4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper – Reviews & Buying Guide

Memory foam is characterized to provide great sleeping surface. These product exhibit bit firmness in normal temperature. But, when you go to bed, reaction to the temperature of your body commences at once and the product begins to mold itself to your shape. It results in even distribution of your body weight along the surface. Thus, there are relief in pressure points causing the user have a comfortable sleep without much of tossing and turning. Follow on with 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper List.

Best Price Mattress

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This Memory foam product is popular for its ability to provide great sleeping surface. It exhibits somewhat inflexibility in normal temperature. But, it can react with the body temperature as soon as the sleeping process commences.

The product begins to adapt itself to the shape of the user. It results in even distribution of body weight along the surface. It causes relief in pressure points that induces a sound quality sleep. The user does not suffer from much of tossing and turning.


  • The user gets an amazing comfort from the body – conforming memory foam
  • The ingenuous responsive active suspension is prone to isolate motion and reduces any disruption for sleeping partner
  • The product comes with a 5 year satisfaction warranty.
  • Quick adoption with the shape of the user cause even distribution of body weight
  • Adopted reaction with body temperature makes a relief of pressure points that brings about a good quality sleep


  • This product is not gel infused and thus there may be some apparent sturdiness in these products
  • The shipping may contain a strong odor that takes around 48+ hours to disappear
  • The cover is not made of waterproof material.

LUCID Ventilated

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This product is said to bring new life to any bedroom with the 4-inch thick memory foam mattress toppers. This mattress topper has an open cell construction that is known to yield longer lasting and more resilient foam. It will not leave any sort of long-lasting body impressions.

The LUCID memory foam can conform fast to the body weight and pressure. There is an even space for ventilated design.

This ventilation channels help for free air-flow thus controlling sleeping temperature. This product helps in relieving neck, back and shoulder pain through a reduction of pressure points. This helps in correct alignment of spine by supporting the natural curves of head, neck and shoulders.


  • The open cell construction goes before the forming of enduring and resilient foam
  • The foam can conform to the body weight and pressure with ease
  • The inbuilt space for ventilation helps air to circulate and thus the sleeping temperature is kept at a soothing level
  • The product helps to reduce pressure points thus providing relief against neck, back and shoulder pain
  • This product is a natural resistant to allergens and dust mites.
  • There is a 3 years satisfaction warranty provided with the product


  • The firmness is not recovered after few days even – as was prejudiced
  • Existence of a hole is complained as the mattress was on its way to regain original shape
  • The ventilation channels seem not to work properly for many users.

Sleep Innovations

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This topper mattress is seen to add two inches of fluffy fiber-fill in a soft quilted cover to an en-lengthened two inches of cooling gel memory foam. This combination enables perceiving an unbeatable comfort combined with gentle, pressure-relieving support.

The cover is easy to remove and completely washable and drying is also safe. This is an extremely price-friendly product.


  • All  of these products conforms to body contours very fast
  • Noise transmissions are greatly reduced for partner/s who tosses and turns in the bed most frequently
  • The combination of two inches of fluffy fiber-fill in a soft quilted cover to an en-lengthened two inches of cooling gel memory foam help to perceive an unbeatable comfort combined with gentle, pressure-relieving support.
  • The product is known for the endurance and this justifies the high price
  • The product is available in a range of densities. Thus, product with solicited firmness is highly recommended


  • The product is seen to hold body heat and tends to sustain an overheat
  • When the shipment is opened, a strong chemical smell is often noticed.

Why Choose 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

The choice of a 4-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper involves the understanding and total knowledge about the nature of such mattresses. The comfort due is also a matter of consideration. The factor of such choice is a sensitive issue. Such mattresses are definitely better when compared to the traditional foam mattress. They provide a therapeutic advantage for people with joint and muscle problems. The gel associated with Memory Foam offers such support and comfort and are equipped with the technology required to encounter the pneumatic effects of muscle and joint aches.

These mattresses are having the capability of memorizing the body posture and keeping fit in some best supported posture while sleeping on it. The four inch mattress topper is among the best in luxurious toppers choice. It has the capability of providing with the benefits that super quality memory foam can render. This thickness of the Memory Foam Mattress can adjust with the shape of the body as fast as possible and with the weight as well. Besides, it can lift up the body parts requiring support. The topper of such mattresses has the ability to provide extra soft surface. They provide adequate support to the neck and bone too while contouring to the curves of body. All these combined, a good quality sleep is due all the time.

Tips To Have Quality Sleep

  • Every people should fix his/her sleep schedule and stick to it whatsoever is the consequences. It helps to regulate the clock in body and ensures good quality sleep.
  • Bed time ritual: This is an activity that is conducted right before the bedtime. It helps distract the bed time activities from other activities that cause excitement, stress or anxiety. Existence of these factors can hinder quality sleep.
  • No afternoon nap, if it obstructs quality night sleep.
  • Taking of good exercises every day induces good quality sleep
  • Maintain the room temperature at around 220C and prohibit entrance of any unwarranted light.
  • Choose a suitable mattress and pillows that can contour to your body specification fast and help you to indulge in good quality sleep.

Requirements For Changing And Cleaning Of Mattress

  • Bed Sheets are required to change in every two weeks.
  • The mattresses are required to rotate once a month to ensure wear and tear.
  • Flipping is needed to do once in every three months.
  • Any type if liquid are to keep away as these liquids can cause harm to Foam and Memory mattresses.
  • Use of a Mattress Protector helps in preventing stains from reaching the mattress.
  • Vacuum cleaning of mattress is done with upholstery adapter. It helps to restraint the presence of bacteria.
  • The mattresses are required to Air out. It is done on a regular basis. On sunny days, the mattress can be exposed in Sun and let it be dried out. Mold and mildew are eradicated with this process.


The various types of 4-inch mattresses can effectively adapt to the body weight and temperature. They are highly effective in reducing pressure points and thus the user is able to get a quality sound sleep. From my point of view, I would preferably counsel for the products like Zenus and Serta for their justification over price.

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