Amerisleep Vs. Leesa – Which Mattress Meet Your Requirements?

Leesa and Amerisleep are two popular companies that have had huge achievement in selling their mattresses. They are known for selling high quality, pricy products at an affordable rate. Nowadays, the online business is growing so fast and these two brands are a huge part of it.

Since these two mattress companies have gained so much popularity among people, everyone wants to know how they compare to one another. So, in this article we will be discussing all the features and specifications of the mattresses of these two brands, including sleep trials, shipping, return policies and a lot more.

Since Amerisleep AS3 and Leesa original mattress are the top most popular models of the two brands, the comparison below is between these two beds. First, we will overview the key points covered in the article below.

Key Similarities

  • Both of them have awesome customer reviews
  • Both of them offers substantial sleep trials and warranty
  • Both have excellent customer service
  • Both have a similar business model

Key Differences

  • Leesa original mattress is Aveena over memory foam while Amerisleep is just memory foam
  • Amerisleep is a bit more expensive than Leesa
  • Leesa mattress offers more bounce and responsiveness than Amerisleep
  • Amerisleep has 5 models while Leesa has few

Leesa Original Construction

  • Leesa original mattress is 10 inches in height
  • Has a seamless iconic four stripe cover
  • Top most layer is a 2 inch cooling foam
  • Then comes 2 inch contouring memory foam
  • Lastly, there is a 6 inch core support foam base

Amerisleep AS3 Construction

  • Amerisleep AS3 is 12 inches tall
  • It has a Celliant® cover
  • Top layer is 3 inch Bio-Pur foam
  • Then comes 2 inch Affinity transition layer
  • Finally, it has a 7 inch Bio-core foam support layer at the bottom

Construction Differences

As mentioned above, the main construction differences is in the thickness of the two mattresses. Leesa original mattress is 10 inches tall while Amerisleep AS3 is of 12 inches. Even though both of them are made up of three layers, except from the second layer, all have different thickness. Furthermore, Leesa original has a seamless four stripe cover with fire retardant properties while Amerisleep AS3 has a Celliant® cover on it which is made up of almost 13 thermo reactive materials which improves the performance of the mattress. Apart from that, both of them contains a memory foam which has its benefits which will be discussed in the article later.

Firmness Comparison

Feel and firmness of mattress is a personal thing and varies from individual to individual. Still, various tests are performed to arrange the mattresses on the firmness scale which ranges from 1 to 10. Leesa original mattress has been scored 6.5 on the firmness scale which means that this mattress is pretty much medium firm.

While on the other hand, Amerisleep AS3 was given 7/10, a bit more than Leesa original giving it a slight edge to the firmer side of the scale. Nevertheless, both mattresses give a medium firm feel overall.

Motion Transfer

Just because Amerisleep has a high density Bio-Pur foam as its top most layer, it performs really well with motion isolation and is recommended for people who twist and turn during sleep. Leesa original also provide good motion isolation but Amerisleep AS3 does it a bit better.

Temperature Regulation

Amerisleep AS3 has plant based bio-pur material, which has an open cell design to let air escape more easily than in a traditional foam. This helps in sleeping cool all night. Leesa original also has a 2” LSA 200 comfort layer which helps regulate the temperature all night and prevents overheating.

Edge Support

Edge support is extremely important as usually mattresses, with time, tend to sink. This has changed now as Amerisleep AS3 has a bio-core support foam layer which does not sink even after decades of use. Just like its top most layer, it is partially made up of plants instead of petroleum hence making it eco-friendly as well.

On the other hand, Leesa original core support base has been designed to support your body correctly, avoiding the sinking feeling just like Amerisleep does. But some customers have reviewed that if you sit on the edge, you might feel that falling off feeling.  

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is very important after you’ve had a tiring day. A good mattress can ease your spine, shoulders and hip bones so that you can spend the next day with full energy. Leesa original has a 2” memory foam contouring layer which delivers adequate pressure relief expected from a memory foam.

While, Amerisleep AS3 has an affinity transition layer which evenly reacts to your body position and contours just like your body to give you a feel as if you are resting on a cloud.

Resilience and Bounce

Even though Amerisleep AS3 Bio-pur comfort layer provide good pressure relief and contours body, it also bounces back fast so that you don’t feel stuck inside the mattress. This is a good property of a mattress and nobody wants to feel all wrapped up by the mattress. On the other hand, Leesa original comfort layer hugs you and gives you the accurate bounce you want, surely more than Amerisleep does.  

Smelling and Off-Gassing

A very common problem reported by most of the customers of Leesa original is that the mattress is very smelling and the smell stays for a longer duration. For most of the people, the smell did not go away even after a month of use. No such complaints are found for Amerisleep AS3.

Sleep Experience

According to customer reviews, the overall sleep experience of the both the mattress is great. People highly recommend these two mattresses to their friends and family. Both of the mattresses are designed to provide users with a calm sleep free of any discomfort.

Shipping And Warranty

Below is given a table of mattresses along with their specifications to help you make a quick decision.

[table id=39 /]

Pick Leesa Original if..

  • You require a balanced foam feel. Leesa mixes memory foam with Aveena, so it not purely memory foam and hence is more bouncy than Amerisleep mattress.
  • You are on a budget. All mattresses of Leesa are less pricy than Amerisleep so if you want to buy a good mattress and you’re on a budget then Leesa original is the right choice to make.
  • You want more bounce. Some people like their mattress to bounce more. Surely Leesa is the one you should buy if you want a bouncy mattress as it is way more bouncy than Amerisleep AS3

Pick Amerisleep AS3 if..

  • You like the memory foam feel. Amerisleep mattress offers more memory foam feel than Leesa original mattress. Users might feel that they are more hugged by the mattress. If people like that kind of feel and are used to it, then Amerisleep AS3 is a good option for them.
  • You want some extra features. There is no doubt that Amerisleep AS3 has some amazing extra features like it has a Celliant cover to offer which has any health benefits. The company has also used plant made bio-based foams with open cell structure. This helps the people sleep cool and prevents overheating.
  • You want different firmness options. Even though this article is just about AS3, there are other models of Amerisleep with various firmness options to choose from.

Size and Prices

The prices are extremely important for comparison. The table below shows the prices and different sizes of Leesa Original and Amerisleep mattress

[table id=40 /]

Both Amerisleep and Leesa have gained great attention in the market and now, you probably know why. With this information you can easily make a choice about which mattress meets your requirements. Whether you want a more bouncy feel with Leesa, or cool night sleep experience with Amerisleep, by reading this blog we are pretty sure you’ve already thought what to buy.

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