Heated Mattress Pad – What to Look For When Buying

Heated blankets and heaters are the first heating options that come to mind fighting the harsh winter cold. However, there is the problem of blankets slipping off or getting too warm for comfort and running the heater through the night can get expensive.

Of course, you can always dress up heavily to bed to keep warm, but it’s not comfortable to turn around. This is when and why a heated mattress pad makes the best heating solution.

Heated mattress pads have heating devices under the bed sheet radiating heat to heat your body and not the ceiling. It thus provides the warmth you yearn for while climbing into your bed for a comfortable night’s sleep by maintaining ideal temperatures at cold nights. However, if these pads are new to you, you may need some help and tips to find the best heated mattress pad available. Read on to find out how.

How to Choose Best Heated Mattress Pad

Safety Features

Any product with a heating mechanism poses a risk of triggering a fire if you forget to switch it off after heating it up. This is why you need to choose a heated mattress pad that automatically switches off after some use to prevent any possible burns and overheating.

This also ensures you get a good night’s sleep because there’s no worry of a possible fire accident while you are asleep. It’s even safer if the set standards fit the government’s safety protocol.


Your chosen heated mattress pad should not only keep you warm but also be comfortable to sleep on. In short, the best-heated mattress pad is both soft and comfortable to easily mold to your body shape and easily and evenly radiate heat. This heat proves helpful for aching muscles and joints.

However, it’s not necessary that your mom’s comfortable heated pad will suit you, so don’t buy one just because someone else says it’s great. You need to check its comfort and body molding capabilities based on the material used in it like memory foam, latex or cotton.


Mattress pads made using the best materials are usually the most durable. And speaking of materials, polyester is the best choice for those on a budget because it doesn’t shrink after washing. However, you may sweat more on it because it does not absorb moisture, as well as cotton and wool, does.

However, cotton and wool tend to shrink after a wash and are more expensive to buy. And while they may warp heating wires, they absorb moisture well, so that you feel more comfortable and cooler while asleep.


Electric mattress pads come in various sizes like King, Queen, and Twin for you to choose from based on your bed size. And as these pads have elastic skirts, they easily fit onto your mattress without worry of it moving while sleeping at night.

Temperature Control

This is an important feature because different people have different heating preferences while sleeping. Look for pads with thermostats indicating temperature to help you regulate the heat based on the weather and a timer which automatically switches off the heating as needed.

Also, check how many heat settings the pad has because the more options you have; the better you can customize its safe heating standards to your preference. Those with poor eyesight should choose a mattress with large numbers is a better buy as you can easily see and control temperatures.


The best-heated mattress pads are easy to operate. As you may change the settings or switch off the pad at night, while you are still groggy with sleep, the mattress should have controls that respond quickly. Pads with thinner wires are more flexible and easier to use while its controls and power cord should be easy to access and control.


As you never know when you may spill some liquid in bed, it’s worth investing in a waterproof mattress. It’s also a good buy for patients with bladder control problems where there’s the risk of staining your mattress pad. And besides, if you are a frequent traveler, a waterproof heated mattress pad ensures your pad is clean most of the time as it’s easy to clean.

Easy Cleaning

It’s not practical to hand-wash mattress pads. So, look for a mattress pad you can clean in the washing machine to get it easily cleaned in minimal time. The best heated mattress pad is one that doesn’t disperse its color when washed and thus remains in usable condition for a longer time. And as mentioned above, waterproof pads are always better because they are easier to clean.


You need to choose your heated mattress pad wisely because it can be as cheap as a $30 or as expensive as a few thousand dollars. Look for something that meets your needs and you can afford.

How The Best-Heated Mattress Pads Save Energy

Did you know that heated mattress pads can actually save energy while keeping you warm? Yes, it’s true because you save money by heating only your bed instead of heating the entire room or house. There’s actually no need of heating the other parts of the room at night while asleep because you won’t be using them.

So instead of wasting energy heating those parts, you may as well just heat the mattress you will be sleeping on. This is why most people reduce the thermostat to save energy with a heated mattress pad on their beds. Besides, if compared to a heated blanket, heated mattress pads are more energy efficient and effective because of its design.

It’s attached to your mattress, underneath you, to provide warmth while you sleep. And the heat it generates is trapped by your blankets to give you maximum heating comfort. However heated blankets are placed atop you and may either slip off or lead to some heat escaping from the blanket.

Looking at the many physical and utility benefits that a heated mattress pad offers, it does seem to be a wise investment for warmth during the cold months. As it’s not so easy choosing and buying the best-heated mattress pad, this buying guide takes care of that problem.

Remember, it’s not always the most expensive mattress pad that gives you a good night’s sleep. Sometimes a much cheaper one is much more comfortable than an expensive mattress pad.

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