10 Best & Cheap Mattress Under $100 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Mattress is a product that gives out ultimate comfort and ensures restful sleep. Many persons reported to have suffering from various cervical and back ache issues that arises from Mal-functioned sleeping. Physicians feed out mattresses that are supposed to get rid of those problems. These products are seen to produce excellent results.

We Compile a list of 10 Best & Cheap Mattress Under $100

1. LinenSpa 3-Inch

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The plush LINENSPA 3 Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper ensures quality sound sleep. It is designed to relieve pressure points by evenly dispersing body weight. The entertaining and contemporary swirl design brings a relaxed look and feel to sleep environment. And, the ventilated design increases airflow and regulates sleep temperature. This is light and breathable open-cell memory foam which is CertiPUR-US certified, certifying that it is manufactured without harmful chemicals. A 3-yr. satisfaction guarantee is provided with the product.


  • Helps in extending the life of mattress
  • The absorption of heat also reduces pressure points in areas like neck and back
  • Choice of a right topper increases the level of comfort in by users
  • Effect of sagging is highly reduced by using this ever-eased product
  • This topper is antidote for Dust Mites and Allergens


  • Like any other Memory Foam product, these product carries a sensation of heat while sleeping as this foam retain heat.
  • A strong chemical odor is felt for the initial few weeks after opening of the shipment

2. Lucid 3-Inch

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This product is offered with special Memory Foam Formula Memory foam that creates a comfortable sleep surface by conforming to the curves of the body. It creates an individualized experience that aligns the spine and eliminates pressure points.

This LUCID mattress topper features 3 inches of a specialized memory plush foam formula which airy and responsive. Gel Infused is used for Temperature Control LUCID infused plush memory foam with a gel material that regulates temperature for improved comfort. The gel material captures and distributes body heat to prevent overheating. The ventilated design improves Airflow ensuring comfortable and breathable sleeping surface.


  • High supportive base and definite memory foam feel.
  • Change in shape of the topper proved great for people having trouble in pressure points.
  • Users won’t be able to feel ‘stuck’ on bed.
  • The packaging itself is a wrinkle-free, tear-less and creases.


  • The topper is complained to be in shorter shape than the mattress itself
  • The topper has peculiar smell ranging from nail polish to paint remover
  • Compression is observed with many of the shipments

3. Zinus 4-Inch

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This 4-inch memory foam mattress from Zinus provides conforming comfort and pressure relieving support. There is a high-density foam base layer providing long lasting durability and stability.

These mattresses are offered at several hundred dollars less than average memory foam mattress products. This also causes for higher popularity. It takes a time of 48 hours for regaining its original shape after opening of the shipment. It comes with a 10-year limited worry-free warranty.


  • These twin mattresses are offered at a real excellent customer-friendly prices.
  • The motion isolation achieved with this product is simply incomparable.
  • No off-gassing property is observed with this product.
  • These products are seen to equipped with Anti-bacterial, anti-allergen and anti-oxidation properties.


  • Many of the users do not like the ingrained firmness.
  • The bounce back is comparatively low.

4. Sleep Innovations 4-Inch

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This is a two-layer mattress topper that adds 2 inches of fluffy fiber-fill in a soft quilted cover to 2 inches of cooling gel memory foam. It induces an unbeatable comfort combined with gentle, pressure-relieving support. Such an arrangement induces alarming naps. The fiberfill comfort layer brings out a feel of sleeping on a giant pillow. With an attachment right to the bottom 2” gel memory foam layer ensures this moving around.

This topper is best known for its ability to cool down. The cooling gel memory foam layer helps to keep your temperature regulated for a more peaceful night’s sleep. The included cover is easy to remove and completely easy washable requiring to dryer for drying. All these in combat are offered at a very comfortable price.


  • This product has extraordinary cooling property.
  • It is equipped with comfortable fiber-fill layer.
  • The fast bounce-back property helps to keep the shape of the product.
  • It is easy washable
  • Offered at convenient prices.


  • Some of the users may find these too soft for use.
  • A slight odor may be experienced while opening the shipment.

5. Lucid 5-Inch

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This 5-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress from LUCID features 100 percent CertiPUR-US certified memory foam coupled with a 25-year warranty against the materials of supreme quality.

This is equipped with a 1-inch comfort layer of gel infused cooling memory foam and 4 inches of supportive base foam and its firm feel quickly conforms to the body for supporting and relieving pressure. The impressed bamboo charcoal layer aids in heat regulation by increasing the airflow between the gel memory foam and support base. A soft, breathable cover is included to create a cozy air layer at the surface.


  • Best price offered in the market.
  • These are ideal for all sleepers – be it side, back or stomach.
  • Produced from non-compromised quality material.
  • A unique reduction in the transfer of motion is experienced.
  • The therm o-regulation property is at some increased magnitude.


  • These mattresses are seen to have weaker edge support.
  • They are firm for a medium mattress.

6. LinenSpa 5-Inch

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The LINENSPA 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is induced with the benefits of memory foam and firm support. The comfort layer at the surface features a 1-inch layer of gel infused memory foam that packs together in hugging of curves and alleviate pressure. The infused memory foam with gel material helps to distribute heat that helps to maintain a comfortable temperature. Beneath the comfort layer, a 4-inch layer of high-density support foam offers a support for waking up refreshed.

This mattress is a low profile one, this is a perfect fit for bunk beds and trundle beds. It is provided with soft, breathable fabric cover. It comes with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • This mattress comes in a combination of pressure point relief and durable support.
  • This is perfect for those who toss and change position in bed most frequently.
  • The firmness of these mattresses is medium.
  • The long-height people get good support from this type of mattresses.
  • Offered at the most convenient prices.


  • Some of the bed frames are coming in short configuration.
  • Appears too firm for some users.

7. Zinus 6-Inch

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These mattresses are soft and spongy that induces a supreme comfort to users. These mattresses are said to have healing capacity against stomach, neck, shoulder and back pains.

This is equipped with a four-layer technology that increases its firmness and density and allows great circulation of air in line with the infusion of green tea extracts that freshens the air around while in sleep.

The extra comfort, Eco-friendly material, four-layer technology, green tea technology and hypo-allergenic characteristics have caused its popularity.


  • Four-layer technology has induced superior comfort.
  • The quality of materials helps to offer great soft and bounciness
  • A great edge support is provided whose credit is due to accumulated foam.
  • The Eco-friendly material regulates the gases around
  • The product comes with a 10-year warranty


  • The softness brings discomfort in many of the sleepers
  • The price is high due high-quality material and sophistication
  • An unpleasant odor may be had off at the initial stage which is due to chemical components

8. Best Price 6-Inch

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Normally, memory foam mattress is firm to somewhat extent, but begins responding to the temperature of user’s body while h/she lies down. It contours to the body shape at the same instant.

Weight is distributed evenly along the surface of the mattress that helps in getting rid of any pressure points and aiding to provide a good night sleep without any flipping and turning.

These mattresses are 6-inches thick and are composed of different layers. These layers include an inch of deep dual layer memory foam top, two-inch super soft foam, plus three-inch supportive layer. The cover is made of rich poly-jacquard fabric and the product comes with a ten-year warranty.


  • This mattress eliminates all support problems.
  • It is certified with CertiPur-US certification.
  • The solid, rigid steel platform gives protection on a strong, stable base.
  • The best choice for those who love firm mattresses.
  • The composition is light-weight allowing to be moved around easily.
  • Chemical smell does not last more than a day.


  • Owing to the property of heat retention, these mattresses are less enjoyable during summer months.
  • Firmness makes it unfit for some people.

9. Olee Sleep 8-Inch

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This mattress has capacity to encompass the comfort of memory foam. There are features to minimize pressure on the body and providing a balanced support. This mattress creates perfectly personalized and balanced form around the body.

This memory foam mattress supports body weight in the most comfortable way and relieves all sorts of pressure focused on the pressure points of shoulders, hips, and feet. At the same time, it eliminates motion disturbance. All this in combat results is a unique and extraordinary sleeping experience.

The set provides lasting comfort, with a dense foam core that ensures years of unrestrained durability.


  • These mattresses are fit for all sort of dimensions.
  • They are made from materials of non-compromised quality.
  • It provides the right kind of cushioning.
  • The dual level of argued softness and firmness is available at the same time.


  • These products are available in online only.
  • There is only one-color option.

10. Zinus 8-Inch

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The Zinus Sleep master is made of a combination of high-quality memory foam, pressuring relieving comfort foam and high-density base support form. All these materials used in this mattress are CertiPUR-US Certified; it assures there is no harsh chemical has been induced are used during its production.

This further ensures that besides bringing benefits to the user, it brings safety for the environment, too. Bio Foam natural plant oil is used in the production instead of petroleum which keeps the mattress fresher for longer.


  • This product works well with all bed frames including trundle, bunk, day beds, platform beds and box springs.
  • Low VOC emissions – indicating presence of lesser carbon compound.
  • These products are long sustainable
  • Available at most affordable rate.
  • Offered as factory direct.


  • Being the Top layer is made with Memory.
  • Foam, it can’t be flipped.
  • There is no set trial period.
  • May take time to regain original sizes after the shipment is opened.


All the products discussed above are liable to serve people in providing comfort and restful sleep. And many of them provide healing factors to the users in various cervical and back-ache problems.

Therefore, the recommendation will target products that are fit according to the physical requirement of a person.

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