Eco Terra Mattress 11″ Reviews

Are you among those that forget to change what lies under the bed sheet? With constant usage, we either get too comfortable with the mattress or tend to overlook the signs that it shows us for a change. Some of us are scared of looking what lies beneath it. Ideally speaking; you must change your mattress once in 7 to 10 seven years and the article “Eco Terra Mattress Reviews” will best choice for you. Shocker right there, isn’t it? Oh come on, you don’t want to compromise with your sleep. Listen to the experts when they say and change your mattress once in a while. We are reviewing the Eco Terra Mattress for you so that you know where to start from for this.

Eco Terra Mattress Reviews

Eco Terra Mattress Review

The most important factor about this mattress is that it is 100% hypoallergenic and it is made from natural latex. This means if you are looking for something durable, then mattress by Eco Terra should be your concern. The organic fabric and body contouring facilities of this mattress make it a much sought after one. It is an eco-friendly mattress that allows no motion transfer and lets your partner sleep peacefully while you toss and turn. We found that this mattress offers what is called relaxed sleep.

Why choose Best Latex Mattress?

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  • Comfort – Most users like us agree to the fact that this is a quality product. In fact, we would go one step ahead and say that the breathable and soft cotton fabric provides you a better sleeping experience. The coils are calibrated in such a way that they eliminate any painful pressure on your joints. This makes it all the more comfortable.
  • Build – It is built from 100% natural latex that is hypoallergenic. It has a buoyant support that cradles you to sleep throughout the night. The fabric encased coils are long lasting and they make sure that your co-sleeper remains undisturbed during your midnight prowls.
  • Environment friendly – As mentioned the latex used is natural and it is handcrafted in house to make it more reliable. As a result of this, you get complete support that eradicates pressure. In addition to this, it must be added that it has antimicrobial properties that make it a great product.
  • Who should use it – People with joint pains may find it beneficial as they wake up perfectly fine after a deep sleep. Again, side sleepers can find it good owing to the firmness of this mattress, it becomes easy for them to sleep.



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  • Aligns well your spine
  • Since it eases pressure off your joints, it can be said that you can expect to wake up without aches and pains
  • It is made from 100% natural elements which means you do not have harmful chemicals emissions in your bedroom
  • Is very durable and resilient
  • Comes with 20 years of limited warranty

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  • Way too expensive for a mattress
  • It is firm and you may take to adjust to it

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Yes, the Eco Terra 11-inch Luxury Latex Mattress is a trustworthy mattress that you can invest in. There is no way that you should be worried about this mattress anytime as it will serve you for long. It offers you comfortable sleep and you do not have worry about this.

Why change a Best mattress?

Good question, in case you have not noticed, your mattress may be signs for a change. How can you overlook that? The biggest hint would be you waking with a sore back or feeling tired. You may be tossing or turning too much in the bed that leads to a disturbed sleep. This means you are not getting enough support and you must think of an alternative quickly. Investing in a fresh new mattress can be a good idea if you want to keep dirt mites, bacteria, virus and infections away from your family. If truth be told, there are more telltale signs that show you, it is time for a change like:

  • First things first, if your mattress does not support you well, that means, it has lost its effectiveness, why keep it
  • If you feel too much of motion transfer from your partner, it is time call quits with the mattress
  • Taking cue from this point, your co-sleeper may be turning and tossing because of an uncomfortable mattress
  • Have you noticed a dent in the mattress when you changed the sheets, this means it is the end of a relationship between you and your mattress
  • Honestly, do you remember when was the last you went for mattress shopping, this should tell you
  • Do you find the recliner of the sofa to be more comfortable to sleep, then it is clearly the time to get a new mattress
  • Talking on similar lines, if you find sleeping in a hotel, or somewhere away from bed more cozy, then it is high time that you go for a change
  • Old mattress are a carrier of allergens as they no longer can fight them, there is no point putting your family at risk

You need answers : When is the best time to buy mattress ?

Guidelines to clean mattress

If you have learn anything from the ‘Pea and the Princess’ story, it has to be keeping your mattress clean. Think about it, you spend one third of your life in there and this should be more than enough a reason for you to clean it on a regular basis. Here are some useful tips about how to do it the right way:

  • Rotate the mattress with changing seasons from head to toe as this will help you prevent sleeping dents caused by the same body in the same position
  • In the same way flip the mattress, again seasonally, as this will even out the mattress, but this should be done only if your manufacturer allows it
  • Using mattress protection will help you in saving the mattress for spills and other likely accidents
  • In continuations, you must cleanup spills immediately without a second thought
  • Vacuuming it once in a while will help you remove dead skin, dust mites, dirt, dust and other allergens provided your vac is HEPA certified

The best sleeping position

A good night’s sleep is all you need after a long hard day’s work and if you have distorted sleeping habits, then you may need some advice here like:

  • Sleeping on your back is the best position because its healthy and its keeps your back, spine and neck in a neutral position
  • On your sides reduces acid reflux as your spine remains elongated and keeps the snoring down
  • The fetal position could good, especially for pregnant women as it restricts the liver from pressing the uterus, but for others it could be suffocating if you are too tightly coiled up
  • Avoid sleeping on your tummy as this could irritate your nerves

General information

Some related products that may help you with a better experience

Mattress protector

Quite clearly as the name suggests, mattress protector is a piece of bedding that can protect your mattress from regular spills, allergens, dust, bugs, dust mites, mold and dead skin. Simply put, this adds life to your mattress and you can be assured the fabric used in these protectors is completely safe. It even protects your mattress from bed bugs as it forms a protective layer between you and the bugs. Then again, it filters the allergens that cause asthma and allergy. If you have kids and pets in the house, you will know that these are boon for anyone that want to protect their mattress from unwanted urination stains and smells.

Massage pillow

A cushion like padded that can be used for massaging in a convenient way is called a massage pillow. People with anxiety, back or neck pain, insomnia and headaches can get a lot of relief by using these pillows. These are easily available at most online retail outlets for people to procure them.  Additionally, you can get them at various price ranges. The biggest benefit of this pillow is that you do not have to go a spa anymore that means it is at your hand all the time. The end result is you feel good every waking hour amidst all the stress and pressure of your hectic schedule.

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Sound Machine

A sound machine is something that masks the noisiest of sounds with its white noise. Of course, you can adjust the volume and tone, but it principally plays an important part in falling you sleep. Most of these machines have soothing and realistic sound that makes it easy for you to sleep. The white noise generator usually relaxes you and then comforts you to sleep by cancelling any noise around. You can adjust what the kind of noise you want to listen to and hush to sleep. The result is you wake up with an enriched experience feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Listen to music with Bedphone

In general, we fall asleep with white or brown noise, but a Bedphone has changed the way you look at things. These headphones play mesmerizing tunes into your ears that lull you to sleep. These are very fashionably designed and are pretty ergonomic as you will barely feel them on your ears. This makes falling sleep easy and you will be surprised with the audio of these phones. You can get them for any amount of money at almost any online shop. You get to choose from an array of these phones that makes them a good bargain. What more can you want?

Sleep Mask

Eye masks are a blessing for people that work odd hours or for those that have a weird sleeping pattern. These are piece of clothing that cover the eye and run right from the forehead to the cheeks. Their primary task is to shield you from light by all means. This means you have an improved sleep as darkness activates melatonin which is a chemical of sleep. These days you even get gel eye masks that save you from developing dark circles. That means, you have a lot of varieties in the market that you can choose from. What is stopping you?


So, hope you have liked this post about Eco Terra Mattress that has incorporated almost everything in it. You could look for more aspects or follow the ones we have spoken about. Although, looking into these attributes can be enough for you, yet you can find some more ways to reach your goals. Bottom line is, you will more than happy with the result. If nothing at all matters to you, then you must think about look for proper support in the least. This should show you the path and you will not be disappointed with your choice. Happy mattress hunting!

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