Best Massage Chair (2020): TOP 5 Brands & Models

Today we belong to a time where our lifestyle is in an ultra-sonic velocity to achieve the highest level of success. This is the real picture of the age called ‘Globalization’. In this competition, we suffer from lack of time and comfort. These issues certainly affect our health.

Massage is an alternative medicine that helps us to get relief from various chronic diseases. It does not have any fatal side effects.

Moreover, it gives us relaxation and comfort from stresses in our busy global life. Keeping the fact in mind, technologies have developed new elements that give us the comfort of massage.

Here we have brought the product that will help you to maintain your comfort and a healthy life even among the stressful activities. Massage Chair is a revolutionary product that has been made only to provide you a satisfactory relaxation in your busy global lifestyle at a very affordable price.

Kahuna Massage Chair

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The latest design of zero gravity full body kahuna massage chair recliner provides an ultimate satisfaction and relaxation from stress.

The model is equipped with three levels zero gravity system, Double layer shoulder airbags, ‘L’-track massage system and extra foot padding. It has six different auto programs including special yoga stretching program, dual foot rollers, space saving technology and the best of all, computer body scanner technology.

On buying the product, the customer will be provided with free warranty of three years for all parts of the product.


  • Computer body scan technology easily detects the shape of every individual and makes the product useful for anyone.
  •  L-track frame structure massage chair with four rollers along with air-cell massage system effectively massages your shoulders, arms, waist, and hips.
  • The Air cells are programmed to inflate separately which causes the body to twist and deep stretch.
  • In a very calm and relaxed process, we enjoy the comfortable taste of massage.
  • This device is a FDA registered as medical device which is used by the doctors.


  • The belt for the shiatsu motion keeps on coming undone in the zero gravity position, making it a pain to unzip the internal cover and feed the belt back onto the pulleys.
  • It is only for home use. The product is too big to carry outside.

Ideal Massage

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The shiatsu chair with built in heat zero gravity is a revolutionary product to provide you deep tissue massage with complete relaxation for thirty minutes uninterrupted.

Here you can enjoy four different types of auto programming massage functions – Shiatsu, Kneading, Spinal rolling and Vibrating. The product consists of a four wheel driven muted massage hands with vertical movement on an ‘S’ track rolling system, therapeutic and three true zero gravity positioning at a single touch of button.

On buying this product, customer will be provided with free warranty of 3 years for the steel frame and body and free warranty of 3 years for electronic parts.


  • In this product you can enjoy massage in both automatic mode and manual mode.
  • It will take care of your head to toe with complete relaxation.
  • Here you get intensity, speed and the facility of airbags just in a single touch.
  • It even gives a perfect healthy therapy for soft tissues.
  • You can choose any preprogrammed massages right from Shiatsu to deep rolling option with a single touch.


  • There are only air bags positioned to the outer thighs and an interestingly vibrating affect to the actual seat.
  • The chair design leaves your head sitting in a “hole” and there is no massage that can reach to neck or the very top of the back around the shoulders.

Best Choice Products

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Here the new massage recliner sofa chair consisted with control ergonomic executive lounge provides you a new arena of comfort in two different colors black and brown.

The overall dimensions of the product are 33” (Length) x 30” (Width) x 42” (Height). It has the weight capacity of 250 lbs. It is made of padded PU leather and has an interior frame made with the steal.

The product does not have the shipping charge and the customer will be provided with a free warranty of one year.


  • A controller is attached to the product that controls the heat and massage intensity.
  • You can enjoy the intense comfort of massage in five different modes.
  • The vibration mechanism of the product simultaneously takes care of your upper back, lower back, thighs, and feet.
  • It consists of ball bearing facility with a 360o smooth swivel.
  • You can recline the chair very easily and release the built-in footrest.
  • This massage chair has two different beverage holders on each side of the chair. If you don’t need two drinks, you can put your snacks in one holder and enjoy it while devouring the massage.
  • This product comes with an attached motion controller.


  • The little motor location can be a negative issue.
  • The parts of the product are still not available in the market.

Real Relax

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The new Zero Gravity Shiatsu massage chair provides you a healthier life with an extreme comfort. It is made of high quality leather soft and comfortable.

The product consists of space capsule arm design that provides pulsed massage for arm section with air bag built inside. The weight of the product is 440.09 pound and very easy to assemble. Each product is tested before shipping and the customer will be provided with a free warranty of three years.


  • The product has four preset auto massage programs with different massage method.
  • You can experience an extreme level of comfort by zero gravity technology.
  • The arms of this chair has space capsule design and it does pulsed massage with air bag inside.
  • Thirty-five air bags are placed all over chair to satisfy your relaxation.
  • 8 massage points inside the backrest work together to relax your head to toe.
  • A heater and squeezer are placed under the seat that promotes blood circulation and develops metabolism. The rollers massages the feet.
  • The footrest can be extended for the taller individuals.
  • It also has extended footrest with roller massage system for tall persons.


  • The head/back and leg elevations cannot be adjusted independently.
  • This chair has movable no back-rollers to do intense massaging.

Best Massage

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The electric full body shiatsu massage chair recliner is a perfect product for giving you a satisfactory relaxation from stresses. It consists of power rollers; 30 air bags and build in Heat Intelligent Roller System. 20 air bags are located in the lower body of the chair.

Moreover, it has high power vibration motors and air pressure system. The dimension of the product is 55” x 35” x 42” and the weight is 185 pounds.

The product is available in three different colors black, brown and burgundy. The customer will be provided with a free warranty of one year.


  • It relaxes muscle stress, reduces fatigue and rejuvenates the mind and body.
  • This product is a reliable shiatsu massager with deep kneading action which relaxes the muscle nods.
  • Different types of programs can be performed in it like recovery program, extend program, relax program etc.
  • This chair includes 20 air bags at the lower section of it.
  • Massage heads are designed to relax the ‘tsubo points’ from stress.
  • The Chair is fully automatic, the raising and reclining of the backrest and foot/leg ottoman.
  • Control panel is very easy to operate.


  • You need to put extra padding to be able to handle the deep pressure.
  • It doesn’t “surround” your arms and legs. More like it massages a bit from the sides.


Massage Chair is a good option for those people who work for long hour. Our lifestyle leaves us to have no time for ourselves to go to a salon or a massage parlor and get personally customized massages. That is why these massage cushions come in handy. This article has five best massage chairs to choose. You can choose one for yourself and enjoy the comfort band relaxation saying good bye to stress.

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