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We spend most of our time in bed, so the right choice of the mattress is really important to make your sleeping experience better. Not only will it help you save that hard-earned money, but also will make your lifestyle healthier. Sleeping in a bad posture throughout the night just because of an uncomfortable mattress will compromise your health as well as make your working hours tiresome. So get rid of that bad sleeping experience by buying the perfect mattress for yourself.

But what if you are on a tight budget and want to look for something under your price range? It surely doesn’t mean to get a product which is harmful to your health that could cause you spine problems, but what you can do is look for good affordable brands out there which guarantees you the same sleeping experience as other high-priced brands.

In this guide, we have gathered the top brands with different prices ranges so that you can select the perfect mattress that you desire which gives you comfort as well as suits your budget. All the brands mentioned here strictly refer only to the queen size mattresses. Others you can look for on their official website or other third party webpages.

Mattress Buying Guide

There are several factors to consider other than price when buying a mattress. It requires a great deal of research but we have made it all easy for by quoting only the most important aspects of a perfect mattress

Durability: On average, a mattress should at least work for a minimum of 7 years. But that still is a lot for some mattresses which after 4 to 5 years starts to show indentations and sagging on the sleeping surface. A complete history of the mattress company is really important when considering durability but that sometimes becomes hard as some of the top brands have only been in the market for just a couple of years. 

Firmness: this means how soft or firm the mattress is which is referring to the topmost layer of the mattress which is right under you. By far, there is no perfect firmness level mentioned by any research, which indicates that it is truly based on an individual’s needs. Nonetheless, people prefer a medium-firm mattress to keep things in balance.

Support: this is directly related to the support core of the mattress which is located right under the comfort layer. A mattress which tends to keep your spine straight has the best support, while which sags in the middle can cause many problems like back and shoulder pains.

Pressure relief: some mattresses are designed to contour around sleeper’s body. This can help alleviate pressure points all along the spine which is very healthy for people especially with back pains and side sleepers. If you want to get rid of pressure, a close-conforming mattress will be an ideal choice which perfectly provided by memory foam and latex.

Edge support: some manufacturers add a layer of high-density polyfoam around the support core. This helps to get rid of sinkage at the edge where usually people sit and helps maintain good edge support. Latex mattresses are usually not a good choice when considering edge support.

Motion isolation: to cut down those night time disruptions you need to consider motion isolation when buying a mattress. Latex and foam have proved to absorb movement and keep it confined to the area of sleep.

Temperature neutrality: if you tend to sleep warm or cool, then this factor must be considered. Some mattresses like memory foam are a major heat trap as they absorb a tremendous amount of body heat which can make your sleep time very uncomfortable. Innersprings have proved to dissipate heat which is perfect for cool sleepers.

Noise: mattresses with metals parts and electric component tends to be noisy like hybrids. On the other hand memoryfoam and latex produce the least noise when bearing weight.

Best Cheap Mattress ($200-$500 Range)

It has been estimated that generally, people want memory foam mattresses under $500. To be honest, there are a lot of mattresses to consider and you have a lot of options but not all are worth buying. Only a few of them are worth your consideration and that we have mentioned. Although they won’t give you the same comfort as the tempurpedic mattress, you will surely be able to tell that you are sleeping over memory foam.


Casper Mattress Review

Allswell Mattress

Sleepers who want some serious bounce from their mattress will love the buoyant support of the Allswell Mattress!

We are certainly not sure that you can find a better deal than allswell mattress. This mattress is manufactured in USA, with a pocketed coil support which can handle a huge variety of sleepers. It’s perfect for you if you are worried about the price and still want to have a comfortable sleeping experience.

The top layer is of memory foam, but you don’t get that proper sink-in feeling, but the mattress gets softer with use which makes it comfortable for those who want the sinking in feel. It has been ranged in medium on firmness scale and is fairly responsive when you rotate or change positions at night. The mattress has proved to be best for back and stomach sleepers, but side sleepers feel a little bit of discomfort as they require a soft mattress.

Considering the budget, there are very few brands which use coil support system at such a low price. There queen size mattress is as low as $345! This is a plus point as with such a low price the brand offers a bed that is more durable in the long run and is able to carry all sorts of weight. A very interesting thing about allswell to look at is they don’t use a normal innerspring, but pocketed coils which are perfect for motion isolation and excellent support.


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This mattress is more than just affordable. It is the cheapest memory foam mattress that you will ever find. They have a huge variety of mattresses that retails under $500. Varieties includes, 6” gel foam, 8” gel foam, 10“gel foam as well as 10” plush foam, all of which are below $400! They also have other varieties of mattresses which exceeds $500 but are still below $1000.

Unfortunately, you have just one firmness level to select from, which means you have to compromise a little on your firmness preferences. This is a non-spring mattress which is either soft, medium or firm. If you are a combo sleeper, you should go for the medium one. Similarly, if you are a back or stomach sleeper, then the firm mattress will make more sense to you.

If you use a firm mattress, you need to make sure that it has a Certi-pur-US certification. Being such a cheap mattress in the market, it still comes with this certification which means it’s extremely safe to use.

Moreover, this gel memory foam mattress is easily available on Amazon and is suitable for all sorts of sleepers.

Best Affordable Mattresses ($500 to $1000 Range)

Regardless of what you might have heard or read, there is no need to spend a hell lot of money on a brand new mattress. There are a huge variety of mattresses under $1000 which are extremely reliable which you can take advantage of.


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The Purple Mattress is one of the first pressure relief Mattress. What does that mean? As mentioned in the buying guide most mattresses create painful pressure points and cause the body to overheat as well as cause back and shoulder pains, which leads to long nights and grouchy mornings.

The Purple Mattress uses its patented Smart Comfort Grid which virtually eliminates pressure points and promotes airflow so you can sleep fairly cool and comfortable. It’s soft whenever you want it or can be firm whenever you need it. This means that it cradles your hips and shoulders which gives you full support for your back so that you don’t have to wake up sore and achy in the morning.

So stop compromising on support and comfort and get the best of both worlds with the Purple Mattress at such a low price. Their twin and twin XL is as low as $699! And their Queen size is currently of $999, but if you are a first customer you can get amazing discounts as well.


Casper Mattress Review

Helix Mattress

Find the best mattresses for you based on your body type, sleeping position, and feel preference.

This Mattress is made of materials that are all 100% manufactured in the USA and are hand-assembled in domestic facilities. All of its materials are made without any harmful chemicals and their foams are certified by the CertiPUR-US which shows that they seriously take safety.

The mattress has a softer top that gives you that soft comfort you want. It makes you feel like you are sinking into a cloud or marshmallow. Moreover, it is specially designed using a memory foam plus foam layer just to cushion your pressure points if you are a side sleeper. This ensures less pain, better sleep, and more comfort. The top and middle mattress layer are made to give you the perfect support truly based on your body size. So it best for side sleepers and also for those who tend to toss and turn during sleep.

Currently, their queen size is available at a price of $995. However, the company has no stores right now and their mattresses are available online only. Mattress shipping take 5-6 business days.


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You wouldn’t know what a good night sleep is until you buy the nectar mattress at price as low as $800 and below! Its quilted gel memory foam counters perfectly around your body and help enhance air circulation which makes you sleep cool. The cooling effect is further increased by its Tencel cooling cover. Furthermore, it has an adaptive high core memory foam give perfect support to your body and give crucial bound and rebound.

So this 5 layered foam in such an affordable range can surely give you a good night sleep. Their queen size is of $699 in the market which comes with a set of premium pillows! This mattress is highly recommended for side sleepers, comes with a warranty, and has one year trial period which is very rare!


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The Leesa Hybrid mattress has been top-rated by customer feedbacks and industry experts. The company has thoroughly manufactured their mattress to provide an awesome sleep experience. So for those who want the best of both worlds with the real feel and support of springs along with the benefits of memory foam such as pressure relief and cooling Leesa is the best choice for you. The Leesa Hybrid is the first true luxury hybrid mattress that was designed to compress and ship in a box making for the easiest mattress delivery and buying experience. Their queen size is available at a price of $940. Also, you can rest easily thinking that you made the right choice or not by its 100 night trial period.

Tuft And Needle

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This is a very simple mattress but we have seen a lot of people like it because of its price tag. It is very basic, with a soft feel which is extremely inviting.

It cannot get any simpler than a 2 layered bed, but still, it comes with a 10-year warranty. It might not match your firmness needs but it will surely get the job done well. We find this mattress perfect for kids or college students who are smaller or on a tight budget. So, people who want a budget mattress yet from a big name brand, tuft and needle is the right choice.

Tuft and needle are also backed up by Serta-Simmons which is a very established company in the industry. Also, it’s an Amazon exclusive brand. Right now, their queen sizes are available in 10” at price around $595

Best Luxury Mattresses ($1000 And Above)

These are the kind of mattresses that the users might have experienced while a stay at a luxury hotel. Luckily with time and the advancement in technologies, the prices of such mattresses have dropped to the extent that users can enjoy such luxury mattresses right in their bedroom. 


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This is a well-known brand in the market which offer a variety of mattresses which included Casper essential, Casper wave and hybrid. But for a luxurious experience, Casper Wave has proven to be the best choice. It is specially designed to resist body heat as it has latex as its topmost layer. This luxury foam bed is made to give you utmost pressure relief, taking full care of your spine problems. Its supportive base is designed with contour cuts that give tremendous relief at pressure points. This helps you keep your spine in a proper position throughout the night.

Moreover, this mattress comes with a 100-night free trial and free shipping which further makes it perfect for the buyer. It performs fairly well after a long term use which makes it extremely durable and ensures its longevity. Presently, Casper wave is $2395 in the market, but their essential and hybrid series are below $1500.


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If you have a really large budget, or you tend to sleep hot, or if your partner is easily awakened by movement or noise, then and only then tempurpedic is the right choice for you as it is one of the most expensive yet most pleasing brands in the market. It mattress variety has multiple firmness, composition and thickness options. Its Tempur-Adapt series have special durability which is longer than the average lifespan.

Based on the feedback, it is unique for the fact that it is suitable for all sorts of sleepers, whether heavy-bodied or light, side sleepers or back. Many of its series have a high-density support core which makes it stands out amongst its competitors. So even though its price is very high (only queen size Adapt and proAdapt series are below $3000), it is surely worth buying it.


This was a comprehensive guide for Queen Size mattresses of various prices ranges. No mattress can be labeled as good as or worse than the other as it all depends on the individual’s needs and priorities. All you need to do it to find the best way to get those needs by reading this guide and identifying the perfect mattress for you. Here we have provided you the basics of topmost brands.

Further, you can look for customer feedbacks and pick the right mattress available on their website. As you can see that mostly mattresses are below $1000 which makes them very affordable for majority of people. So what are you waiting for? Make your decision and have a beautiful night experience which you deserve.

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