How to Choose Right lotion for your skin?

Daily moisturizing is very important for our skin. Applying lotion is one of the musts to do the routine for people who like to have healthy skin. Human skin is the largest organ of human body. Most of the time people ignore and don’t take care of it properly. Like all the other parts of the body, skins need to be taken care of properly. Otherwise, several skin problems can cause our health to deteriorate. If it is ignored for a long time, skin can look unhealthy and aged in a short time.

How to Choose Right lotion for your skin


How to Choose Right lotion for your skin?

Before buying a lotion for regular use, some important factors have to be considered. You have to do a patch test so that you can ensure the lotion has no harmful ingredient that can cause an allergic reaction. There are lots of lotions for different body skin types. You have to choose the lotion according to your skin type. There are lotions for dry skin type, oily skin type, mixed skin type and normal skin type. These lotions are made to hydrate the skin of that type properly. There are lots of creams which contain various chemicals that can be harmful to the skin. It is better to know the reviews of the product before buying it. These lotions come in different price ranges.

Why lotion is perfect than other oil or cream?

Lotion is one of the regular moisturizers used by people nowadays. In the past, people used oils to moisturize their skins. Oils have high viscosity, and they are sticky. This stickiness of oil can attract dirt from the environment easily, which will affect the skin in the long run. That’s why people tend to avoid using oils nowadays. People also use body creams to moisturize their skins. But body creams are also thicker than lotions. Lotions are less sticky and thinner than creams or oils. Lotion is also easier to use than oils and creams.

Why lotion is needed?

Hydration is very much needed for human skin. Otherwise, they become dry and can cause several skin problems. Facial skin is more sensitive than the body skin. There are lots of body lotions available in the market. Body lotions can be used in the body. The ingredients are different in most of the lotions. But the main ingredients are same. Before buying a good lotion for the skin- either body skin or facial skin- people have to check the components in case they have an allergy to these ingredients.

Lotions of facial skin

Lotions can be used in facial skin too. A facial moisturizer keeps skin hydrated, and this is an important step to keep the facial skin healthy. The uppermost layer of the skin is made up of fat, oil and skin cells. This layer moisturizes the skin and protects it. Applying a moisturizer or lotion to your face will increase the moisture of the outer layer and prevent the internal skin from drying out. Some of these lotions also contain sun protecting ingredients which protects the skin from the sun. But before applying, you have to be sure that it can be used in your facial skin or not.

Lotion in winter

In winter our skin tends to dry the most. People who have dry skin can face irritation, cracks in the skin and other skin problems. These can also cause serious skin problems. Many people who have dry skin complains of cracked skin which can be very painful as they have to go outside every day and the cracks don’t heal easily due to lack of moisture in the environment. Body and facial lotions are a must for people in the winter season. It prevents the skin from cracking and protects the outer layer.  Some lotions have high moisture levels to help dry skin type people in the winter.

How to apply lotion

Applying lotion is not hard work. Lotions are mainly water-based liquids. It is better to use the lotion on the wet skin. Thus, the lotions can moisture the skin properly. Using moisturizers after a shower helps the skin to remain moisturized for a long time. It also helps the skin to stay younger and tighter even after middle age. Both men and women need to use lotions every day to protect their skins and keep them firm. When aging starts in the human body, skin is the only part that suffers the most. Read Have A Joyful Ride with Top Rated Mountain Bikes?. But if proper care is taken skins remain younger and smoother. Old people tend to have sensitive skin, and they need to moisturize their skin more often than young people. That’s why they have to use lotions on their body daily to protect their skin and prevent skin diseases.

Wash your skin before applying lotion

One should wash their skin before using lotion on the skin. We have to walk into the polluted air every day. Our skin attracts all the dirt from the environment, and that causes the skin to dry. Once we wash the skin, our skin loses some of the natural oils produced to keep the skin moisturized. Using the lotion after washing the skin helps the skin to become moisturized again. Otherwise, if we use the lotion without washing our skin, the dirt and other substances will remain in the skin. It can cause irritation and rough skin. You can even exfoliate your skin before finally putting lotion on it. You can apply moisturizer to your body and skin with your hand. You can also use cotton or applier to apply the moisturizer. Once you have applied the lotion correctly on the skin, you have to let it sink into your skin. You don’t need to rub it on to your body roughly. Otherwise, your skin can get irritation and redness due to excessive rubbing. Don’t wash your skin just after using lotion; the skin will not be able to absorb the moisture from the cream in that short time.

Last words

Lotions are one of the essential daily products for our skin. Proper use of lotion daily can help us to get the perfect healthy skin. It also helps our skin to be free from different skin problems. So, it is essential for everyone to choose the right lotion for the skin and use them correctly.

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