Bed in a Box – The Easiest Way to Update Your Bedroom

Bed in a Box is the easiest and fastest way to update one’s bedroom without ever leaving the comfort of one’s own home.  A wide selection of mattress types is currently available, as the innovative Bed in a Box industry continues to grow at an increasingly rapid pace. Currently, Bed in a Box holds an impressive12% share in the $16.5 billion USD mattress industry.

Various types of Bed in Box mattresses can be ordered online, often with free delivery options, free trials, and lifetime warranties. Best of all, Beds in a Box are delivered to one’s door in as little as a few days to a week.

Finding a new mattress is now easier than ever, as Bed in a Box can be ordered from various US and Canadian online retailers.

Benefits of Bed in a Box

Although there are no strict timelines regarding the purchase of new mattresses, the National Sleep Foundation recommends replacing one’s mattress every 8 years. This time frame is shortened for those over 40, who require more supportive beds. Unfortunately, replacing a mattress can often be an expensive and physically difficult process. Luckily, Bed in a Box can ease worries and frustrations.

  • Bed in Box mattresses are often lighter than traditional mattresses, which is very convenient in case of future moves.
  • Prices are often dramatically cheaper; as beds are send directly from manufacturer to consumer, without a middle person.
  • Bed in a Box greatly simplifies the buying process, with the convenience of having a bed shipped to one’s house, without having to go into a physical store and deal with sales agents.
  • In addition, many companies have pared down their selections to the very best, eliminating the frustration of pursuing hundreds of similar makes and models.
  • Many Bed in a Box offer risk free trials, often 100 to 200 days.
  • Returns are easy as well, with most companies offering pick up at one’s home.
  • Best of all, shopping online allows one to compare prices, read reviews, while in the comfort of home.

Bed in a Box Types

Various Beds in a Box are available depending on one’s price range, size requirements, as well as firmness options. In addition, while some may come in compressed form via courier, such as FedEx and UPS, others may be shipped uncompressed in full-sized packages. In some cases, companies may offer “white glove service,” with home delivery and setup.

Most mattresses are between 9 and 13 inches thick. Memory foam Bed in a Box mattresses are the most common and inexpensive type. They are perfect for customers who enjoy pressure-relief, as well as often being infused with surface gels to regulate temperature.

Hybrid mattresses are a bit more expensive and often offer a mix of foam and coils. The result is a bouncy, yet supportive bed. Hybrid beds also allow air to flow freely because of the coils, making them perfect for customers who prefer cooler beds.

In addition, other hybrid mattresses offer a mix of breathable latex and foam with coils. These mattresses are built to withstand more weight than traditional mattresses and offer bounce and temperature regulation as well.

Latex mattresses are similar to memory foams but have a bit more bounce.

For eco-conscious consumers, “greener” or organic Beds in A Box often use sustainably sourced latex and recycled coils to reduce our carbon footprint. Best of all, beds are made to last, limiting waste in landfills, as well as saving money. All organic beds are chemical-free and all-natural cotton and wool. Vegan options without wool are available as well.

All mattresses are available in different firmness options, depending on one’s preference. Mattresses with a mid-range firmness are perfect for customers who often alternate sleep positions, as well as couples with different sleep preferences.

Bed in a Box Costs

Bed in a Box costs depend on a variety of factors, including material and size. Costs range from $795 to $1,500 USD. However, mattresses as low as$645 USD for medium-firm mattresses and $985 USD hybrid mattresses can be found as well.

Using a Bed in a Box

When a Bed in a Box arrives, customers are advised to take off the plastic cover and allow the mattress to expand. It takes 24 to 48 hours for the mattress to regain its full shape.

How to Choose a Bed in a Box Company

Research a company’s online reputation and read online reviews, on various sites, such as Yelp and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In addition, it can be helpful to look at company warranties, as reputable businesses will often offer long warranties. Finally, ask friends, coworkers, and neighbors for recommendations on their favorite companies as well.

Buying a Bed in a Box is now easier than ever, with various online retailers offering quick and easy delivery.

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