Best Bunk And Loft Beds For Kids & Adults (Girls & Boys)

Beddings can be of various types – these can be a loft bed for boys or girls or kids, a sunken bed or even a bunk bed for adults. A proper bedding system is imperative for having a sound and quality sleep. An improper bedding system may bring about a host of physical complications. These complications include aches in the stomach, backache and cervical pains. Surveys have revealed the fact that the reasons for such physical complications are rooted in the awkward practices of lying in bed.

Why Everyone Needs Different Beds

The sleep needs of every person are different. An adult sleep for fewer hours than that of the teens. While you grow older, you can find transformation in various things- a shape of your body, comfort preference and life situations. The mattress that you have used 10 years ago may not be useful to you at present.

Babies love sleeping on the firm bedding surfaces that have no padding. There are special infant mattresses to keep the baby safe all the time. However, for toddlers, you have to buy beds with soft mattresses.

With the slight growth of your children, you have to look for a bigger bed and mattress. These kids sleep for more hours.

Now, the sleep needs of the adults are different from the teens. As one of the adult members of the house, you may sleep with your spouse, your kids or a pet. Thus, the old bed and its mattress have to be replaced with a newer one. Most of the adults feel comfortable with more space in the beds.

You must also think of the needs of the aged members of your family. Most of the seniors feel difficulties at the time of sleeping. They may have insomnia, backache and sleep apnea. They are also the early risers as they go to bed early. These seniors must take full rest on their bed.

Adjustable systems help in raising the foot or head of a bed, and it is intended for the better blood circulation. It will also solve the snoring issues of the aged persons. While you are feeling achy and tired, you may also alter the position to get comfort.

Thus, choose the right bed design for your dear ones.

Important Factors to Consider

  • Measuring The Space Of Your Bedroom: Most of the bunk beds have a space-saving design, and you may place them in any small or big room. Start to measure the space, especially the floor and ceiling height of your bedroom. There must be a gap of 2 feet between the ceiling and your bunk bed. An average sized bunk bed may be within 6 ft in height. While the twin beds do not cover more space than standard beds, they have additional features that should have some room.
  • Space Underneath The Loft Bed: By investing in a loft bed, you can get much floor space. However, the bed height may cause a variance to space, available for you. For instance, you can have 50 in. of floor space with a loft bed of 8 feet.
  • Capacity Of Your Beds: The loft beds or bunk beds, designed for the infants, are not usable for the adults. While buying the bed, you must know its weight limit. The manufacturers always mention this limit.
  • Presence Of Guardrails: This is one of the essential features of the kids’ bunk beds or loft beds. These guardrails are the safety features of the beds.
  • Mattress Type For The Bed: While there are guardrails, you have to look for mattresses of good height. The mattress height can range from 8 inches to 12 inches.
  • Materials: The manufacturers use metal or wood designing the bunk or loft beds. However, wooden beds are more versatile in size, color, shape and style. The durability is also one of the most important things to a user. The metal frames of the loft beds are highly durable.

Bed Types Available For You

  • Regular Bunk Bed: It usually comprises 2 twin beds, and one remains stacked over another. Two bunks are identical in look, and they are detachable. This is the best option, while you have 2 children. You may also replace the upper bunk anytime.
  • Standard Designed Loft Bed: There is only one bunk at the top and includes a mattress. Floor space that is below this bunk is useful for your storage purpose. The kids also start playing at that space.
  • Triple Style Bunk Bed: It is not much common option, and you can especially find them in a room, having limited floor space. The best fact is that this bed is best for all adults and children.
  • Futon Bed: This is another bunk bed style, looking like the standard ones. However, at its lower bunk, you can get a futon and not a mattress. You may sit on this futon and watch TV. You may also transform the futon into a bed.
  • L-Shaped Bed: This is a unique style bunk bed, and in most of these beds, you can find the storage systems. The lower bunk of this bed faces to the outward side.
  • Play Tower Loft Bed: This kid’s bed can give more fun. It is designed with an interesting theme, and your children may choose it as the best structure to play games. The bed is created as a type of play house, where you can find windows and canopies. Your kids will love spending more hours in this bed.

Bunk beds and loft beds are the most space-saving options for the kids and adults. Whether you have a little girl or a boy, you may invest on a stylish and functional bunk bed or loft bed. The best brands offer versatile beds, integrated with lots of features for the users. Here is the list of the popular loft and bunk beds available in the market right now.

Best Loft Beds For Adults (Girls & Boys)

1. DHP Junior

[amazon box="B004DAYE28"]

This product is one of the sturdiest metal frame loft bed in which a metal ladder is included to bring out the power. The most featured among the perks of this bed is that it frees up space below the bed to be utilized as storage. This loft bunk bed can be used by the children of a house for playing purpose. The shorter height of this featured bed has made it ideal for children at the younger stage. This means that this bed is not too high for a child to fall down. At the same time, it is not that low that the children will not be able to play underneath. These beds are absolutely fit for smaller rooms. The space-saving design of this bed is resilient and keeps solid throughout years to come. These beds may be smaller in sizes but are great inefficiency.


  • Induced with a metal ladder that increases the power limit within this bed
  • The loft features create space beneath that is used by children for games to play. Such a space can be used as storage too
  • The Bedtime may be a play time as the loft bed with the slide has space on the sides
  • There are spaces on the sides for games, videos and books
  • The sturdy structure ensures durability


  • Appears slight rickety while the children climb the ladder
  • This bed is appropriate for children below 4 years only

2. Walker Edison

[amazon box="B003B3NQVI" template="horizontal"]

This twin metal loft bed is characterized by the combination of elegance and functionality that renders this contemporary bunk bed with a striking appearance. The design gives a stylish modern look crafted with durable steel framing. This is designed with safety in mind. This includes full-length guardrails and a sturdy integrated ladder and is superb for any space-saving design needs. Features: Stylish contemporary design is accommodated with a variety of underneath options. These options include an attractive lead-free powder-coated finish.

All the beds conform to the latest consumer product safety standard. This is speculated with an Ideal space-saving design. The recommended upper mattress thickness is 9 inches. Further attributes are sturdy construction with a Built-In Ladder. These products are especially recommended for girls.


  • The sleek and sturdy built up saves room space
  • This product is available in a range of versatile contemporary design options
  • A warranty is provided against the safety of the product
  • A single bed can be converted into two separate beds
  • There is no need for box spring support


  • This product is available in only one variation only – the finished black

3. DHP Full Metal

[amazon box="B005QLJQN0" template="horizontal"]

This Loft Bed from DHP is full in size and creates extra space in any bedroom. The contemporary metal design and black finish will blend well with any décor. It can open up space in any room.

This bed is versatile in nature that decorates the space under the bed. The top bunk is designed in parity with a full-size mattress without the need for a box spring by dint of its metal slats. It includes guard rails on both sides. The product meets ASTM and CPSC specifications. This product is offered with a one-year limited warranty. Assembling and setting do not consume much time. It measures 78″ W x 56.5″ D x 72.5″ H after assembling


  • This product is designed with supreme features a silver frame and black desk
  • It shelves to add aesthetics to home décor
  • There is an easy to climb front and side ladder that guard rails in the upper bank
  • It is included with a full desk and accommodates a full mattress
  • It is featured with a perfect space-saving design


  • Some of the shipments are complained to take a huge time for a proper assembling

4. WE Furniture

[amazon box="B00F91J0WY" template="horizontal"]

This product reflects a simpleton, yet fashionable style that is accrued with clean lines and sturdy, steel-crafted frame promises stability and function. This updated full-over-loft bunk bed is able to convey a chic style that is designed with safety in mind.

This bunk bed includes full-length guardrails and integrated ladders. This property of this bed is ideal for space-saving needs and accommodates a variety of options below the loft.


  • This bedding is excellent in making sleepovers like choreographing dance routines and story-telling as there seems no lack of space.
  • These beds are doing well in providing private space in a shared room
  • More play space can be smuggled out of the much-needed storage by making use of vertical space.
  • Provide lessons to children about the doctrines of sharing the things. Thus, by sharing this bed, they learn one of the most valuable teachings of life
  • The space generated is ideal for storage


  • Making the children sleep at height seems to increase the annoyance in parents
  • Elevating the top bank may be a problem. It is thus suggested that children of above 4 years or elder with climb to the top bunk
  • Children who sleep with such high beds may appear to have frightened by the height

5. Dorel Home Products

[amazon box="B004LQ1P9Y" template="horizontal"]

This trendy and aesthetic looking loft bunk bed is available in a combination both contemporariness and functionality. These products are seen to provide a sense of privacy and space for own. They also provide a sense of ownership too. Being space saving and convenient, these beds provide for a large and useful workstation. It includes guard rails on both sides.

The product meets ASTM and CPSC specifications. That means that no compromise has been made in respect of quality. This product is offered with a one-year limited warranty. Assembling and setting may consume some time. It measures 88″ W x 58.5″ D x 77.5″ H after assembling.


  • This product is designed with supreme features a silver frame and black desk
  • It shelves to add aesthetics to home décor
  • There is an easy to climb front and the side ladder that guard rails in the upper bank
  • It is included with a full desk and accommodates a full mattress
  • It is featured with a perfect space-saving design


  • Some of the shipments are complained to take a huge time for a proper assembling

6. DHP Studio

[amazon box="B00RHH5176" template="horizontal"]

This bedding structure is known as DHP Studio Loft bed. It is cleverly designed to accommodate a twin mattress accompanied with a built-in desk with four shelves. These shelves can be utilized to store books, laptop, picture frames, etc. This space-saving solution is attributed with pleasing aesthetics and is constructed by using the strong metal frame in a silver finish, multiple metal slats, and safety rails. This bedding structure has made it possible to afford an attractive workstation with storage.

Being accommodating twin-size mattress, this loft bed is equipped with an easy-to-climb front ladder and full-length guardrails for security. There was no compromise on design and quality of materials. An awestruck silver look will enhance the presence once the assembling is over. All the specification guidelines are being observed.


  • The loft bunk bed over desk display space-saving functionality
  • Engulfed with a silver gray and powder coated metal finish
  • The safety rails and multiple slats act to provide safety, support, and durability
  • It is featured with a perfect space-saving design


  • Shipments  take a huge time for a proper assembling

7. Donco Kids

[amazon box="B012B6497K" template="horizontal"]

This product has been marketed by Don’t Trading Co. It is a family owned and operated import and wholesale furniture business. They have specialized in youth furniture. To follow their industrial line-ups, a large selection of bunk beds, stairway bunk beds, captains’ beds, trundle beds, daybeds and platform beds are being produced by the company.

All the products are offering great value, along with strong styles, and exceptionally promotional on price. The products are equipped with contemporary furniture designs. There are futons, specialty sleep products, metal bed frames, waterbed accessories etc.

The DONCO Kids 760-CP low study loft bed features sturdy dresser drawers, desk, and bookcase that can be used anywhere within the room. Alternatively, they can stay tucked under the bed in a compact form. The desk is functional, and a child can pull it out for computer work, reading, or be writing or simply put it in when not in use.


  • These products are ideal for small rooms and space-savoring too
  • The compact and functional design assembled with a pine wood body
  • Available in an attractive dark cappuccino color
  • These products are easy to assemble though expert assembly is recommended


  • Comparatively shorter than a usual lofty bed

8. Discovery World Furniture

[amazon box="B00FYVEMFE" template="horizontal"]

This type of bedding is a very exceptional finish with Merlot and has a gorgeous solid look. It is a great choice for the kids. This bed has been built with utilization of solid reliable wood. Besides, it is also endorsed with a high stunning rich merlot lacquer finish. There is an integration of European roller glide drawers too that allow the kids to keep their stuff.

The bed looks very strong and it is actually so. It has been structured with an extreme firmness for the kids to jump and play freely. The product is equipped with a reversible chest. This can be used both from left and right. There is a strong ladder and has complete slat kit which makes the bed mattress ready.


  • The product has a very attractive and sophisticated design
  • The bed has been made strong with the application of metal frame
  • There are cupboards for storing stuff
  • The reversible chest is operable squarely
  • The price has been ranged coping with affordability


  • Assembling is difficult and time-consuming
  • Lower bed is suggested for smaller kids for the sake of safety

Best Bunk Beds For Kids And Toddlers

9. DHP Twin-Over

[amazon box="B004LQ1R4W" template="horizontal"]

The company feels committed to providing a unique and functional furniture piece. All the products are offered at affordable prices. The little blossoming kids and teens are provided with the freedom and space to host friends. It offers a sleeping solution for older child and younger sibling with this Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed from DHP.

This modern, modish bunk bed features a Twin top bunk over a Full bottom. They look great in any bedroom or guest room arrangement. Two integrated side ladders are included to provide versatility and the metal slats on the top and bottom beds offer the right amount of support, comfort, and durability. The design is sleek and space-saving too.

The product is amazingly simple to assemble and shipped in the suitable box. The top bunk accommodates one standard twin size mattress of 6” thickness and the bottom bunk hold a standard full-size mattress. The top bunk weighs up to 200 pounds and the bottom bunk supports up to 450 pounds.


  • These beds are gorgeous and bring aesthetic look in any home decoration
  • They are equipped with sort of fantastic and spacious designs
  • They are built with a strong composure
  • They can hold any weight


  • Metal can be injurious if not handled properly

10. Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood

[amazon box="B00KLS7XNI" template="horizontal"]

This unique Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed combines unparalleled quality and timeless design for the kid’s bedroom. This is made from high-quality solid rubber-wood and composites. It features unique fastening systems, a sturdy four-step ladder, and full-length guardrails.

This bunk bed can also be reshaped into two separate twin beds for the ultimate versatility. The exclusive use of rubber-wood by the company offers superior quality over most bunk beds, as it is naturally much denser, sturdier and more durable than the commonly used pine wood.

The product is available in compliance with all ASTM and CPSC safety standards. This is available in multiple, non-toxic finishes that allow the implied charm to last for years.


  • This product provides an added protection on the top bunk with the added rails
  • There is a well-spaced out steps in the ladder
  • This is made of high-quality solid rubber-wood and composites
  • Versatility provides the scope of multiple possibilities with the bunk bed
  • This is available in six colors and comes with a limited warranty of one year


  • Metal is damaging for novice handlers
  • Lack of additional security is top bunks

11. DHP X-Loft

[amazon box="B004LQ1R06" template="horizontal"]

The X Loft Bed from DHP is popular for the awesome and stylish design. Such a stylish design appeals best to any mind with the curious aptitude for quality. This twin workstation loft bunk features full-length guard rails for security and a convenient built-in ladder for easy access.

The amplifying quality of DHP’s X Loft Bed product is bound to impress anyone looking for aesthetics. Being space-saving and convenient, this bunk bed provides a comfortable sleeping alternative with a large and useful workstation. The black metal finish is protected and imparts firmness. All this in combat will make an impactful design statement for any room.

This bed accommodates any twin-size mattress, while the loft bed has an easy-to-climb front ladder and full-length guardrails for security.


  • These products help to clear off the clutters from the room of the kids
  • The aesthetic look of this product is bound to enhance the comfy of the decoration
  • The quality of materials coupled with black metal finish helps to bring an impact design statement for rooms
  • Safeguards are provided for the upper bunk
  • Lucid instructions have made the assembling easier


  • The ladder is too thin to climb
  • There is a possibility that the bed may tremble slightly

12. Your Zone

[amazon box="B0775K3SYB" template="horizontal"]

This bed offers both functionality and versatility. This includes a solid panel headboard and footboard and includes a ladder mountable on the left or right side for easy accessibility. The sturdy pine wood construction is a cut above other loft bed. It also has pine slats to provide enhanced support for the mattress. It is induced with safety rails that are provided for added security.

With the convenient work area under the bed, this Loft Bed ensures efficient use of every square inch. The work area accommodates a desk and a side table. All the Your zone loft bed blend well with any room décor. This can coordinate flawlessly with other furniture items from the Your zone collection.


  • There is a big space beneath the bed accounting for accommodation for storage and other vertical jobs
  • This twin workstation features with loft bunk appearances in full-length guard rails for security and a convenient built-in ladder for easy access.
  • The wooden construction imparts additional support for the mattress
  • There is a lofted safety rail that accommodates for additional security
  • The metal rails impart strength and durability


  • Table needs to be bought separately

13. Coaster Home Furnishings

[amazon box="B0009OE8U0" template="horizontal"]

This product represents a twin workstation with loft bunk. It features full-length guard rails for security and a convenient built-in ladder for easy access. The high gloss black metal frame presents a unique sleek casual appeal that will match any decor. There is a corner desk below the bunk bed that provides room for a work space or computer. There is a desk chair that offers comfortable seating.


  • This twin workstation loft bunk features full-length guard rails for security and a convenient built-in ladder for easy access.
  • These beds are really gorgeous and bring aesthetic look in any home decoration
  • They are equipped with sort of fantastic and spacious designs
  • They are built with a strong composure
  • They can hold any weight
  • It is offered with a corner desk that works as a workspace


  • Assembling may be arduous
  • Metal can be injurious if not handled properly

Difference Between Loft Bed And Bunk Bed

Loft Bed

These beds are known for their ability to save floor space. They stand off the ground and this feature has made them an ideal choice for small bedrooms. These beds replace the bottom bunk of a bunk bed with a dresser and drawers. These things are tucked under the top bed.

Moreover, many loft beds are nothing more than a glorified raised bed. The bed itself often stands as high as four feet from the floor. It has open spaces only underneath the bed. This area is used for storage. This unique set up saves floor space; since, instead of building in an outward direction, loft beds are constructed in an upward fashion. These beds came out as an invention in the USA by an unemployed who created a space beneath the bed to store the cappuccinos.

Bunk Bed

These beds feature two beds with one stacked on top of the other. Many times, these two beds open the space into two separate beds, thus making two smaller beds. When these beds are taken apart, the beds sit closer to the floor in comparison with the typical loft bed does.

These beds are manufactured by using a number of different materials, including wood and metal. This also required to be mentioned that both loft beds and bunk beds feature bed bumpers. These bumpers prevent the person in the top bed from falling out of bed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What Is Bunkie Board And Slat?
    To make the mattresses much safety to the users, there are twenty-six slats in twin bunks. 13 of them are intended for each of these bunks. The Bunkie boards have upholstered, integrated to the mattresses’ base.

  2. Has The Manufacturer Used The Real Wooden Piece For Their Bunk Beds?
    The plant woods, applied for bunk beds, have a high resilience.

  3. How Should I Assemble The Beds?
    All the packages have essential hardware parts and instructions for assembling the bed.

  4. Have The Manufacturers Used The Safe Paints For The Beds?
    The best bunk beds or loft beds are coated with the formaldehyde free and VOC free paints. The kids or the adult users, who have high chemical sensitivity, may use the beds safely.

  5. Wooden Or Metal Bunk Beds- Which Is Better For Me?
    Metal structures have a lower weight than that of the wooden ones. However, they may wobble while using them. The wooden beds are highly sturdy. One demerit is that after setting them up, these beds become heavier. You may not easily relocate them to a different room.


From an overview of the discussion held above, it is apparent that both loft and bunk beds serve the purpose in two different servers. While one helps to utilize the space beneath the bed in order to help in storage factors, other occult its utility in making way for multiple bedding purposes.

Both these types of beds are made by utilizing different technologies that help in making a statement of aesthetics to the décor of the home. Thus, it is suggested to bring home a product that is suited for budget and serves the purpose of your home.

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