How to get Rid of bed bugs in A Mattress

Bed bugs are one of the most common pests all over the world. It is estimated that bed bugs are among the great travelers, journeying from luggage, clothing, bedding, furniture to even anywhere. Bed bugs are like tough “guys”, therefore, it requires your extreme persistence from you to eradicate all.

How to get rid of bed bugs: a comprehensive guide



Recognize signs of infestation

There are many ways of recognizing signs of infestation

When you see bed bugs with your own eyes: Bed bugs are small and no bigger than an apple seed, brown, oval and flat. They are insects that rely on human or animal blood to survive. After they feed on blood, their body will become reddish and bigger. To have an easy access to people to bite, they often reside in mattresses, box springs, bed frames or headboards. Nonetheless, don’t let its name “bed bugs” fool you, as they can spread and hide themselves under school desks, benches, lounge or more.

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When you are bitten by bed bugs: If you wake up with itchy areas you didn’t have before, bed bugs or mosquitoes might be a culprit. Bed bug bites and mosquito bites seem to be easily mistaken. Both are itchy, however, the bites of mosquitoes are random and isolated, while bed bug bites are not random and arranged in a line. Therefore, if you see three or more bites in a row, it must be bed bug bites.

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When you smell bed bug droppings: They have a smell of rotten raspberries or dried blood.

4 steps to get rid of bed bugs

Step 1: Treat your bed inside and outside

You should start by stripping off your bedding from mattress and bagging them in sealed garbage bags to prevent bed bugs from escaping and infesting other parts of your home. Take the bags directly to your washing machine, carefully upload your bedding directly inside and take care to reseal the bags. Wash them, using the hot water setting. Once that’s done, dry the bedding on the highest heat setting if possible. This will kill any bed bugs and eggs hiding in your sheets and covers.

4 steps to get rid of bed bugs

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While your laundry cycle is running, remove your mattress and box spring from the bed frame then use a vacuum to remove any bed bugs, shells, fecal droppings, or eggs that may be present along the seams and folds of your bed. While you could use most regular vacuums for this step, the preferred weapon of choice is a sealed Hepa Pco vacuum. These are designed specially to collect bed bugs and their eggs into a sealed Hepa filter so that nothing gets out.

After you’re done going over the bed with a vacuum, you should follow up with a steamer. While the vacuum may have done a good job covering the surfaces of your bed, only a steamer can effectively penetrate deep inside your mattress, box spring, bed frame, headboard, and footboard to kill bed bugs and eggs hiding inside. Use the included cloth attachment to break up the moisture expelled and steam slowly all over your bed, paying close attention to seams and folds.

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Once your bed has been steamed, left to dry, spray the joints of the bed frame. No residual protection, so follow up with a bed bug spray to fill those cracks and crevices with a residue that will kill bed bugs for several weeks. After your bed has been fully treated and left to dry, use sealed and certified bed bug proof to protect and seal off your bed. These will prevent bed bugs from entering or escaping your mattress, reducing the potential hiding places that they can reside in.

Step 2: Prevent bed bugs from climbing back into your bed

First, you should isolate your bed from any entrances. Bed bugs just can crawl up to reach your bed, so tuck in or remove your hanging skirts. Plus, remove any unnecessary pillows, and any storage underneath the bed. Next, insert Interceptor under the legs, which is a powerful tool to stop pesky insects. No bed bug wants to stay in one place without food supplies.

Step 3: Treat other common places such as clothes, furniture or walls

Eliminate any mess, one preferable place to hide. Wash again. Steam your room again. Remember to move the nozzle slowly. The more slowly you move, the higher the capacity of exposing to the heat is. By now, you’ve covered most of the room with various treatment methods. Now you just need to get away bed bugs that you may have missed previously and set up a long-lasting defense to ensure that the infestation is finished off.

Step 4: Finish off your process

In the last step, you use combine residual sprays and residual powder. For bed bug sprays, they will kill insects quickly in phases. Focus on spraying on tight spaces throughout your room. For powder, it won’t kill as quickly as the sprays but it brings more persistent effects. Spray in cracks and crevices throughout the room.

Treat bed bug bites

Treat bed bug bites


Although bed bug bites are not really well-know for transmitting diseases, they still create an opening on your skin, and if you are not serious, this opening can end up being severely infected. After figuring out your bites are derived from annoying bed bugs, you should:

Wash the bites with soap and water immediately: This will help reduce itchiness and a skin infection.

Make use of home materials to relieve itchiness. Take aloe gel for example. Aloe contains both antibiotic and anti-fungal properties, which can help shield from infection because of scratching. In addition, lemon is an ideal alternative source. Next, baking soda and water is the perfect combination. Make a paste of baking soda and water, apply a thick coat of the paste on the rash, leave it dry for at least an hour and wash it off with warm water.

Consult a doctor if you suffer from serious symptoms such as multiple bites, blisters, signs of skin infection or an allergic skin reaction.


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To sum up

Follow these four simple rules and you will be free from bed bugs. Your bed is the first and foremost place you must deal with and then other common places stand next. Keep in your mind that if you just kill bed bugs without prevention infestation again, all your work is useless. Moreover, if the problem is out of your reach, do not hesitate to call the experts. This rule for infestation is the same as for bed bug bites.

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