Casper Vs. Tuft And Needle – Which One You Should Get?

In the recent digital age, the top leading companies are Casper and Tuft & Needle, direct-to-consumer mattress sales. Tuft & Needle has been growing immensely and put effort in improving their product and marketing while Casper has been successful in catching large market shares due its widespread advertisement.

People are more prone to choose these two mattresses as they are both all-foam, making it among the top choices when it comes to buying. Casper comes in reasonable price to the mass, but The Tuft & Needle mattress is quite affordable hence, it is the go-to option. While making a decision as a customer to choose between these two mattresses is the understanding whether the price matters or the other issues.

The company offers variety of other mattresses like (Tuft & Needle’s Mint mattress and Casper’s Wave and Essential mattresses), but in this review we’ll talk about flagship offerings. Moreover, we will compare their performance to help you in deciding for yourself!

Key Similarities

  • Both are popular.
  • Offer great customer service terms.
  • Both are all-foam mattresses.
  • The base layers are similar.
  • The bouncy feel of these mattress give off a similar feel.

Key Differences

  • Tuft & Needle is more affordable than the Casper.
  • The mattresses incorporate some different materials.
  • Tuft & Needle has lesser layers than Casper.
  • The Tuft & Needle have no zoned construction, but the Casper has.
  • The Tuft & Needle feels a bit compressed compared to Casper.
  • The Casper has a different feel due to the zoned construction.
Casper Construction

Casper Construction

  • The Casper mattress is 10” long
  • The cover is extremely comfy and thin.
  • It has a soft, thin feature, thus making the mattress very comfortable for one.
  • The first layer of the Casper mattress is composed of 1.5” of  latex-like foam.
  • The memory foam helps to relieve pressure which is below 1.5 of latex foam.
  • The next layer which is 1.5” of a zoned transition foam, provides great support to the layers beneath.
  • The last layer is made of 5” of durable support foam.
Tuft-and-Needle Material

Tuft And Needle Construction

  • The Tuft & Needle mattress is 10’’ long.
  • The cover is very smooth.
  • The last layer is composed of 7” of standard base polyfoam.
  • The first layer is made of 3” of adaptive foam layer.

Construction Differences

The Tuft & Needle is simply constructed it consist of standard base layer, and the Adaptive Foam also contains latex and memory foam which provides support. It also offers good pressure relief, but you shouldn’t get stuck. Where Casper has a more complex structure. It contains zoned transition foam, which means that the mattress is firm in the middle thus provides support. The edges and corners of the mattress are soft and very comfortable.

Both mattresses have a responsive feel and are bouncy but the Casper will still feel a bit different because of the zoned construction that gives the person a unique feel. Both are same in terms of breath-ability. Although the Casper mattress is stronger than the Tuft & Needle.

Firmness/Feel Differences

The tuft and needle mattress is more firm and feels like 6.5/10. While the Casper mattress is not very hard and feels like 6/10. The Casper mattress might feel softer or firmer depending upon your sleeping position because of its zoned construction. While the Tuft and Needle mattress is fully firm. I think Casper mattress is best suitable for back and stomach sleepers as it provides support to the hips and they don’t sink in too far!

 The zoned construction adds extra support to the lumber area also. Moreover sleeping on side gives support under shoulder area and is also great for relieving pressure.

The Tuft and Needle mattress is also a good option for back sleepers as the adaptive foam provides support just the right amount, but in case of providing support to the body Casper mattress is recommended. For stomach sleepers Tuft and Needle mattress is best because it is firm and the person does not sink into the mattress.

Both mattresses have the same balanced foam feel. They are bouncy and responsive, so you shouldn’t feel stuck in the mattress. In case of Casper mattress the person may feel firmer or softer, depending upon their sleeping position, because of its zoned construction feature.

Firmness And Feel Difference

Sleep Experience

There are a lot of things you must take into account when choosing between two mattresses. The key factor that you should check before buying any mattress is the performance of the mattress. In this section, we’ll discuss the similarities and differences of the Casper and Tuft & Needle mattress so that you can easily select which mattress you want.

Temperature Control

The main reason why people may overheat during the night is that some materials including foam retain heat, thus the temperature increases through the night. Secondly if the mattress hugs the body very closely then the air can’t flow around the body to cool it down. This over heating makes it very hard for a person to sleep at night.

For those who are concerned with sleeping hot must go for tuft and needle mattress. Because it is firmer and less hug than the Casper mattress, thus allows more airflow. Moreover, the tuft and needle mattress has an adaptive foam layer which includes graphite so helps to reduce heat retention. On the other hand Casper mattress is more suitable for people who don’t have any issue with sleeping hot.

Motion Transfer

The tuft and needle mattress possess another unique feature of motion isolation. For example, it limits the transfer of motion exerted on the mattress from one side to other. This feature is quite suitable for couples who face problems when either one of them frequently changes position throughout the night. Many of the couples might prefer this type of mattress because of its self-sufficiency in committing to prevent any mattress related disturbance. But on the other side, Casper is still a step ahead because of an addition of a memory foam that prevents the transfer of motion.


This term is applied when observing how a mattress responds to the positioning of a person’s body. The notable feature of a responsive mattress that it keeps the spine in proper shape and prevents the commonly faced problem of enduring back pains because of unauthentic mattresses. These mattresses are designed to adjust accordingly to the pressure points of the users. Both the adaptive layer of the Tuft and Needle as well as the poly foam and memory layer sufficiently compress in accordance with the weight applied by the body. Once again, the Casper has an improvised contouring and is thereby suitable for people with notable pressure points but all in all these mattresses greatly support the sleepers.

Resilience and Bounce

Another important feature is the bounciness of mattress that is how fast the mattress obtains its normal shape when the pressure is removed. High level of resilience is a necessary element for people who change frequent positions on the bed. In general, the tuft and needle fulfils the requirement of obtaining a better bounce than the Casper because of the adaptive layer it possesses.

Edge Support

Neither of these mattresses has a high level of edge support.

Off-Gassing And Smell

This is the case with almost every foam mattress. There will be some initial smell when you will set up the mattress in your room. In case of Tuft and Needle mattress and Casper mattress the smell will go away within few hours.​

Shipping, Trial, Warranty And Returns

The policies about shipping, return and warranties about these mattresses are listed below to give you a general idea and help you decide.

[table id=27 /]

Pick The Casper If …

  • You want a more supportive mattress. Since the Tuft and Needle mattress is firm and does not provide great support.
  • You are combination sleeper. Suitable for all three sleeping positions. Provides support when you are on your back or stomach and also helps to relieve pressure when you are on your side.
  • Casper mattress is a bit pricey but offers all the features that a good mattress has. It is very comfortable.

Pick The Tuft And Needle If …

  • You want a firmer mattress.
  • You are looking for an affordable mattress which is also of good quality.

Prices, Sizes And Value

The prices are extremely important for comparison. The table below shows the prices and different sizes of Casper and Tuft and Needle mattress

[table id=28 /]

Now it all comes down what you are willing and able to pay. Casper mattress is a bit pricey and is suitable for people who can pay more. On the other hand Tuft and Needle mattress is affordable and the quality is great too!

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