How to Sleep Train a Baby

Sleep training means you would train your baby sleep as comfortable as possible on his/her crib independently. Sometimes baby wakes up at night and needs constant care throughout the night. But to remind you, you would have to wake up every night to do that which would make your sleep incomplete. The idea of sleep training is that you don’t have to wake up anymore to make your baby sleep again.

How to Sleep Train a Baby in 2018?

How to Sleep Train A baby

Get all the people on board

Before you start sleep training your baby, make sure that everyone is on board. Know about the medical conditions such as refluxes, sleep apnea and allergies from your pediatrician. Know how long the baby has to sleep, feed within the 24 hour period. Make a plan with your partner. Decide how you both take shift of the baby work. Try to feed the baby once before you put the baby to bed, and then do not feed until next morning.

Create a routine

Make a fifteen-minute routine which would sooth your baby’s mind before he/she goes to sleep. Pick an activity for these minutes like reading a story out loud or singing lullabies to your baby. Pick a starting date to start sleep training your baby. Many people choose Fridays to start sleep training because of the upcoming weekend. Many choose vacation days so that they don’t have to worry about going to work at the very next day.

Create the right environment

Creating the right environment is necessary for the baby to sleep. If the baby’s nursery is sunny, she or he may have trouble sleeping there. If that is the case, try some room darkening shading in the nursery.  Try to keep the temperature of the nursery between 65 to 70 degrees. The baby would get comfortable in the temperature.

Put the baby down while awake

Always do your bedtime routine precisely and put the baby down when the baby is feeling drowsy but awake.  For the first few days stay next to the baby’s crib for awhile and offer the baby some comfortable and soothing touches. If the baby can’t sleep at all without you, you can pick the baby up but don’t forget to put him/her down as soon as he/she stops crying. Stay beside the crib until the baby is sound asleep.

Move the chair

Use the same technique for days to calm the baby but gradually move the chair further away from the crib for every third night until you are out of his/ her view. It’s important to keep moving away from the baby. If you stay at one particular spot, your baby will get used to the new system knowing that you are there.

Go back to your bed

Within two or three of weeks, you should be able to go back to your bed just after putting the baby to sleep just after bedtime.  And the baby should be able to go to sleep just after you tucked the baby in into the crib.

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Staying consistent is the key

The hardest thing the parents face is the baby’s resistance. The baby can wake up the middle of the night and shed some tears because of the change in sleeping pattern. But you have to let the baby cry to make the training work. If you want to check on your baby, do it constantly rather than waiting for the baby to cry. Comfort the baby without picking him or her up and later from outside the door if you can.

There is a no- tear approach

If you are not open to the idea of leaving your crying baby alone, the no tear approach is the one for you. A soothing environment is ambient for the no-tear approach. If you are trying this method, develop some keyword like a simple shushing sound or some spoken phrases. Always repeat the keywords or phrases whenever you are soothing your child. This will make your baby associate the word or sound with sleeping.

There are some products you may find helpful for the baby to put him or her into sleep

Zazu Kids Sam Sleep Trainer Alarm Clock and Nightlight

The sleep trainer comes with a video set up tutorial. You have to use it to sleep train your 3-year-old toddler.


The sheep, Sam’s eyes close when it’s bedtime and opens when the nap time is over. This sleep trainer also works as an alarm clock with three different sounds and adjustable volume.

Why buy:

You can teach your baby what is his/her nap time as the sheep closes its eyes.  You can also teach his/her first concept of the clock with it.

Claessens’ Kids Kid’Sleep Classic Sleep Trainer

The Kid’Sleep Classic sleep trainer is both a night light and a sleep trainer. It works as a great tool for the baby to understand the regulation of day and night and when to sleep and when not to. The sleep trainer has a sleeping and awake picture of an animal to which the kids easily relate to.


When the parents set up a time to sleep the trainer automatically changes its picture of an awake animal to a sleeping animal picture. It also can be used as a night light and an alarm.

Why buy:

There are two-time settings to let the kid know the night time nap and the afternoon nap. Your kid is going to love this alarm cum nightlight cum sleep trainer.

Claessens’ Kids Kid’Sleep Moon Sleeptrainer Nightlight

The Kid’Sleep Moon sleep trainer has two pictures set in it. One has a sleeping animal another has an awake animal. Both pictures are associated with two different colored lights.


The baby can easily distinguish the pictures and lights to understand the concept of sleep time. This gadget has three different settings for day settings, night settings, and weekend settings.

Why buy:

The voice controls works beautifully for the kids. The sleep timer also distinguishes a 10 minutes warning time before giving the final wake-up call.

Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System

This product is a projector, an alarm clock and a sleep timer at once. Have three different sounds and 12 projector cartridges at once.


The projector projects the images onto the walls and ceilings. This projector mode has a timer pattern which turns it off after 12 minutes of continuous play.

Why buy:

This product includes many recorded lullabies and sounds with four different scenes. It automatically activates when the baby cries at night.

Pinzon 300 Thread Count Percale Fitted Crib Sheet

It creates a beautiful and cozy sleeping space for your kid. The sheet is made such a way that stays in place. The sheet is made up of 100% pure cotton.


The sheet is made up of pure cotton and has fitted standard crib mattress size. It has 300 thread counts for strength and breathability. It comes with a wide range of color.

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Why buy:

This crib sheet is breathable, light and super comfortable for the baby.

Baby Shusher – The Soothing Sleep Miracle for Babies

The baby shusher is a revolutionary product which helps to soothe your baby by some doctor-approved rhythmic shushing techniques. The product is versatile and easy to carry


The baby shusher allows the parent to set the shushing noise with a timer. You can set it either for 15 minutes or for 30 minutes. It has a built-in volume control.

Why buy:

This product is scientifically tested and doctor approved. The shushing sound it makes it remind the baby of the noise he/she felt while growing in the mother’s womb. The shusher even works for small babies.

Munchkin Sh Portable Soothing Sound and Light Machine

This machine calms a cranky baby in minutes by using quite loud but soothing sounds. This machine soothes the baby by imitating the sound she/he hears within mother’s womb.


This machine is battery operated and has three kinds of noise like shushing noise, heartbeat noise and white noise, which can calm the baby within minutes.

Why buy:

This battery-powered gadget is even better for newborn babies; it is a life saver whenever and wherever in need. It also features a timer and a night light.

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Night Light Lamps LED Star Moon Sky Dreamer Desk Romantic Fantasy Sky Projector Light Indoor Room Bedroom for Children Kids Boy Girl Gift

This projector lamp has three working modes- The first mode powers the lights with warm light and gives an on-off effect. The second mode cycles through all the color options and the third mode are the rotating mode.


It rotates a full 360 degrees with a projection of starry sky. It illuminates the room with a beautiful starry night effect. This works as a beautiful dreamy calm night light for the baby.

Why buy:

The night light effect would instantly sooth any baby in a very small time.

Child Sleep Training – Dream Team Pets Magical Cat Bedtime Routine

This product is a revolutionary product for sleep training a 2-3 years old toddler. This bedtime routine comprises a fluffy stuffed animal.


This product helps the children to sleep train themselves very independently. It has a super cuddly and fluffy pet character. It has a box of stickers and certificates for the kid and the pet for a good night’s sleep.

Why buy:

Kids would love the stickers and certificate as it would make them aware of the rewarding nature of this kit. This method is supported by pediatricians.

Zoe Portable Baby Soother White Noise Sound Machine with Bluetooth Speaker

The Zoe sound machine is a baby soothing noise sound machine, and a night light. You can hook it easily with your stroller and carry it everywhere.


This machine includes five different soothing sounds like white noise, nature, lounge music and lullabies. The voice activator sensor inside it turns on when the baby cries. You can connect your phone to its Bluetooth speaker.

Why buy:

The soothing sound soothes your baby as babies get soothed by hearing some noises. You can connect the bluetooth speaker to your phone and play some different things.


With “How to Sleep Train a Baby”, I hope I will help for your kids. Thank you read it. Pls, comment here if it have prob.

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