The Best Feng Shui Bedroom Tips for Your Sleep

Learning Feng Shui bedroom tips is an excellent idea if you want to add more peace in your life. It most importantly depends on your concept of being familiar with the word “Feng Shui.” Learn the idea and slip into a blissful slumber in little time.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient architectural philosophy that emerged from China in the 1970s. It is based upon the spatial arrangement of artifacts in every room, to promote the fair amount of energy throughout the building.

Either you are one of the Feng Shui beginners, or you plan to refurbish your room. You can use this designing philosophy and prepare your room decor for slipping into a good night’s sleep.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

These are some noteworthy tips that will introduce Feng Shui in your bedroom quickly.

Choose the Best Bed

The bed is an essential component for having a good night’s sleep. Always focus on your bed and select the one that suits you. Mattresses and pillows must be ideal for your weight. They play a significant role in providing therapeutic sleep all night.

You can check our guide on best mattress for the money and find memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses. These are perfect for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers, respectively.

For following Feng Shui in your bedroom, exclude king-size beds. The ample space that enters in your bedroom with these beds divides your partner and you. Also, this design promotes sturdy wooden headboards for maintaining the strength of your head.

Know the Bed Position

According to Chinese philosophy, you must position your bed at a visibly considerable distance from the door. It assists in minimizing the effects of light and noise in your room. Moreover, it encourages the flow of energy within your bedroom.

Make sure to have enough space on either side of the bed. This idea will overcome any obstacles and prevent energy from trapping in your room. Aside from this, the Feng Shui bed position protects you from the “death position.”

It is a position that involves an individual sleeping with their feet towards the door. It is similar to the way dead bodies are carried out from the door with their feet at first.

Remove the Clutter

The concept of Feng Shui bedroom tips is based on the promotion of maximum energy within the room. Henceforth, you must remove all the clutter around you. According to this principle, an untidy room represents unfinished work and loose ends.

Energy is inversely proportional to the mess you have around. The less tidy you keep your room, the more energy starts to trap.

If you come across a situation when you cannot remove some objects from your bedroom. For example, the office desk or similar ones, try to hang curtains and block the view while sleeping.

Adjust the Symmetry

As per the Feng Shui bedroom tips, symmetry sharply defines your bedroom as it has a secure connection with equilibrium. Also, it plays a significant role in a relationship and highlights duality and passion.

The philosophy considers the bedroom as a place for the couples. It believes the far right corner of your bedroom is the ‘love center.’ If you wish to follow Feng Shui in your bedroom, try to place a romantic photo frame of you and your significant one in that particular corner.

Place two lamps or nightstands on either side of your bed, even if you are single. Also, you can place a plant on the corner only if you promise yourself to cater to it and not let it dry out or die.

Select the Right Color

Colors play an important role in maintaining Feng Shui in the bedroom. Make sure you introduce the right colors around you. Wisely choose the shades for your wallpaper, beddings, and extra décor.

Light pastels will make you feel calmer and promote a blissful sleep. However, darker colors highlight the bedroom as a cozier place and add to the intimacy at night. The color blue is highly encouraged for following Feng Shui.

It lowers the heart rate and promotes calmness within the room.

More Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Bedroom Is Decorated using Feng Shui Tips
  • Introduce curve ends to the furniture. It is because furnishings with sharp ends can direct negative energy while you sleep.
  • Keep candles around you as they clear the environment and enrich intimacy in the atmosphere.
  • Shut the doors at night while sleeping. It traps all the energy in the room and maintains a healing effect throughout the night.
  • Avoid hanging any mirrors in your bedroom. These will only bounce all the energy present around you and also magnify your anxiety.
  • Add artwork in your room only if it makes you feel good. Choose pictures that can reflect the good moments of your life.

There is a lot more you can do in your bedroom, but these are the best tips that can add to your slumber. Also, you can look forward to Benson for Beds voucher codes for getting hands-on an extensive collection of divans, mattresses, bed frames, and more. Always remember, a complete and satisfying sleep is also vital for your health and well being.

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