Casper Mattress Review – Things You Should Know

The Casper Company is the bedding product manufacturer, which is highly regarded for their memory foam mattresses, each with unique characteristics like good firmness, durability and longevity. While their quality is far better than other competitive mattress in the market, they also come in fairly low prices which makes them one notable company in the market.

This brand has brought itself to the top with its variety of mattresses which we will be covering in our review, throwing some extra light on the quality so that you can pick up the perfect mattress for your bedroom.

But for starters, let’s just briefly enlighten you with the history of the ever-present company.

Casper Mattress Review

Casper Mattress

The memory foam, latex, and heavy-duty poly foam work together to offer sleepers a beautifully balanced feel!

Brand Snapshot

Casper is a U.S based company, launched in 2004 which sells sleep products online. The mattresses they offer are manufactured in Georgia ad Pennsylvania but their outstanding showrooms are mainly in the New York City.  With its hefty collection of mattresses, Casper is extremely competitive in the market today.

The company currently has launched different series under which they have excellent quality mattresses, to satisfy almost all needs of a person and to ensure quality sleep at night. The series include Casper, Casper hybrid, Casper Wave, Wave hybrid and Casper essential, each with few modifications for the betterment of their product.

Before we go on to the stats of each series, let’s give you some basic information about the Casper original first!

What is the Casper made of?

Casper is a multilayer mattress consisting of four different components namely latex, a middle layer of memory foam and high density poly foam. In addition to this, the mattress also has a supportive layer which equally divides pressure on different parts of the body and helps in pain relief.

But how does this 12 inch mattress put up all these layers together? Let’s find out about that!

Cover: Every Casper mattress is covered by a sheet made up of mainly polyester and sometimes with a blend of other fabrics as well like rayon. This soft polyester gives the mattress a beautiful finish. 

Comfort: The second layer is the comfort layer which consists of the open cell foam. This layer ensures a proper airflow throughout the mattress providing the mattress its cooling effect, just like latex. Other than that, it is perfect for couples or siblings who share bed and want motion isolation at night as its placement at the top favors first-rate mobility.

Contour: Just below the open cell foam is a layer of memory foam. Its position beneath the much more responsive and bouncier layer is due to its less responsiveness to pressure, thereby helping in the proper contour of the body curves. Also, as it has the capacity to overheat a bit, it is placed under much more chilled layer of latex.

Transition: The second last layer in the line is supportive layer just as mentioned before. This layer provides targeted support to each part of the body. It consists of two components of poly foam, an upper softer layer to provide pressure relief to the shoulder area and a lower much stiff layer which helps lift the hip area. The two layers of different types helps maintain the support provided by the mattress so that users can experience a good night sleep with dual feelings of softness and firmness.

Base: Lastly, the base is made by a heavy duty poly foam to give the desired shape to the mattress and provide further support at the bottom for the upper layers.

How Firm is Casper Mattress?

Now that we are done with the nuts and bolts of the Casper mattress, let’s get to the main topic. The firmness is an important aspect to consider while choosing a mattress for yourself as both the side and stomach sleepers prefer different firmness. Which is why instead of just throwing away our opinion we decided to do a survey of people with different weights and sizes to conclude the firmness test of the Casper mattress. Then we took an average of our data and came to the score shown below.

How Firm is the Casper Mattress

Astonishingly, we found out that the Casper mattress is suitable for all kinds of users as its firmness lies on the medium scale, which means it has a firmness range of approx. 5.5 to 7. That is a lot to satisfy both the side sleepers and the stomach sleepers, as it runs between super soft or super firm.

Nevertheless, it truly depends on how the person positions him/her on the mattress, because it depends a lot on the zoned support layer we talked about before. If the person tends to exert more pressure on the shoulder area, he/she might find the mattress really soft, but if the same pressure is exerted below near the hip area, mattress will be termed quite firm by the user.

Conclusively, no matter how you sleep, it ensures that you get a balanced feel and does not make either feeling overwhelming for you.

How Well Does the Casper Relieve Pressure?

Another really significant point to consider when buying yourself a mattress is how well it helps you relieve pressure. In fact, every mattress partially helps you relieve some pressure as when you lay down in a relaxing position, you automatically feel relieved when your body parts are at rest.

But these Casper mattresses are specially designed to enhance and provide you targeted pressure relief. By this, we mean that these mattresses specifically focus on areas under greater stress when you lay down, like your shoulders, back and hips. Here we have gathered some personal reviews of customer feedback to give you a general idea of how various sorts of sleepers feel the pressure relieved at specific parts of their body.

Back : A little bit of sink was felt by the users in this position but it wasn’t great enough to cause discomfort. In this position, the top layers of the foam filled in the space in the lumber region of the body to enhance pressure relief.

Side: It is worth mentioning that the mattresses were highly appreciated by side sleepers as the zoned support layer provided high degree of pressure relief, especially at the shoulder area.

But staying for a long time in such a position made it a bit uncomfortable as too much foam filled underneath the shoulder area making it firm than being soft. So, it is mainly recommended for sleepers who tend to change positions at night.

Other Models of Casper Mattresses

Casper Mattress Review

Casper Mattress

The memory foam, latex, and heavy-duty poly foam work together to offer sleepers a beautifully balanced feel!

Now that we have gotten basics out of the way, we will go further into the details of each model regarding its quality, temperature, support and much more. But before that let’s give you a table of specification to make it easier for you to buy a mattress.

[table id=22 /]

Casper Sleep

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As mentioned before, it comprises of three sufficient segments. The middle memory foam is layered in between the poly foam. Whereas the support core also consists of a poly foam. Lastly, the paneled cover is made from the combination of multiple fabrics such as rayon and primarily polyester.

You can figure from the table above that this mattress has no noise potential. This becomes very important especially when you are with your siblings who tend to change positions at night. Hence this mattress provides proper motion isolation so that you can continue having your good night’s sleep while your sibling gets up for midnight munching.

Another very salient feature Casper provides is its cooling effect, its memory foam layer aids in absorbing minimal heat from the body giving you a chilled sleeping experience.

Being new in the market, we cannot judge its longevity but it’s fairly durable and its other characteristics are highly appealing such as good motion isolation, temperature neutrality and least noise potential ensuring a sound sleep.


  • Motion isolation is very good
  • It has great conforming and provides targeted pressure relief
  • Helps user sleep cool as minimally absorbs heat
  • Has no noise potential


  • Durability is fair
  • New mattress has a little complain of off-gasing
  • Edge support tends to decrease over time

Casper Wave

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The wave comprises of four prominent layers. The upper layer is constructed with Flo Foam whereas the second layer is a mixture of synthetic and natural latex. The third part includes a memory foam; and the last part is made of a greatly flexible poly foam. The support core is of sufficient quality poly foam and the cover is designed with cotton fabric.

The Casper wave is highly recommended for side sleepers specially those who strictly follow this position as it is the softest out of all Casper mattresses. This is due to the fact that its made up of four plush foam layer mentioned above.

Other than that, its motion isolation is perfect so that a person can have his/her deep sleep or cool sleep as it absorbs very less heat, after a tiring day
Nevertheless, all of these feature comes with a cost, Casper Wave is the most expensive out of all mattresses but its surely worth the price so one cannot just give up this mattress because of its price.

Another exceptional feature this mattress has that when the mattress is new, there is no odor potential as minimal off gasing is experienced as heard in the customer feedback. Its thick cotton fabric cover surely aids in limiting the amount of odor passed from the mattress.


  • No noise potential
  • Comfortable conforming
  • Significantly minimize motion
  • No off-gasing so no odor potential
  • Absorbs least body heat


  • Little sink age is reported at the edges
  • Too early to judge durability as it is new in market

Casper Hybrid

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The salient features of Casper Hybrid are an open-cell poly foam, memory foam as well as a necessary layer of high density foam. Its thick base provides further supports for the added sleeper. Moreover, it has a cover made of polyester just like the other mattresses.

As mentioned, its open cell poly foam provides good airflow through the foam which helps in maintaining the temperature of the mattress. Hence users tend to sleep cool.

Furthermore, It is the most durable amongst all the Casper beds as its life spans extends to 6-7 years which is obviously due to its hybrid soft comfort layers. These mattresses are good at bearing pressure from heavy bodied individuals.

Although its coils as a tendency to make sound which could be disturbing for some users, these creaks are much lower than other coils which usually mattresses have!


  • Very Durable as has a life span of 6 to 7 years
  • Minimize motion isolation than most other competing models in the market
  • The open cell foam provides utmost cooling effect
  • Very less chance of noise potential


  • Indentations might occur where people sit more for E.g. Edges
  • Off-gasing reported causing odor potential

Wave Hybrid

Wave Hybrid
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  • Wave Hybrid comes with 13” in height.
  • Coolest sleep with maximum air flow.
  • Hundreds of modern coils enhance responsiveness.
  • Individual coils enable air flow to circulate body heat out and away.
  • Steel springs at the base layer stay strong for all body types and sleep partners.

This multilayer mattress is made up of comfort layers of latex, memory foam, poly foam and a transition layer which has a very resilient kind of poly foam to provide minimal sink age at the sleeping areas and the edge where people sit.

 An exceptional feature of this mattress is its wool cover which lets the sleeper sleep cool, providing a good barrier to heat transfer and thorough air circulation from the coil layer.

This mattress being medium soft is highly appreciated for back and side sleepers, as it conforms consistently. This characteristic makes it very attractive in the market.

Just like Casper Hybrid, this mattress is very durable with a long life span of seven years providing satisfying motion isolation for combo sleepers, so they can sleep comfortably without disturbing each other.


  • Very silent
  • Very few odor complains when compared to other mattresses
  • Temperature neutrality is very good, user sleeps cool
  • Significant motion isolation
  • Gives targeted pressure relief


  • Not that durable, new in market
  • Not much edge support provided to heavy bodied individuals

Casper Essential

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Last in the line is the Casper essential. It is the cheapest of all mattresses mentioned above. It’s top most layer is made from poly foam, underneath which is the layer of memory foam. The supportive core is as usual made up of high density poly foam.

The best feature this mattress is its temperature neutrality so people living in hot climate can enjoy a cool sleep by sleeping on this mattress as its memory foam layer has a tendency to dissipate heat rather than absorb it from the body.

According to the owners, this mattress minimizes the motion mainly because of its high density poly foam which provide a solid base to the mattress, making it less movable by sleepers. This helps couples have a good sleep together.

But it has a much less life span than other Casper mattresses and sometimes mattress tends to sink at the edges where the mattress is under more stress due to people sitting.


  • Minimal motion isolation
  • No noise potential
  • Absorbs minimal heat


  • Not much durable, less lifespan
  • Sink age most likely to occur at edges
  • Off-gassing causing odor potential
  • Does not relief much pressure

Which type of sleeper is best suited?

The comfort and spine support are the first priority of a customer when buying a mattress which no doubt Casper and its models never fail to provide, but still different mattresses and their varying features satisfying different customer’s needs and that we have tried to figure out for you guys. This will make it easier for you when choosing a Casper model and will let you know if Casper is the right mattress for your good night’s sleep.

Based on our customer feedback and various reviews, we have concluded that Casper should be the top most choice for side sleepers. The zoned support system works best for light bodied individuals and average weight users who sleep on their back.

For individuals with above average weight, Casper Wave has proved to be the best option as it provides more back support. Essential could also be a cheaper option for heavy weight users but it has tendency to degrade quickly specially under more weight.

For lighter people, Casper hybrid and Wave hybrid is the excellent choice as these mattresses provide the desired softness to the sleepers. Sometimes though, back and stomach sleepers may feel a bit sink age into the mattress so it’s ideal for light bodied side sleepers.

Should I buy Casper mattress?

Even though it entirely depends on an individual need to whether buy or not buy a Casper mattress, but still we have jot down a few points which will help you decide if this mattress is the one you should be having.

Casper Mattress Review

Casper Mattress

The memory foam, latex, and heavy-duty poly foam work together to offer sleepers a beautifully balanced feel!

Casper Recommendations

  • The point regarding the zoned support layer we discussed before is one of the reasons why this mattress is highly selling, providing dual sources of pressure relief at the shoulder and hip area.
  • Highly recommended for back and side sleepers and also for those who keep on changing either of these positions, as its multilayer provides tremendous amount of pressure relief.
  • Not just pressure relief, but also maintaining support is another attractive feature, which makes sure that these mattresses balance both the feels and not making either overwhelming.

Casper Complains

  • We do have Casper Wave for stomach sleepers but ideally, we don’t recommend stomach sleepers these mattresses as they require more firmness
  • The mattresses are not much bouncy, so a person might just feel a bit sunk into the mattress rather than being on top

How Much Does a Casper Mattress Cost?

Finally, we will shed some light on the various sizes of the mattress so you can find out the perfect mattress according to the dimension of your bed.

[table id=21 /]

So according to the mentioned sizes you can decide the right mattress for your bedroom.

Casper is the most preferred choice of people in the market nowadays. The balanced feel which it provides to every kind of sleeper, whether back or side, is its most attractive characteristics. So, what is keeping you waiting?

Click on the link below right now and get an instant 10% discount on your first order!

Casper Mattress Review

Casper Mattress

The memory foam, latex, and heavy-duty poly foam work together to offer sleepers a beautifully balanced feel!

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