at least half hour before going to bed. Your mind needs to relax before sleeping and by watching something it is hard for it to not think.
  3. Read a novel or a book, it will make you get tired and help you sleep.
  4. If in case you get up in the middle of night, don’t force yourself sleeping. Go in another room, read something, and you would want to go back to bed again.
  5. Eat earlier so that stomach digestion is avoided.
  6. Hide your clock.

Sleep deprivation can lead to serious life threatening issues like various heart diseases in which fat can deposit in your arteries and block your circulation. Moreover it can also lead to high blood pressure and diabetes. So, it really important to sleep faster so that you are not deprived of sleep and remain fresh and healthy in your wake time.

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