Casper Vs. Ghostbed Mattress Comparison – Which One Wins?

If you have an idea of bed in a box mattress, you must have come across the brands Ghostbed and Casper. They are two of the most highly selling brands and are very popular. However, one cannot buy both of them and you will certainly want to have the best mattress for you.

Both of the mattress have a lot of differences, and have a lot to offer you, so we will compare the most popular mattress of Casper, which is The Casper with the most popular mattress of Ghostbed (The Ghostbed). Let’s look at the key features of both mattresses.

Key Similarities Casper vs Ghostbed

  • Both of them are equally popular
  • Their customers service terms are really good
  • Their price range is almost same
  • They are all foam mattresses
  • They both are supportive
  • They both consist of memory foam layer

Key Differences Ghostbed vs Casper

  • Casper is not as thick as Ghostbed
  • Differences in constructions
  • Casper is zoned
  • Casper is less firm than the Ghostbed
  • You sink more into Casper than Ghostbed

Ghostbed Construction

  • Consists of three different layers
  • First layer is of 1.5 inch aerated Latex foam
  • Second layer is of 2 inch gel memory foam
  • Finally, the last layer is of 7.5 inch support foam
Casper Mattress Construction

Casper Construction

  • Built of four layers of foam
  • The top layer is 1.5 inch synthetic Dunlop latex foam
  • Second layer is for pressure relieving is of 1.5 inch of memory foam
  • The third layer is for the support is made up of 1.5 inch poly-foam
  • The bottom foundation layer is 5 inch high density support foam

Sometimes people find it hard sleeping on the memory foam mattress. even though highly appreciated, Memory foam mattress has its drawbacks as well. Check Disadvantages of memory foam mattress to learn more.

Construction Differences between Ghostbed and Casper

The transition layer of Casper mattress is outlined. This explains that the bed will feel more supportive when you are on your back or stomach and softer when you are on your sides.

The ghost bed has very high density foams in its construction, this enables the bed to support even heavier weights. The 7.5 inch support foams in the construction of ghost bed makes it firmer. Both mattresses features latex material in their construction, which makes it comfortable and you can easily move around the bed.

Firmness/Feel Differences Ghostbed Versus Casper

Let’s begin with comfort which is a natural starting point for comparing two different mattresses. Even if the mattress requires all the features and benefits it should have, you still won’t be satisfied if you don’t feel comfortable on it.

The comfort of the mattress is determined by the firmness level of it. We measure the firmness of any type of bed on a scale of 1- 10. Where 1 is the softest and 10 is the hardest mattress.

Every person’s likes and dislike varies. Some might feel comfortable on firmer mattress and some might feel comfortable on mattress which is soft. That is why a variety of mattresses are available to you so that you can decide which mattress you want. We recommend you should go for medium firm mattress which on a scale of firmness lies between 4 to 7. The firmness of The Ghostbed mattress is around 6.5 to 7 out of 10, while The Casper mattress is 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Young Women Lying on Mattress

Sleep Experience

Like any other all-foam mattress, Casper and Ghostbed share some similarities. But because these mattress are made up of different components, there are some differences which need to be examined when considering sleep experience. Below in these subsections we will discuss those differences.

Temperature Control

Sleeping hot at night is a major drawback of many mattresses. This can lead to poor quality of sleep and daytime sleepiness which is not good for your health. This usually happens when the mattress hugs you more than usual and prevents the heat from dissipating. Sometimes it happens due to sagging mattress which makes the air flow even more difficult.

The Casper mattress and the Ghost bed both are good at regulating temperature. The Casper has its famous open cell foam which allows the airflow easily. On the other hand, the latex of Ghostbed mattress also aids a bit in temperature regulation. The Casper mattress also sinks less than the traditional mattress so it allows the air to flow.

Motion Transfer

If you have a partner to sleep with. Motion transfer is something you always look up to when buying a mattress. When comparing both of these mattresses, Casper is far better than the Ghostbed mattress. The Casper has the ability to isolate motion more than Ghostbed so even if your partner tends to move at night, you don’t feel the bed moving.


Responsiveness means how much support the mattress provides to the body parts. For example, your shoulders require more support than your feet. If the mattress fails to provide this proportional support then you can end up having all sorts of pain.

Both of these mattresses have a memory foam layer which gives proper contour to the body. So both of them are responsive. But because Casper provides a bit more countering than Ghostbed, it may have a slight edge here.

Resilience and Bounce

Resilience is the ability of the mattress to return to its original shape when the pressure is removed. The bounce also occurs as a result of the resilience and relies on how quickly the mattress retains its shape. High resilience is the quality of the latex mattress used in the construction of Ghostbed mattress. This layer gives Ghostbed more bounce than the Casper mattress. Yet Casper’s poly-foam in the top layer aids in providing resilience than most of the memory foam mattresses out there.

Edge Support

Again, if you are looking for a couple’s mattress, edge support must be taken into consideration. This helps you in knowing how much bed you both can utilize during your sleep. In addition to this, you would want to know if you will be able to lie or sit on the edge of the mattress for long time or will that cause your mattress to sink.

Ghostbed has been proved to provide better edge support than the Casper mattress. You will surely feel much more secure when lying on the edge of Ghostbed than Casper.

Off-Gassing And Smell

Both of these mattresses give of some amount of odor when they are unpacked. However this odor dissipates easily if the ventilation is good.

Shipping, Trial, Warranty And Returns

Now finally we will take a look at some minor details regarding both mattresses to summarize things mentioned above.

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Pick The Ghostbed If …

  • If you are a stomach sleeper. Obviously you would require a firm mattress for the proper alignment of your spine. You don’t want to sink into the mattress, as sinking can cause lower back pain. ( Check our blog on  what kind of mattress is best for lower back pain to learn more)
  • You are heavy bodied. Ghostbed is firm and provides more support to the body.
  • If you like a firm mattress. It is firmer than the Casper mattress.

You like being on the top of mattress. Casper sinks more than Ghostbed.

Pick The Casper If …

  • If you are a side sleeper. The softness of Casper mattress aids in better pressure relief. this helps relieve pain in shoulders and neck
  • If you are a combination sleeper. The zoned construction of Casper makes this mattress perfect for you if you are a combination sleeper.
  • If you like a soft mattress. It is way softer than Ghostbed mattress and helps many users of various sizes sleep.
  • You like to sink in the bed. Casper hugs you more than Ghostbed mattress and is less firm.

Prices, Sizes And Value

Below are mentioned the sizes with their prices of each brand

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Now that you’ve read all the information regarding the two, you can easily make a decision. If you like sleeping on top and want your mattress to be firm, buy the Ghostbed mattress. On the other hand, if you like to sink in the mattress and want it to hug you at night, buy any of the Casper model.

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