What’s The Difference Between Pure Foam And Memory Foam Mattresses?

The quality sleep is essential for everyone that boosts your health and well-being to support the next day activities.

The mattress plays a vital role in our daily lives in which one can get better sleep. The foam mattress is the top-selling mattress for giving endless solutions to good night sleep. Different types of foams are used to create the bedding’s with a variety of specifications.

Here we will take a flash at the main difference between Pure Foam and Memory Foam Mattresses.

Structure of the Foam

The memory foam seems like a cell structure with the number of tiny spring beads. These are useful for giving more responsiveness when weight is applied. On the other hand, the pure foam comprises some similar characteristics of memory foam, but it is not that much denser.

Initial Load Density

In the manufacturing of the mattress, the foam industries must check for the ILD level. They tested the thickness in the cubic foot if the massive the weight then the bed is good, but it’s up to a certain point only because after some period the foam will be turned into an uncomfortable one. So, the high-quality memory foam is the best option for this reason.

Comfort Levels

The memory foam mattresses are very popular due to its deluxe comfy and support. These beds are molds to your body shape and have contouring features. In case of a pure foam bed, they are created through many methods. But it lacks to give the longevity of services as that of memory foam.

Manufacturing Process

Memory foam was initially made from NASA which is meant to design for astronauts and also to provide ultimate comfort for more hours. Hence, they researched with different methods by maneuvering the foam materials. Therefore, revealed that the memory foam was denser, responsive and make you a cooling sensation than the pure foam.

One of the significant differences between the pure foam and memory foam mattress is the characteristics of how they can react and responds when an object is placed. Of course, these mattress foams are prepared with the similar type of ingredients. The exact thing between them is about its assortment and curing methods. These will differ because to enable the quality and reliability of the foam.

Run-Time of the Foam

This is also an important factor while considering the variation. The pure foam mattress is made of natural materials without any added chemicals or synthetic products. But in case of the memory foam manufacturing process, particular types of materials are used for the aid of contouring, and cooling sensation. Hence the memory foam serves a long life and durable than pure foam.


The budget is the critical thing for the foam mattress types. If you want high-quality memory foam that sounds good for your health, then it is somewhat expensive, at the same time the worth is reasonable for the product. On the flip side, the pure foam costs slightly inexpensive, due to its features. Thus, based on the qualities and characteristics of the foam the price is dependent.

Finally, the above differences will let you know the brief idea about the variation of pure foam and memory foam mattresses.

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