Casper Vs TempurPedic – Which One Should I Get?

Casper and Tempur-pedic Mattresses are one of the pioneering brands of the market which are greatly acknowledged and recognized across the globe. Apart from the appreciation associated with its name, they also offer extraordinary bedding without compromising the comfort level. Each of these mattresses have distinct qualities and are specialized in their own way to promise quality. In order to figure out the differences and key features let’s have a parallel comparison between these both types which will make it easier for customers to sensibly choose the form of mattress.

In this guide, we’ll just be comparing TempurPedic ProAdapt mattress with Casper’s flagship model, the Casper.

Key Similarities

  • Both are purely made from foam.
  • Possesses the knack of providing pressure relief.
  • In charge of proposing many models of mattresses.

Key Differences

  • Casper is more responsive when pressure is exerted.
  • Casper consists of a soft polyester blend.
  • TempurPedic provides suitable temperature regulation.
  • TempurPedic  has deep sink age property.
  • TempurPedic consists of more layers including TempurAPR+ Foam.
Casper Construction

Casper Construction

  • Casper’s design comprises of three prominent layers; upper and lower poly foam and middle is memory foam
  • Level of firmness offered by these three layers is Medium 5.5
  • It supports people weighing from 130-230 pounds inclusive of side sleepers
  • It’s thickness slightly varies lesser than the other kinds of mattresses
Tempur-Pedic Construction

TempurPedic Construction

  • ProAdapt has a cosy and extremely comfortable climate dual cover system 
  • ProAdapt’s comfort layer is varies in all types of ProAdapteither containing Tempur-ES , Tempur-APR or Tempur-Original
  • Lastly, the support layer is also unique in its firmness, which ensures that the mattress is less bouncy

Construction Differences

Casper successfully sustains a well balanced approach regarding the matter of pressure relief. The three suitable layers i.e core of memory foam providing sink and the other latex foam supporting lift and poly foam for foundation gives it a persistent and constant flow. TempurPedic lacks the balanced feature of structure. Suitable for side sleepers, it slowly responds to pressure and provides a deep sink in the mattress. TempurPedic provides almost null level of bounce. Casper has generally more cooling properties than TempurPedic.

Firmness/Feel Differences

It is widely known fact that every person will feel different amount of firmness as the body mass, shape varies from person to person. The average rating Casper provided is 7 which is slightly higher than the standard industry rating of about 6.5. This gives Casper the edge on the firmer side.

The Casper agrees to give an even duo of pressure relief and support as well since the comfort layer provides the sink and the Zoned support and high density poly foam base sustains the lift. Thereby it highly suits most of the Combo sleepers.

On the other side, TempurPedic is softer as compared to the Casper mattresses. The firmness level is quite low varying from 4 to 6. The upper most layer is made up of comfortable and pleasant structure. The sink it provides supports a massive level of body contouring specially around the shoulders and hips. It suits side sleepers but stomach and back sleepers may bring them inconvenience.

Girl Checking Mattress Firmness

Temperature Control

One of the most troubling situations faced by many sleepers is overheating of the body. One of the key reasons for overheating is lack of air flow obstructed by exaggerated contouring and mattresses retaining the heat. The material of memory foam used in TempurPedic has a slight issue of overheating because the amount of sink it provides the body blocks most of the air flow. Thereby Casper is better for hot sleepers because it maximizes air flow because of its bouncy structure. Another key feature which is used while making the Casper mattress is open cell foam which minimizes the accumulation of heat.

Motion Transfer

The less motion felt while the body moves around the mattress the better it is designed. In this regard, TempurPedic formula of memory foam is highly suitable since it sustains pressure and resist the transfer of motion. Casper also supports motion isolation to a great extent but if one has to prioritize this feature, TempurPedic should be their good to go option.


The two varieties of mattress greatly support this feature of responsiveness. Casper mattress consisting of memory foam and open cell poly foam responds to the pressure exerted by the weight of the person and keeps the body parts well aligned. The memory foam in TempurPedic also makes it pressure resistant,  but nevertheless, it still provides contouring more than the usual so it doesn’t suit every sleeper.

Edge Support

If we consider these two types, the TempurPedic flex hybrid mattress sufficiently provides the edge support. While Casper suffers with slight issues around the edges when any weight is applied.

Off-Gassing And Smell

Initially, every mattress is bound to give some kind of odor when they are brought in the house because of their newness. But the smell isn’t problematic to health and also fades away within a certain amount of time.

Pick The Casper If …

  • You are a combination sleeper and tend to change multiple positions at night. The zoned support layer helps support the should and neck
  • If you like to experience a balanced foam feel. Casper is responsive and TempurPedic memory foam is less responsive.

Pick The TempurPedic If …

  • If you want a firmness of your choice. TempurPedic has so many mattresses of different firmness range which help you have the mattress of your choice.
  • You really like the memory foam feel and have had a previous good experience
  • If you have a good budget.

Prices, Sizes And Value

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Now it all depends on what you are willing to buy. TempurPedic mattresses are a bit expensive but obviously have a really good feel. While Casper even though have variety of ranges, are not as good as TempurPedic.

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