How to Set Up a Neighborhood Watch in Your Area   no comments

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Crime prevention doesn’t always start with law enforcement, but can actually start with homeowners right in your own neighborhood. Make your community a safer place to live by putting a neighborhood watch into effect. This type of program will help to effectively ward off criminals such as burglars, car theft, sexual predators and more. In order to set up a neighborhood watch program in your area, you will first need to gain the interest of other homeowners in your Read the rest of this entry »

Written by admin on July 29th, 2013

Local Resources That Can Help You Create A Safer Community   no comments

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Everyone wants to live in a community that is safe. With the crime being what it is, you may feel that it is difficult to do. But when the people within a community come together, there are things they can do to create a safer environment.

One of the most important ways for a community to try and keep crime out is to ensure that you get to know each other. When you know who your neighbors are, it is easy to know who should and shouldn’t be around their Read the rest of this entry »

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Best Smart Phone Applications for Tracking Your Kids   no comments

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These days, digital technology provides some useful safety tools for parents and children. Parents can easily track their children’s footsteps anytime of the day. Smartphone applications allow parents to virtually follow their kids anywhere and anytime. GPS technology is used to link the smartphones of parents and children. Some of the most advanced GPS tracking applications have really cool features. For example, these apps can show logs of a child’s location throughout a day. Parents Read the rest of this entry »

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Tips for Keeping Children Safe Outside During Summer   no comments

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No matter if you intend to spend your summer swimming in the lake, playing in the backyard at home or going on a vacation, your number one goal is always to keep the kids safe. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways you can achieve this goal.

When it comes to water safety, always ensure there is a lifeguard on duty if you are going to the ocean or lake. If you are swimming in a pool, ensure that there is an adult outside who can swim at all times. Summer is also a great Read the rest of this entry »

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Talking With Your Children About Stranger Danger   no comments

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While you may think that you live in a safe neighborhood, you can never be too cautious when it comes to the safety of your own children. Some strangers may be harmless while others have other plans in mind. By talking with your children about the dangers of strangers and how to avoid being placed into uncomfortable or dangerous situations, you are helping them to stay safe from potential harm that strangers may cause.

First and foremost, begin talking with your children about stranger danger by letting them know that not everyone is as good as they may seem. It is important to never approach a stranger that you do not know, especially if a responsible adult or your parents are not present. Avoid being lured in by a stranger that may tell you that they have candy or toys for you to play with. They should also know to never enter a vehicle with someone that they do not know or do not recognize. If a stranger approaches them, adt home security dallas, tell your children to run away and seek help immediately. Alerting an authoritative figure about the stranger can help to protect other children from being targeted by the suspicious individual.

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