How to sleep better and faster

We need a sound sleep at night after the whole day’s workout. It is inevitable. But, there arises certain factors that produce hindrances in the proper sleeping methods. It is, then, an earnest requirement to get rid of those disturbing factors that stood in the way of a comfortable sleep. It is found that the whole-day tiring out is one of them. There are several other factors that cause obstructions in our comfortable sleep. Thus, it is required to find out some ways that could lead to fast and best sleep at the end of a day.

How to sleep better and faster?

How to sleep better and Faster


All electronics in the room require a turn-off

A dark room is needed to bring in sleep fast as the hormones that induce sleepiness are indexed in body when the atmosphere is dark. Increase in level of those hormones makes us tired and we are busy in crawling into bed for sleep. Being on Laptop, watching Television or Video Games will keep us vigil and induction of sleep hormone gets hindered. It is advisable to put the entire electronic gazette in room at least one hour before the scheduled hour of sleep.

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Get Rid of Caffeine Drinks

It is true that sometimes caffeine drink help to deal with sleeping problems, but it is truer that sleeping problems are mostly caused by such drinks. The melatonin level of brain gets affected by caffeine drinks causing longer to fall asleep as well as to sleep less. This happens even if the drink is not taken during bedtime.

Get the alcohol lost from life

Alcohol is worst for people, more severe for people with insomnia. Various social service organizations have proved through their research about the illusory effects that brings in by use of alcohol. It is found that even occasional drinkers take long time to fall asleep and normally sound sleep is unavailable with them. It also had been observed that alcohol increases odds of sleep illness.

Hot Bath

A shower with warm water makes way for growth of sleep hormones. This may facilitate the rise of sound sleep faster. To reap the full benefits of hot shower in bringing out sound sleep, it is counseled that the shower be taken at least 30 minutes before of scheduled bed-time. Two factors are to be put into mind in this case. One, the water will have to be over 100oF or 38oC. Secondly, since this type of baths are better for getting relaxed, it requires ensure that the water was enjoyed for at least 20 minutes.

Cooling of the room

After having a hot shower, it is required to have a cool room for a perfect sleep. Hot skin and cool room are wonderful combination for bringing out a quick and sound sleep. A cool climate brings about sleepiness and prevents undesired sweat at nights. Such a fantastic cuddle will help to eradicate anxiety and stress too.

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Book-reading serves as a wonderful way for reducing stress. It also helps to unwind a mind. Your favorite book (Not a horror or action) will help to bring about the birth of most-needed hormones within your tissues. On the other hand, a horror or action brings out just the reverse effect causing for long – time awakening than that was expected.

Writing Dairy

When it is felt that working of sleeping hormones will take a bit more time to activate, some sort of writing may do an excellent job. If anyone is indulged in writing the events occurred in the passed out day, it may help to ease out the stresses and worries from mind. When the stresses are gone out, the sleeping hormones will be activated in no time.

Sleep facilitating drinks

Having sip of some warm and calming drink helps to bring relaxation into body and mind. For example, warm milk with honey or peppermint tea serves excellent in bringing out soothing and fast sleep. This drink is best while writing diary before going to bed.

Blowing Bubbles

Truly, and the craziness is not up to that level as it sounds. Dr. Rachel Marie E. Salas from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has recommended this technique as a generator of sleeping hormones. She explains that the silly affair of Blowing Bubbles may be helpful in clearing the mind, which is the foremost necessity in creating the hormones for sleeping.

Night Shift in Smartphone

It requires a check whether the Smartphone that is in use have the Night Shift feature in it. The blue light that is emitted by Smartphone stimulates brain waves that promote an awake state of mind, thus prohibiting the sleeping process. If “Night Shift” feature is included in those phones, it will block that blue light and will facilitate a proper sleep.

C-Sleep Dimmable Light Bulb

C-Sleep is a bluetooth enabled light bulb. It supports body’s natural sleep cycle through emission of calm light at night and vibrant light in the morning. It can be controlled from remote by using an app. Thus, dim or bright lights are available as per the requirement. Additionally, schedules and groups can be created to control multiple bulbs at the same time.

Sound Machine

Sound Machines create white noise. This has already become a popular way to help the body and brain relax for a sound night’s sleep. This sort of machines helps in building a bedtime rite while keep the bedroom quiet. The brain gets relaxed with the closing of all unnecessary chaos. Most desirable sound sleep is almost a guarantee.

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Predating with the idea, one of the variety found is that mentioned below.

ReMEDies Sleeping Sound Machine with 6 Soothing Nature Sound

The Remedies sound machine relaxes with natural soothing sounds and background noises at the time of any activity like reading, sleeping and so on. The soothing and relaxing sounds helps block distracting sounds like sore, unwanted outside noises and thereby helping with privacy. This product allows for better relaxation and sleep for both babies and adults. The Sound Machine comes with 6 different digitally recorded natural sounds, e.g. Heartbeat, Ocean Waves, Rainforest, Summer Night, Bird Song and Brooks. Changing of sound is possible with a single button.


  • These products are great for avoiding distracting background noises thereby allowing for better relaxation and sleep
  • 6 different soothing white noise sounds to choose with a single button, Heart Beat – Ocean Waves – Rainforest – Summer Night – Bird Song- Brooks, helping in the activities like reading, sleeping or professional jobs.
  • Auto-off timer lets allows it to run for 15, 30 or 60 minutes at a time
  • Sounds machine operates with a power cord adaptor or 3 AA Batteries.

Fan Sound Machine

This machine brings out the soothing white sound that is superiorly helpful in generating sleeping hormones. These machines ensure a sound sleep in 20 minutes or less. The quality of sleep will also be that of high quality.

The following seems to be bearing with these specifications.

LectroFan – Fan Sound and White Noise Machine

The compact size of these products make it perfect for baby nurseries, day care centers, college dorms or the apartments or any similar environment where unwanted, disturbing, or intrusive noises are posing a problem. These machines have two ways to reduce unwanted noises, either fan sounds or white noise sounds. Each has 10 non repeating unique sound variations. The purpose is served by blocking out noisy neighbors, bringing in sound proofing to a room and even sleeping comfortable during a day.


  • With ten distinct fan sounds and ten non-repeating white sound mix, the sound therapy has been most relaxing
  • The sound of rushing air is produced in ten distinct variations
  • These products is excellent for noise-masking and creating a comfortable background sound in instances where it might be too quiet.
  • The product has a timer that allows the user to decide the time for playing the sound. Thus, it is easy for an user the projected time required to bring in sound sleep.

Ecotones Sound Therapy: An Ecotones Sound therapy has its role in playing realistic, natural sounds helping the brain relax and allow for the drifting to sound sleep.

These machines perform superior quality natural sound recordings. It includes ocean, rain, brook, cascading waterfall, meadow, fireplace, city, trains, white noise, pink noise, brown noise and a meditation profile. These machines are seen to mix natural and HD sounds. These are very much workable in high noise environments. When work or sleep is attempted in an environment with too distracting noises. These machines are especially helpful for night shift workers who need a sound sleep during the day.

Interestingly, a product is found to be equipped with these features.

Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine, Model ASM1002

The machines from Sleep Sound Machines that are a legacy of Adaptive Sound Technologies is designed to provide the most realistic, natural sound environment that is possible to help people relax and sleep better at night. Each device includes ultra-high quality natural sound recordings for the most natural and realistic listening experience.


  • These machines contain 10 most popular natural sounds.
  • All sounds are high in quality and very realistic.
  • An Adaptive Sound Technology is incorporated within that listens and reacts to the environment changes.
  • Best user experience is ensured with three richness settings control.
  • Sleep timer and display controls are provided to guarantee optimal night time operating.
  • Both adaptive and manual operating modes are available.
  • Device features are highlighted.

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Sound sleep is required for good health. After a tiring day’s work, it is intrigued that we enjoy a good quality sound sleep. It will help to rejuvenate ourselves for the next day’s work. Different distracting elements that snatch away such sleep from our grip are thus required to be handled properly. Various methods are suggested by the physicians and the researcher who work in this field. With the aid of such vivacious researches, various devices have been developed that induce generation of sleeping hormones, known as Melatonin. At the end of the day, good and sound sleep are thus maneuvered to ensure.

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