Best Foot Massage Machines – Top 5 Brands & Models

Different cultures in the world have been promoting Foot Massage Machines for centuries. Some cultures even promote foot massaging as an alternative medicine. Messaging feet has many benefits, such as it can reduce anxiety. Both the feet have an important point, namely solar plexus reflex. That part of your feet stores stress. Pressing that point, releases stress. Foot Massager can help in blood circulation. This in turn helps our body by transporting oxygen into our organs. A foot massage 2017 can also encourage the homeostasis which is needed to restore balance. Relieving stress and restoration of balance helps the body to enhance immunity.

Massaging foot with the hand can have various adverse effects such as it can make your thumb hurt and the bacteria living in our feet can reach out mouth very easily. The electric foot massager comes in handy as it relieves your feet and you don’t have to use your hands.

Thera Flow

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This product has the product dimension of 7.1 x 11.2 x 2.2 inches. The weight of the product is 1.6 pounds. It is actually a foot massager based on the ancient science of acupressure.

This product is made of Theaceae wood which is as sturdy as durable. The product contains 2 rows 10 independent of rollers. It has two modes of use, the acupressure mode and the kneading mode.

The acupressure mode helps relieving by applying pressure to the targeted area of your feet. You don’t have to move your feet that much. Just apply pressure and see how this product helps to relieve your feet. To massage your feet by kneading mode, just roll your feet back and forth.


  • The product is made of Theaceae wood which is very durable.
  • It does not slide out of position.
  • With kit, you can massage both feet at once.
  • This product is highly affordable pricing just $17.95.
  • This product is perfect for feet of all sizes and is highly portable.
  • This product cans sooth problems like heel spurs and plantar fasciitis apart from relieving pains.
  • It is eco-friendly, as doesn’t need electricity or battery.
  • This product can be useful for patients with neuropathy.


  • It does not help relieving knee pain or leg pain.
  • Smells bad after unpacking as it the wood varnishing smells bad. It goes away after few days.


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This product has the product dimension of 14.5 x 13.5 x 4.5 inches. The weight of the product is 6.8 pounds. It uses the voltage of 120v 60Hz 35W. This product has 6 rotational heads and 18 message nodes.

The product can be controlled by your feet with toe touch control. It has a motor fitted inside which leads the vibration.


  • This product is highly durable and portable.
  • The vibration of this product is very relaxing.
  • This model of foot massager is programmed to heat a little as the lukewarm heat helps you to relax.
  • The 6 rotational heads and 18 massage nodes gives you the ultimate experience of relaxation.
  • The foot massager provides you with deep kneading shiatsu massaging experience.
  • The toe touch control helps you to control it without touching it by your hands.
  • This product is big enough to fit a size 12 foot.


  • This product is not helpful for patients with planter fasciitis as it just soothes it for the time being but does not cure it.
  • This product is not for the diabetic as the diabetics can lose sensations of their feet and can damage their feet for the deep kneading action. The heat is also bad for the diabetics they might not feel the hot sensation at their feet which does not help them at all.


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Product has the product dimension of 40.5 x 36.5 x 12 cm. This product consumes 48 volts of power and runs on the power supply of 120V/50~60Hz.The Neckteck deep kneading Shiatsu foot massager weighs just 3.3 kg. The package includes 1 Neckteck foot message adaptor. The product comes with a manual heating option.

This foot massager has 6 massage heads and 18 rotating nods to help your foot muscle relax. It regulates your blood flow in a good manner. This is for the ultimate experience of the shiatsu foot massage.


  • It has a built-in optional heating panel to give relief to fatigued muscle. The mild heat also reduces the foot pain.
  • The heating function is manual and is very safe to use.
  • You can adjust its height up to 3 levels according to your needs.
  • You won’t have to bend to turn this massager on just touch the power button with your toe to do that.
  • It has built-in cord storage and a built-in handle which makes it easy to carry.
  • This product is very safe to use for the diabetic.


  • If your feet are in too high, the product may not work well.
  • You can feel the massager is too hard. This problem can be solved by placing a towel over it.


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Product is measured 17.7 x 15 x 18.1 inches and weighs 12 pounds. This product heats up to 115o F within 15 minutes of switching it on. It is pre-programmed to auto shut off after 15 minutes. It gives pressure up to 5 selective levels.

You can use your toe to control its power, speed, pressure, and heat. You would no longer have to get down. The heat panel ensures the temperature of your foot is as per your body temperature.


  • Very easy power on and adjustable vibration intensity and heat function.
  • With this foot massager, you can relax your feet as good as a professional relaxes your feet.
  • It relieves stress and regulates blood flow as good as a professional.
  • To clean it you just have to remove its washable cover.
  • It looks beautiful with its sleek and ergonomic appearance.
  • The compact design helps you to carry it wherever you go.
  • It can fit up to size 12 feet.
  • The dual footbed provides comfort to each foot at once.
  • It is safe to use even with socks.


  • Though the manufacturers tried to make it cartable, though it weighs too much.
  • The heat panel is not good for the diabetics.
  • It won’t fit your feet if your feet size is over 13.


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This foot massager alleviates joint pain, foot pain, eases swelling of the muscles and relieves muscle tension.

This foot massager has the product dimension of 16 x 12 x 9.5 inches and weighs about 11 pounds. This product has ISO 9000-2001 standard and is CSA certified for reliability and safety. This product is FDA certified as it has therapeutic use. It rotates in 11 different predetermined speed motor controls, covering 1000-3700 rpm.

You will have 1 year replacement warranty with it, whereas a lifetime replacement option is available if you purchase it from the company website.


  • This is the most powerful foot massager available on the market.
  • It has 11 different speed motor controls.
  • You can use it at home without a license.
  • This product is made to be sturdy.
  • To use the product in hardwood surface and tiled floor, a kit is included in the box.
  • It gives you most soothing therapeutic experience at home.
  • It relieves the pressure of the feet well and helps in blood circulation.


  • This product sounds too much, which is not good for a complete relaxing experience.
  • This product does not come with heat control.

How to improve Sleep With Foot Massage Machines

Most of us are used to live by a sedentary lifestyle. Because of that, we do not use our muscles properly. A study revealed that most of us do not use footwear of a proper size. This leads to bad circulation. This problem can be solved by giving ourselves daily 10-minute session of foot massage.

A session of foot massage soothes your life after a long tiring day. Our feet bear all the weights of our body. After the whole day, our feet swell up. A relaxing foot massage alleviates the swelling and instantly relaxes out muscles and helps to release tension. A regular and good foot massage can even help to overcome depression. Relaxation and relief from foot ache are both needed for the best good night’s sleep you can have.

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