12 Common Couple Sleeping Positions And What They Mean

Body language is something which is well-known in our everyday routine, but did you know that it doesn’t stop even when we fall asleep? The position we sleep in can explain a lot about our personality and state of emotion.

Similarly, when you’re in love with someone, or just dating, it’s completely natural to think about sleeping positions and what they mean. Since it’s something which is out of our control as we are unconscious, it’s a great way to analyze feelings that are usually not spoken when we are awake. Who would have thought that your sleeping style can predict the dynamics of your love life!

According to some resources, individuals who sleep on their back are more trustworthy and strong, while people who sleep on their stomach are jolly, fun and very outgoing. So what really happens when you are sleeping with your partner? What does your sleeping styles tells about your love?

Here we discuss various couple sleeping positions and what do they mean, stating some real fascinating facts your sleeping style could tell about your relationship.

Sleeping Position And What They Says About Your Relationship

Note: We have gathered information from many physiologists and through proven facts from the scientists regarding all the sleeping positions and secrets behind them.

1. The Spoon

When you sleep extremely close to your partner it could only mean two things, Number one, you both can’t get enough of each other, and number two you both are new to sleeping together! This position is very common among a brand new couple and it explains that you want to make the other person feel that you are excited to be around them, which shows by the lack of space between you two. Furthermore it also shows that you want to make your partner feel comfortable with you, and give him/her a feeling of protectiveness.

This position changes as you age, which is completely natural and does not mean that your relationship is coming to an end! It’s probably because it’s sometimes very uncomfortable and you could suffer during your sleep. If that happens, make sure you change it as soon as possible and go for another sleeping style.

2. The Loose Spoon

This is just like the previously mentioned style with a little space in between. Just as you grow in your relationship, you become more mature and confident realizing the fact that you cannot sleep breathing in each other’s ear for the rest of your life! So you tend to drift away a little, reassuring your partner that you still love them, and got their back. This gives you quality sleep, more trust in your relationship along with the intimacy you both had.

3. The Chasing Spoon

This one’s a bit different from actually spooning position. In this style, one partner is offset from the center towards the corner, while the other partner pushed up against, as if he/she is chasing the other partner. In a positive way, it could mean that the one pushed in the corner wants to be chased while the spooner is acting as the chaser. On the other hand it simple means that the other person wants a little space in bed.

Whatever the case maybe, this sleeping position lets both the sleepers have a good  night’s sleep and ensures they wake up having a full sleep as there is no sort of discomfort from the other partner.

4. The Unraveling Knot

The unraveling knot or you can say, the unwoven braid is another type of couple sleeping position in which you start off with proper intermingling, but after sometime, like 20 to 30 minutes, unfurl into independence.

Even though this position is not preferred by most of the couples, and only 8% follow this style, it’s one of the most comforting style. It makes sure that you both love each other that you want to sleep as close as possible, but at the same time don’t want to take away the comfort. Hence, by giving your partner this much freedom, it shows a sign of trust between you two and keep things between you both fresh and interesting.

5. The Back Kissers

Also sometimes called moon-landing, when both partners are not facing each other but are only in contact along the spine. This position shows, being connected at point, you still have that affection, but also want to give your partner independence to be in his/her own space. It usually shows a start of a romantic couple who love each other with utmost dedication, cherishing moments to something longer and more substantial.

This position gradually changes to decoupled position discussed next but often couples remain in this one for months or even years.

6. The Liberty Lovers

A lot of people think that sleeping and not touching each other is a sign of an old or boring relationship. That is actually not true at all. Even the newer couples aren’t as comfortable as these couples are. By not facing each other you have that liberty to be alone and do your own thing and most importantly sleep well, but at the same time you cannot wait to spend the morning together and share your stories. Also, by not touching each other you implicit trust in your relationship making your partner less insecure. This is a couple that’s going to stay together for long!

7. The Shingles

As discussed earlier that people who sleep on their back are stronger with solid personalities. In this position both the partners are on their back, while one tilts ahead to put his/her head on the other partner’s shoulder. In this way one partner plays the protector while the other kills his/her ego to make his/her partner feel superior and stronger.

It shows that you both understand each other and this boosts up confidence in your relationship.

8. The Nuzzle

This is the sweet position which shows the chumminess between you and your partner. While your legs twisted around, one partner rest their head on the other’s chest. It is a maintained position which keeps you both close, provides your partner protection from you and shows the high level of trust between you two.

Even though very common among newlyweds, this potion doesn’t seem to stay too long as it could get quite troublesome. Obviously you don’t want your partner to suffer by carrying the load of your head whole night. So mostly couples, later in their life opt for other positions.

9. The Tangle

Immensely romantic position yet very rare among people. This position shows that your love to your partner is at a point that even being apart for a second is not bearable. Which explains why it is usually common among the new lovers who are excited about their relationship and still figuring things out.

But if you are old in your relationship and still sleep like this then that’s huge news and could also mean that you are way more dependent on your partner than you should be. Being overly involved, is not a good sign because if your partner decides to go for other positions, it would be very hard for you adjusting to the new style which would eventually increase your insecurity.

10. The Leg Hug

Mostly it is believed that if your partner chases you with their leg, they crave a sexual connection. If both of you tangle your legs, it shows that you cannot get enough of each other and you are extremely passionate about your love life.

On the other hand sometimes the contact is so random that it shows that you just had a fight and you are still trying to cope things up and making it work for the sake of your marriage or years you’ve spent together.

11. The Stomach Snoozers

Even though this position indicates that you are fun-loving and very outgoing, it shows lack of interest in each other. Laying on your stomach and not touching each other shows that your sexual life is boring and you don’t seem to any sort of intimacy in your relationship.

Furthermore, this position shows you are too much occupied by other chores that you just want to sleep in your own space and wakeup fresh in the morning without caring about your partner.

It is also believed that such couples are going through some sort of emotional anxiety, which they want to talk about, but are too much busy to be bothered about it.

12. The Space Hogs

A sleeping style in which one partner fails to understand the needs of the other and takes all the space available to make their night comfortable. Such a sleeping position creates an impact on the other partner that they are submissive and eventually they lack confidence.

It also shows that the partners taking up all the bed is selfish and doesn’t care enough for their partner, making the other one with low self-esteem. If you have been sleeping like this with your partner, being a submissive, it’s time to have the real conversation about what’s going on.

Comfortable Sleeping Positions For Couples

So far we have discussed 12 couples sleeping positions and what they indicate about your character, but have you ever wondered which sleeping styles are the best yet most comfortable for you?  Even though it depends a lot on how your lives and going on and individual needs but still some positions can make your boring life fun.

  • The loose spoon has proved to be the best amongst all, as you and your partner has a certain degree of freedom but are still touching each other. If you’ve spend so much time together to be too close while sleeping, go for this position as you will never get tired of this.
  • For newbies in a relation, the unraveling knot is very common as you start off with excitement and intimacy but then sleep in your own space.


Whatever the style you choose, you need to realize that couple sleeping positions and what they mean is just temporary. Don’t worry if you’ve been sleeping in a position not appreciated by this guide as this won’t break or make you. You’re always in control of your life and you can change your lifestyle however the way you want.

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