Best Mattress Under $1500 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Many of the people do not seem to enjoy the sleeping as they suffer from different issues arises from pain in cervical, stomach and back positions. It is observed that these are issues arisen from the fault in sleeping procedure. People should be aware of the factors like sleeping position, statute etc. Purchase of mattress is guided by this principles and mattress will serve unique in healing aches and other physical issues.

Best 10-Inch Mattresses

Tuft & Needle Mattress

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The Tuft & Needle product has very supportive layers of 10-inch foam. These mattresses are built from 2 layers of foam with the top layer is polyfoam with 3-inch thickness and the bottom layer is constructed from a 7-inch base support foam.

This polyfoam represents the characteristics of memory foam as is witnessed that it is designed to support the spine posture and prevent back pain. The advantage point of poly foam for cold sleeper is its heat up slower. The special surface helps to increase air flow. The mattress draws the temperature of your body and eliminates it through the layers.


  • This mattress is made from superior quality of foam made in the USA
  • This product is available at an acceptable budget
  • These are among the best cool, cozy, breathable and bouncy mattresses
  • These are good and comfortable for back sleepers
  • This product are available with 100 days trials and free return offer


  • There is only one model available in a number of sizes
  • The edge support is normal and the motion isolation is not as qualifying as memory foam
  • The initial firmness is not much for side sleepers

Leesa Memory Foam

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Leesa Mattress used three layers of foam with top layer is constituted with 2” of Arena Foam, the middle layer is constituted with 2” layer of memory foam providing support, pressure relief, and deep compression support. The bottom layer constitutes 6” layer of HD support foam, Due to the high breath-ability, no excess heat is absorbed.

This is a hybrid mattress that offers the benefits of both Arena and Memory foam. Arena is designed to provide airflow, cooling, and comfort. On the other hand, Memory foam is highly supportive. Leesa tries to circulate all these basic attributes in one mattress.


  • This mattress is crafted with expertise with luxury feel and appealing to body
  • It is composed with three layers of high-quality foam delivering cooling bounce, contouring pressure relief and core support for amazing sleep, night after night.
  • It is a hybrid of Arena and Memory foam to provide a combat of support, comfort, cooling effect and airflow
  • Offered with a warranty of 10 years


  • May appear problematic for some sleepers
  • Emits off-gassing effect initially

Casper Sleep

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This mattress is a result of the experiment to provide best sleeping experience. This consorts an emblem of two basic materials across four layers.

The base is constituted with 5” polyurethane foam that strengthens the comfort layers above and adds long-lasting durability. Transition foam constitutes 2nd layer providing support, comfort and consistent distribution of weight. 3rd layer is constituted high-density, viscoelastic memory foam that delivers responsive pressure relief. And the ultimate layer is comprised of open-cell synthetic latex foam ensuring coolness at night, with the right amount of bounce. These four layers are surrounded by a woven polyester and polypropylene zipper cover with gray sides and a white top. Thus, is breathable, flexible, and resilient.


  • This mattress conforms the different lines and contours to person’s shape
  • Help in reducing pressure points, causing relief from pain
  • Help to minimize movement and isolates motion ensuring non-disturbance with partner’s movements
  • Available in both the retail store and online.


  • Retention of heat my Memory Foam causes release of warmth in sleep
  • Lack of required bounce is not preferred by many users

Best 12-Inch Mattresses

Sleep Innovations Shiloh

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This mattress ensures to let the users have a proper body alignment while sleeping. This will make the person awake the next morning with a refreshed feel.

It is composed with two distinctive layers. The bottom layer is made with a 9.5” support-plus foam layer providing required support. The top layer constitutes 2.5” SureTemp Memory foam layer that provides extra coolness ensuring a better sleep and additional comfort.

This is one of the best mattresses that providing healing attributes against back and other pain. Thus, a good quality sleep is due all the time.


  • The medium feel makes the mattress ideal for maximum sleepers
  • This mattress serves ideally for sleeping in any position
  • This is a mattress that is capable to house persons of various sizes
  • Offered with a 20-year limited warranty against damages


  • The off-gassing effect retains for even two weeks
  • A polite complaint is against warmth, but it is manageable

Classic Brands Cool Gel

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This Memory Foam Mattress features a 2-inch Cool Gel memory foam on top that makes the mattress breathable and cool by dispersing body heat. This intuitive layer offers the pressure-relieving features of memory foam. This layer is followed by 2 layers of 1-inch Poly Gel-Supportive Foam providing support to the Gel Foam layer. The support base layer is 6.5 inches thick and keeps the mattress strong and stable.

All these conforms a better sleeping. It conforms to the contours of body and motion disturbance is thus minimized. If purchased from an authorized seller, the customer gets a 30-day return warranty and Classic Brands is also offer a manufacturer warranty.


  • The mattress is breathable and cool. It provides a unique temperature regulation
  • Provides solution to back pain
  • Unique pressure point relief ensures quality comfortable sleeping
  • The 4-way stretch cover will increase the durability of the mattress
  • The customer service is one among the best


  • It takes some time to regain shape after sinking in

Perfect Cloud Elegance

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This mattress is made with four different layers of foam. It includes high-density air infused memory foam, regular air infused memory foam, gel pro memory foam, and high-density support foam.

The 1st layer is made of high-density air infused memory foam. It conforms to the body to customize some particular needs of the customer. The air is infused to minimize heat retention and providing a cooling atmosphere to ensure cooling sleep.

The 2nd layer is composed of 1.5 inches of regular air infused memory foam that enhances the breathability by acting against trapping of air. This layer helps to reduce pressure points.

The 3rd layer is made of 2” of thick gel pro memory foam. It helps in proper spine alignment and wicking away the moisture.

Ultimately, the base layer comprises of 7.5” high-density foam that supports the above layers and helps to retain their shape. It ensures non-development of any pain.


  • The mattress is provided with a superior quality breathable knit cover. It helps further reduction of heat retention
  • The mattress is known for extreme breathability and minimal heat retention
  • This is comfortable for all sleeping positions
  • This product is certified under CertiPUR-US


  • This product does not offer any stipulated warranty
  • There is no trial offer period

Serta Gel-Memory Foam Mattress

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The sleeping experience from this mattress is a combination of contrasting refreshing freshness and firm support. There is an additional pad that blocks body heat from the memory foam and prevents it from softening, leading to a hard, non-conforming bed.

The user will never sink deep into the mattress. Rather, the moderate sinking effect provides support and comfort for the entire body. The gel in the top layer of foam makes the Serta mattress more luxurious for enjoyment. This is one of the best-sought mattresses in the USA.


  • This mattress features thickness and supportive. The moderate softness provides a quality sleep
  • This provides excellent support over and around pressure points
  • Provides excellent spinal alignment and hip positioning
  • The foam adapts quickly and does not normally develop a permanent impression deeper than 1 inch
  • Offered with a limited 20-year warranty


  • No edge support is provided making it difficult to sit on edge
  • Weight is rather high and thus require many people for installation

Best 14-Inch Mattresses

Classic Brands Gramercy

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This 14-Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Mattress combines the support of wrapped steel coil innerspring with the conforming response of gel memory foam. A one-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam that disperses body heat, 0.25 inches of comfort foam and 0.5 inches of comfort foam constitute the top layers.

The second layer comprises of one-inch Gel Memory Foam, which creates a cooler sleeping surface while retaining the pressure-relieving properties of traditional memory foam. Two additional layers of two inches of comfort foam and 0.75 inches of comfort foam works with the eight-inch support layer constituting individually wrapped coils.

These are encased in separate pockets so they can contour to the body. These individually wrapped coil inner springs move independently and reduce the sensation of movement on a bed providing contouring comfort and support for an undisturbed sleep. It is covered with a quilted pillow-top knit cover with a corded edge and knit sides.


  • The mattress is provided with a superior quality breathable knit cover. It helps further reduction of heat retention
  • The mattress is known for extreme breathability and minimal heat retention
  • This is comfortable for all sleeping positions
  • This product is certified under CertiPUR-US


  • The price is bit high owing to superior softness
  • Off-gassing is experienced


The various mattresses are seen to provide the required comfort and support. Besides, many of them are equipped with astounding healing capacity. The superior cooling support relieves the user of perspiring effect during sleep. It is coupled with an effort to provide at competitive prices. Thus, I should recommend the use according to need and/or specialist prescription. If you are looking for simple and cheap mattresses you can see our other posts.

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